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How they lie to us – the 4 usual tricks

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I thought it  might be worth spending a few moments on the recent Dublin stabbings. I haven’t read or watched much about them, so you probably know more than I do. However, from the little I have seen, I believe they are a perfect example of the 4 usual tricks our political elites and the sycophantic, self-serving media play on us whenever there is one of these incidents. By listing these, hopefully it will be easier for you to spot these next time there’s such an attack.

Trick 1: Obscuring the origin of the attacker

In the Dublin case you really had to search around to find that the stabber was an Algerian man. Most media didn’t report this at all. Others sought to misdirect us by claiming the stabber was “an Irish citizen”, which suggests he was Irish but doesn’t actually confirm this. But regular observers should know by now that whenever a stabber, or beheader or suicide bomber is referred to as an “Irish citizen” or as a “British citizen” or as a “French citizen”, this is intended to make us believe that the miscreant is home-grown when, in fact, they are inevitably West-hating migrants from Africa or the Middle East.

Trick 2: Finding a migrant hero

My limited understanding is that once the stabber started his attack, an Irish teaching assistant and then several others piled in to try to stop him. However, the media story which emerged focused mainly on the efforts of a Brazilian man who apparently hit the attacker with his motorcycle helmet. We also learnt that around £150,000 or whatever had been raised for this Brazilian ‘hero’. Obviously I don’t know what actually happened. But this focus on a Brazilian ‘hero’, while seemingly downplaying the efforts of the local Irish who also intervened, seems to be pushing a narrative – ‘isn’t immigration a wonderful thing when such brilliant people as the Brazilian ‘hero’ come to our country’. I haven’t checked the details, but I vaguely remember a similar thing with the Westminster Bridge stabbings, where some foreigner was also hailed as the hero of the moment. By choosing to find a foreigner who has supposedly ‘saved the day’, the media manage to change the story from what many people believe – mass Third-World immigration has been a total disaster – into what our rulers want us to believe – mass immigration is wonderful because diversity is our strength.

Trick 3: Branding protestors

Naturally, many locals were upset about thousands of Third-World migrants flooding into Ireland and being given accommodation, benefits and free everything while Irish people were shoved to the back of the queue. When news about the Algerian man stabbing children spread, there was a riot. Immediately, the politicians and police and media started branding the proptestors as “right-wing thugs” and “fascists” and “extermists” and suchlike. There was absolutely no recognition of the fact that many Irish were rightly incensed about the special treatment given to migrants and by the atrocities committed by some migrants. After all, it’s only just over a year (April 2022) since a gentleman of Arab descent murdered (beheaded) two gay Irish men.

Trick 4: Demanding more draconian hate laws

Looking at what happened, one might be tempted to conclude that the pace of mass immigration has vastly exceeded our ability to integrate the migrants into our societies. So, the stabbings should have led to consideration of possibly restricting the rate of immigration. But, of course, this didn’t happen. Instead the conclusion of the political and media elites was that we need more draconian laws preventing supposed ‘hate’. After all, if people are forbidden from expressing any concern about the rate of immigration and population replacement, then there will be no criticism of our rulers’ plans to flood our countries with millions more migrants. Hey presto, immigration problem solved!

Ireland’s “Plan 2040”

In 2019, I wrote a blog warning about Ireland’s “Plan 2040”. In this Plan 2040, it was expected that the population of the Irish Republic would rise by over one million. But the Irish birth rate is around 1.9 children per woman down from 4 children per woman in the 1960s and 1970s. The UK is at 1.8. But replacement level is 2.1 children per woman. So, the indigenous Irish population is actually declining.

The Irish population is around 4.8 million. Let’s assume that the indigenous population will decline to about 4 million by 2040 because of the falling birth rate and a long history of native Irish emigrating to the UK and other English-speaking countries in search of new opportunities. Then, of the 5.8 million people who (the Irish government predicts) will be living in Ireland by 2040, around 1.8 million – almost one in three ‘Irish’ – will be from Africa, the Middle East or places like Crapistan.

Am I really the only person who has realised what the Irish government’s plan will do to the country?

Ludicrously, the Irish Plan 2040 has nice pictures of rolling Irish countryside and happy white Irish families:

Perhaps photos of no-go, inner-city ghettoes with women dressed like Darth Vader on a bad hair day and the men screaming about their snackbar and demanding the introduction of Sharia Law would be more appropriate?

Though, of course, now Ireland has signed up to the UN Compact on Safe and Orderly Migration, with Ireland’s new hate laws anyone daring to criticise mass migration will probably be committing a criminal offence.

5 comments to How they lie to us – the 4 usual tricks

  • Carolyn

    It’s all so depressing, every form of protest against the narrative is immediately labelled “far-right” as if being far-right is the most despicable thing imaginable. When in fact these protests are merely standing up for ourselves and our way of life. How did it come to this? Right = correct, Left = sinister. I know which side I’m on!

  • A Thorpe

    This relates to your previous blog. Some of the articles I was reading go back 400 years and whilst there is a control over us now, in the past it was immediately obvious that there was a specific person at the top of the tree – a king, or a tyrant. Now we have a bland nothingness with no clear leadership or sense of where we are going, which is clear from this blog. Creating confusion seems to be the policy. It sound like the Frankfurt School objective.

    I haven’t followed the stabbing but I was shocked at the violence that broke out. Is this what will happen here and more often?

    I was concerned to hear Sunak yesterday encouraging more highly intelligent people to come here to study. Firstly, why isn’t he concerned about the loss to the country they come from, and secondly where is our own talent? We seen to have a lot in common with Ireland. I hope that I am not here long enough to witness what finally happens.

  • Carolyn

    From the Telegraph, a supposedly right wing paper:
    Murder of French teenager could be society’s ‘tipping point’
    The funeral of teenager Thomas took place as the French government called for calm after hard-Right activists reacted to his murder

    Again with the “hard-Right activists”! Exactly like Ireland.

  • Joe Schmo

    Geert Wilders
    Marine Le Pen
    Geogia Meloni
    Alice Weidel
    Viktor Orban

    I see a pattern begining to appear here………….

  • Stillreading

    Problem is that this deliberate blurring of violent offenders’ race following many atrocities tends to work initially, the truth emerging only later. I happened to be staying with a family member when news broke of the Dublin stabbings. My immediate reaction was a sarcastic comment about the delights of multi-culturalism, to which my host’s reply was, “No. They’ve just said he’s Irish.” Guess who has been proven correct? Ever fewer people are being deceived though. On a shopping trip to my local supermarket this morning, I found myself standing beside a retired woman who was muttering about the increasing cost of everything. I make some comment and we ended having a lengthy conversation about our taxes being spent at the rate of £8 million a day on accommodation for illegal immigrants, while our own (including military vets, some with severe disabilities) are sleeping on the streets, how this invasion will change irreversibly UK demographics. We realised that we are both filled with rage at what is happening – comfortable accommodation, provision of classy mobiles, spending money, free NHS care, easier accessibility to dentists and GPs that we natives enjoy. As Jo Schmo’s list of recently elected national Leaders demonstrates, in previously mainly white, Judeo-Christian countries, the exploited natives worms ARE rebelling, slowly but surely. I know with utter certainty, because we discuss it regularly, that every single property-owning resident of my Close in a small semi-rural neighbourhood feels as I do. What remains yet to be discovered is when it comes to the ballot box next year, will they have the bottle actually to vote for one of the new right-wing Parties (Reform, Reclaim?) or will they be so fearful of Sir Kneeler and his gang of Reds that they will opt for another spell of the non-Conservatives just to keep the kneeler out?

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