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The “15-minute City” nightmare is coming for you

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I’ve written before about the 15-minute cities our rulers have planned for us.

The adorably diminutive London Mayor Sadiq Khan is the leader of the C40 Cities initiative which is aiming to corral us disgusting, useless-eater, planet-destroying plebs into tiny ghettoes:

And in this wonderful world, which our elites are preparing for us, what we are allowed to buy, what we are allowed to eat and how much we are allowed to travel will be severly restricted:

(Left-click on image, then left-click again to see more clearly)

So, to help prepare you for your future incarceration and impoverishment, I’ve found this short (2 minutes) YouTube video produced by Mayor Khan’s C40 Cities project explaining what the jet-setting, champagne-quaffing, chateaubriand-guzzling World Economic Forum Davos folk have planned for us.

This video extols the joys of the 15-minutes cities, in which most of us will be incarcerated, while the elites jet around the world enjoying all the pleasures which will be denied to us. Writing this for some reason makes me think that our future may be moving towards something like the dystopian hell pictured in Soylent Green.

Enjoy your future:


3 comments to The “15-minute City” nightmare is coming for you

  • A Thorpe

    This reminds me of the reasons I gave for not liking cars a few days ago. I lived in what might have been called a 5 minute village. But we had nothing. No hot water, no bathroom, a shared toilet at the bottom of the garden, a 30 minute walk to work because there were no buses. We had nothing and there were far fewer people. The 15 minute city in the video has fewer people, no industry, no major buildings, no theatre, no museums. I still don’t like cars, but I want to have a choice and the 15 minute city will take that away.

    But I think the table does raise some issues. We consume too much and readily throw it away. Clothing is a good example, perhaps we should go back to more make and mend. The diet of many people is unhealthy. There isn’t enough work for the number of people in my view because of increased automation and this encourages more pointless consumption to keep business going and generate profits. Something has to change.

  • Ern

    I’m with you.

    Mechanisation,”Modernisation” and certainly “AI” are inevitably, IMO, followed by monopolies, jobless workers, more controls of what we may do and what we may not – not one of these makes any sense at all.

    Except if you are one of “those”, pronounced “Us”.

    But I guess most are aware of the facts.

  • A Thorpe

    A bit of information for you if you and others haven’t seen it. There is an interesting article here on renewable energy

    It mentions the issue of energy density which you cover in your book. There are some references which also look interesting.

    I suffered watching some of the Earth shot prize where Prince William told us that the effects of human cause climate change were very noticeable during the last year. He didn’t say what they were and didn’t mention all the failed predictions of his father and Attenborough.

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