June 2024

Surrender our country! Resistance is futile!

(Thursday/Friday blog)

Resistance is futile

Ever more countries have decided to boycott the 10/11 December Marrakesh signing of the West’s suicide note – The United Nations Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.

But it’s alright, don’t worry. Britain will be there (along with Holland and our German overlords) enthusiastically signing away control over our borders and our country – or, at least, what little is left of our diverse, multi-culturally-enriched country. After all, can you imagine the outraged, foam-flecked howling and screaming from the UK-hating, lefty libtards at the BBC and C4 News if the British government were to have the cojones to follow countries like the US, Australia, Poland, Israel, Austria, Hungary, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic by refusing to submit to United Nations control?

Treacherous liar and waste of skin Theresa May has already handed over almost total sovereignty of our country and our future to the corrupt, undemocratic, German-controlled EU Fourth Reich. So, passing control of our borders to the United Nations would only be a logical next step in the total surrender and destruction of our once great country. Meanwhile the petition against signing The United Nations Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration has now passed 110,000 signatures. But, of course, this will be totally ignored by our spineless, West-loathing, virtue-signalling rulers. It seems that resistance is futile.

Losing our country

I hope all readers managed to watch the first 5 or so minutes of the video I posted yesterday of a speech in the Swedish parliament. It was a touchingly poignant lament by a patriotic Swedish MP over the loss of his once beautiful, peaceful, prosperous country.

And, while we’re on the subject of losing one’s country, here’s Paul Joseph Watson. Enjoy!

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