June 2024

Why didn’t they put this dreadful woman out of her misery?

(Thursday blog)

I couldn’t believe the news this morning. The lying, deceitful, UK-hating, EU-quisling witch has kept her job.

So she will stagger on from failure to failure to failure as she totally capitulates to the German-run EU.

Sorry folks, but it looks like the Remoaners have won. But this will mean the total annihilation of the useless Tories at the next election.

Jeremy should already start measuring up for new curtains at No 10 Downing Street.

As for us dirty, unwashed, ignorant plebs, it’s time to prostrate ourselves before our new overlords:

Germany has won and Britain has lost.

Hitler will be cracking open the champagne!

9 comments to Why didn’t they put this dreadful woman out of her misery?

  • Judd

    You just knew it was going to happen, the tories can’t help themselves betraying the country, it must be in their blood.

    Our only hope lies now in Gerard Batten, if he can persuade UKIP to cooperate with all the other current and former patriot parties there is some hope left.

    Though they’ve forseen this and Farage and his coat tails, the controlled opposition, have been charged with splitting the patriot vote so roll on Farage’s latest wheeze, take away UKIPs voters just like he did before with the BNP (like them or loath them they were genuine patriots and and anti the EU long before it was acceptable or desirable) when they became a worry for those calling the shots.

    If there is no genuine patriot party worth voting for then so be it, let them have Corbyn and his marxists, and to hell with the lot of them.

  • William Boreham

    Tory MPs missed the one glorious opportunity to get rid of that hideous hag once and for all.
    Brussels knows they have us by the balls now and must be laughing their dicks off. As some commentator wrote: is this the country that ruled half the world a century and a half ago? Looking at what passes as leadership these days, we did indeed lose an irreplaceable gene-pool of our bravest and best on the Western Front in WW1.

  • EUSSR Titanic

    And to top it all, the EU is finished and we just jumped back onboard.

    Deutsche Bank About To Cause The Next Global Crisis?

    “Deutsche Bank (DB) poses as what is called a ‘National Champion’ bank and the largest bank by far in Germany, but it’s actually the largest criminal enterprise in Germany. This is quite a statement because VW is such a massive fraud…

    “This is going to continue until something dramatic changes. Eventually, they can cause the next crisis…

    There will be a bailout in these circumstances, but that could help trigger another economic crisis. When the largest bank in the third largest economy in the world is completely dysfunctional, then the German economy is more likely to go into recession as well. That is one of the potential sources of the next recession, and you can see lots of people warning that there are signs that a serious recession is pretty likely relatively soon. Relatively could be two years.”

    Professor Black, who was a top regulator in the S&L crisis, says,

    “The whole system weakens itself because it gets caught in this big lie that says we have to pretend that Deutsche Bank is a bank instead of a criminal enterprise.”

    In closing, Professor Black says,

    “I am going to give you the advice you get after the recession before the recession. Pay off your debt, all that you can. Do not keep borrowing except in certain circumstances like you are going to buy a home, and it is prudent purchase. Buy a car when you can buy it with cash whenever possible…and always try to be a net saver.”

    The Noose Tightens Around The EU’s Neck.

    The best part about this move by Macron is that Italy’s Matteo Salvini, a man who walks through crowds in Rome like he’s the messiah, can use this to enflame Italian passions (not a difficult proposition, let me tell you) over just how unfair the EU is treating them with respect to their budget.

    Salvini is looking at this proposal of Macron’s like it truly is manna from heaven. But for the EU, does it really have any other choice? When you’ve stepped off the cliff and are falling, anything you can do to keep from hitting the ground is what you do regardless of the long-term damage. Survival is all that matters.

    And that’s exactly where the EU and Macron are now. Every action they take to try and hold this dysfunctional and tyrannical union together is only tightening the noose around their necks and hastening their eventual demise.

    The more they struggle to maintain control in one place the more they empower their enemies in another.

    The little Dutch Boy in Brussels is running out of fingers.

    The clock is ticking down relentlessly Bremainers will be shocked at what they have done.
    Theresa May knows all this, she has other priorites for the Deep state and they certainly do not have our best interests at heart, we are to be manipulated and used with debt till it all breaks down.

    “Socialism is great till you run out of other peoples money”

  • Andy Robins

    “The Worst Deal in History?”: Theresa May’s Surrender.

    This “deal” will cost the British taxpayer £60 billion; require that the British still comply with EU rules without having any say in what those will be, and worst of all, it permits the British to leave the EU only if the EU agrees. It commits the British effectively to subjugation by the EU in perpetuity, with no recourse should the British change their mind. It is a prison. It is also the first step of the EU toward its dream of global governance: unaccountable, untransparent, unelected by the public, and with no way out.

    Even the Dutch are laughing at Theresa the Clown.
    Gulag translate will suffice..

    She says she wont run for re election, they already have the next Quisling lined up for her job.Same way she was lined up after Camoron.Why did the Tories choose a Bremainer as a leader for Brexit. Says volumes doesn’t it..

  • BritishBullshitCorporation

    Theresa’s Right hand woman and Goldman Sacks man in charge at the BOE.Received their orders from Bilderberg in June in Italiwreck.

    I’ll now examine the list of topics for discussion at the 2018 Bilderberg Group conference with what I think are probably the true thoughts of the Group beside them in quotes and bold:
    1. Populism in Europe “Why the hell couldn’t we stop them voting for Brexit!?”
    2. The inequality challenge “How are we going to lower the wages of the poorest people even further?”
    3. The future of work “Anybody know where we can get some cheap shackles and chains?”
    4. Artificial intelligence “Let’s get the peasants microchipped as soon as possible!”
    5. The US before midterms “Damn it! I can’t believe we let Trump win!”
    6. Free trade “This is how we’re going to do Agenda 21.”
    7. US world leadership “We’re going to crash the US economy and fund the NWO with Chinese gold.”
    8. Russia “FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!”
    9. Quantum computing “The latest database system for Big Brother.”
    10. Saudi Arabia and Iran “What’s the best way to do a new false flag terrorist attack?”
    11. The “post-truth” world “Our propaganda needs sorting out; the peasants are getting wise to it.”
    12. Current events “A list of everything that’s going to happen in the year ahead.”

    Of course there will be items tabled that are hidden from the published agenda. No doubt the revelation of the Bilderberg Group will not end the clandestine nature of its operations, as with Area 51 merely being formally acknowledged, see: They have probably already set up a “group within a group” of its most senior figures. This is still progress though. Despite our success, the work of the conspiracy theoretical activist is not yet over.

  • Eddie John

    “So she will stagger on from failure to failure to failure”
    I think you will find she has staggeredfrom success to success , for her owners.
    When the remainers finally realise the ship is holed beneath the water line they will also find that the elite left long ago in the availble rowing boats .

  • chris

    She has a lot of energy and stamina for a 62 year old lady. I suspect many ladies her age would succomb to exhaustion.

  • A Thorpe

    Most of the politicians are the same as May. They do not want us to leave the EU and they have all contributed to this fiasco. They all say they respect the referendum result but they do not. May unfortunately put herself forward and the rest of them are doing their best to make sure she takes the blame. That is why she is still in post.

    All the blame should be put on Cameron. He knew exactly what Leaving the EU would mean and what he would do to bring it about. He did not agree with the type of Brexit being negotiated and said clearly this would be worse than staying in the EU. He was right. But he did not think that we would vote to Leave and in spite of his promise to stay on and implement the result he immediately walked away. He was the man to take us out of the EU and he should be forced back to do the job only he knows how to do.

  • Anthony Mann

    If you want to leave the EU on WTO terms sign the petition –

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