October 2023
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I have seen the video………..poor girls

This is just to say that I have seen the video of one of the Scandinavian girls being beheaded in Morocco by our friends from the world’s most wonderfullest, peacefullest religion.

It is brutal. One of the men puts a foot on the poor girl’s head while another cuts her throat while she is screaming. Then the throat-cutter starts hacking away at the girl’s neck to remove her head completely. It seems the knife he is using is quite blunt as this takes some time before the head is fully removed. I suspect that all this time, the girl is still alive and can feel what’s happening to her. But she can no longer scream in agony as her vocal cords have been cut through. In the meantime, gurgling sounds are coming from the girl as her blood gushes out while the men talk and laugh while one hacks and hacks and hacks away at the girl’s neck with the blunt knife till the girl’s head is eventually severed from her body. The men then toss the severed head onto the ground

I won’t provide the link as this would probably make me guilty of breaking some law or other – Izlumophobia, waaacisssm, who knows? I do know that in Sweden, sharing this video can get you up to four years in prison. Yet returning ISIS fighters get new identities, free homes, free money, free everything despite the many people they will have beheaded, mutilated, crucified, burnt alive and murdered in the name of their god.

I believe we were told that only one of the girls had been beheaded. But I have seen pictures of both girls’ severed heads, so I suspect that, as usual, we’re not getting the whole truth. In fact, I suspect that if the attackers had not uploaded this video of the beheading themselves, we would never have found out that one (or both) girls was/were beheaded. Instead, the brutal nature of their deaths would have been covered up to protect you know who.

I also know that in Sweden it was reported that the murders had nothing to do with our loveliest religion and that the girls had died from ‘knife wounds to the neck’. Yup, I guess that’s one way of describing having your head being hacked off with a blunt knife in a process taking several, no doubt agonising and terrifying, minutes

It’s a funny old world when communicating an atrocity by our friends from our favouritest religion is considered almost as great a (and in Sweden a greater) offence than the atrocity itself.

Rather than being desperately censored by our supine rulers (who are so afraid of Izlum they won’t give asylum to Pakistani Christian Aasia Bibi), perhaps this video of the Scandinavian girl’s brutal beheading should be played on every TV channel and in every school in the country so we can face up to the truth about the greatest threat Western civilisation has ever faced. This would be better than sleep-walking to our extinction.

(p.s. About a week after writing this, I finally found out that both girls had in fact been beheaded. I’m not sure that any of the UK mainstream media have reported this. I believe that, if the murderers had not posted a video of one of the beheadings, then we would have been told that the girls had died in a ‘hiking accident’ or something like that. After all, you know what is a religion of peace so it would have been impossible for members of this great religion to slaughter two beautiful, life-enhancing girls in such an awful way)

13 comments to I have seen the video………..poor girls

  • loppoman

    I’m shocked just reading this. I would not be able to watch the video. We live in an evil world run by people who are masterminding their own destruction. Will the time come when we can save ourselves (probably through conflict) or will we leave it until it’s too late?

  • John Bull

    Why does anyone watch believe and support such bilge as the BBC, wake up people the main stream media will lead you and yours to Armageddon. They will not report the truth like this above,but this truth will come to visit you anyway,it will just take a little time and will be irreversible.

  • FredTrent

    Their MultiCultural Bullshit training didn’t help very much did it, the real world impinged on that. Libtards need to learn these lessons and learn about the Real World instead of acting like children..Our Society is letting our children down,betraying them.

    “Both were students of “outdoor activities and cultural guidance” at the University of Southeastern Norway and attended a campus in Boe, west of Oslo.”

  • BillJames

    Angel Merkel instrument of the Deep State as are Macron and Treason May say we must succumb to inevitable Slave status of the New World Order. We must not have borders or countries or nations, we must become Sheeple and do as we are told ,become defenceless chattels of those that think they are superior to us.All Totalitarian States are Tyrannical, A World wide tyranny
    awaits us unless we wake up and throw them out, only a free society with the light hand of Government will prosper and bring Happiness.A borderless country i.e. no country will become a Wild West a Socialist nightmare.As Mrs Thatcher said Socialism is great till you run out of other peoples
    money.Now that the extended age of free money(borrowed,printed,stolen) is over it is time to throw over these lunatics that have assumed power and their Wacky dangerous ideas.The Financial system is broken, our Govt is broke Europe is worse, these Politicians have no idea how to balance the books nor any intention of trying as I say they are Lunatics better suited to an Asylum, the real World beckons and approaches quickly, we have had Economic depressions before today’s youth have harsh lessons awaiting them,they will not listen or see till it stares them in the face.Our country survived all before , it will not survive what is coming.

    Trump knows!!!

    Trump Threatens To Close Southern Border, End Aid To Central America If Wall Isn’t Built.

  • BillyBunter

    Bremainers beware the European Apocalypse you crave to join.

    “The stocks in the banking sector are giving us a clear warning that the financial system is unlikely to survive in its present form. Many bank stocks are down over 90% since 2007. Deutsche Bank for example is down 94%. Looking at the European Banking Index STOXX 600, it has lost 75% since 2007 and only in 2018 it is down by 1/3. The index has never recovered from the last crisis and as the chart shows, prices have been going sideways at the bottom. This is a very bearish sign which indicates that this chart will soon crash again and the European banking system with it.”

  • MikeRobins

    Prof Steve Hanke..
    Europe has fallen into a low growth #trap, growing well below the US, & will remain stuck given massive govt expenditures & overwhelming #tax rates. They can either change by cutting unneeded expenditures, or wither away as rest of the world outpaces them.

    Replying to @steve_hanke

    Our leaders told us that hoovering up vast quantities of 3rd world detritus was necessary for future economic growth.

    They wouldn’t lie.
    So, I can only presume that you are wrong.

  • Philip

    I had to tell my daughter and son-in-law about this atrocity as they did not know. There lies the problem, the deliberate suppression of truth and the suspension of reality. We are back to George Orwell again ‘At a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.’
    It seems to me that almost everything that emanates from Western Governments and their lackies in the media these days is either a distortion, part truth, or a downright lie. But how do you get the mesasage through to Mr & Mrs Normie who busy watching ‘Strictly’ or ‘City’ to care.

  • GotGold..

    20TH Anniversary of the Euro, what a disaster..

    Will soon be time to leave, if anybody will have you..

    If a country or region has no power to devalue, and if it is not the beneficiary of a system of fiscal equalisation, then there is nothing to stop it suffering a process of cumulative and terminal decline leading, in the end, to emigration as the only alternative to poverty or starvation. (Wynne Godley, 1992)

    Gold just reached an all time in Aussie Dollars nearly there in Canadian Dollars…

  • Jimbob

    Hey Feminazi’s….

    The war in Syria has led to a shortage of men in the country. Now the Syrian women want their men back, and ask the EU to “kick them out” so that they return and help rebuild the country.

  • Bill Trent

    London becomes Acid Attack Capital of the World.

    Two victims were hospitalized in separate acid attacks in London on the same day.
    A 21-year-old man was brought to hospital after an assault in northeast London that also left him with cuts to his hands, presumably inflicted by a knife, according to police.
    “Officers attended and found a 21-year-old man who had been assaulted, with a corrosive substance thrown over his face,” Metropolitan police said.
    “The man has been taken to an east London hospital. His injuries are not being treated as life-threatening or life-changing.”
    No suspects have been apprehended at the time of this writing.
    Hours later, a 29-year-old man was rushed to hospital after a burning liquid was thrown on him in Tower Hamlets, London.

  • A Thorpe

    What depressing reading. Not only the report but the comments that correctly identify the guilty parties and our bleak future.

  • loppoman

    Never thought I would praise Sajid Javid. However, his comments today regarding the asylum seekers is spot on. Hope he is true to his word?

  • Peter

    The elephant in the room is the lying, truth-withholding BBC; God, or, indeed, Allah, only knows why this abomination of Broadcasting has not been brought to account. The ridiculous sycophantic arse-licking of the inhabitants of the (Shit)House Of Commons is a minor irritant when compared to the deception of the BBC. It is time to modernise or close down this once great institution

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