June 2024

For Europe’s vanishing countries, the writing is on the wall

(Monday blog)

Today’s blog will be short, but maybe not sweet.

There’s lots of heat and noise being generated about Brexit and the EU. One of the main arguments put forward for leaving the EU is that it’s developing into an undemocratic, German-controlled superstate, run by an unelected, corrupt, self-serving hereditary bureaucratic elite. And being part of such a venture doesn’t fit with British ideals of freedom, sovereignty and independence.

Of course, the Europhiliacs and traitors like Blair and Clegg and most leading politicians and businesspeople and Europhiliac, UK-Hating celebs and others of their ilk constantly deny that the EU’s ambitions are to wipe out national borders and subject us all to a German-run Brussels bureaucracy – basically a Fourth Reich

Rather than me rehashing opinions and prejudices from pro- and anti-EU commentators, it might be more useful for us to look at what the EU itself claims it is up to.

Here’s a plaque in the EU visitors’ centre:

Not much ambiguity there about the EU’s intentions!

And here’s one in the EU parliament building:

Even less ambiguity there about the EU’s plans for us!

Is there any doubt now about where the EU is headed?

Is there any doubt now that the EU elites see their mission as the abolition of countries, borders and national identities and their replacement by a ‘European’ identity?

Is there any doubt now that importing millions of Third-World parasitic garbage is part of the EU’s plan to erase any trace of national identity?

Is there any doubt now that we need to get out of this dystopian nightmare?

7 comments to For Europe’s vanishing countries, the writing is on the wall

  • Stillreading

    Oh, the irony! While we were being ever more ruthlessly gobbled up by an incipient European federation, the implacable desire on the part of individual nations to preserve or re-establish national identity couldn’t have been more potently illustrated than by the break up of the USSR into its constituent nations and, in the UK, by the establishment of Scottish and Welsh assemblies, the first move towards the disintegration of the UK. (This latter, of course, while that arch-deceiver and ardent EU supporter, Bliar the Liar, was our Great Leader!)
    We are constantly being told to celebrate diversity. Well, let’s celebrate it! We all KNOW that the stoical English are different from the chauvinistic French (and good luck to them – I often wish we English could as a nation be more chauvinistic!). The French have little in common with the humourless Germans (although they tend to need their support a lot of the time!), who have nothing in common with the excitable Italians, who speak as much with their hands as with their tongues and who evidently can’t manage to extricate much of their nation from control by Cosa Nostra! Climate no doubt is a factor in some cultural differences. Northern European is too cold and wet much of the time to permit its menfolk to sit under an olive tree sipping coffee and ouzo while the women do the housework, as happens in much of Greece. Fine for them, but they shouldn’t expect the more diligent English, Germans, French, Belgians and Dutch to bail them out financially when the native disinclination productively to apply themselves results in lower living standards. (While they intermittently whinge about the Elgin Marbles, they still can’t maintain adequately the ancient monuments they do have, despite the millions spent every year by overseas visitors.) As for Spain and its hundreds of square miles of half-completed, now abandoned, Europe-funded building projects, don’t even go there……
    World-wide, national identities, national cultures, national characteristics have been established over millennia and are immutable, deriving as they do from genetic differences and climatic and dietary factors. “Europe” will only work by eradicating national aspirations and descending to the lowest common denominator – which for many countries of Northern Europe means a decline in income and living standards. Add millions of culturally alien third-world immigrants to the mix, and Europe will descend to something approximating Medieval times.

  • William Boreham

    Seems to me the EU is coming apart at the seams, Brexit or not. Eastern Europe is at odds with EU mass immigration policy, having a history of ferocious conflict with the Ottoman hordes. But the main Achilles’ heel (and the EU’s biggest mistake) is the weakness of the Euro. It’s obviously quite daft to impose the same currency on 19 diverse economies. For a time it looked as if Greece would upset the applecart, now it looks as if the Italians will if they keep their nerve) put the final nail in the Eurozone coffin. Our other main hope is the rise of extreme right-wing parties in Europe, nationalistic and anti immigrant and immigration.

  • Benito's Ghost

    The EU unelected commissars will destroy Europe…

    Europe’s War On Italy Is Suicidal.

    aly and the European Union are headed for a throwdown. Italy’s new government wants to help its citizens following years of grinding economic immiseration. And the EU is hellbent on stopping them, all in the name of neoliberal budget discipline.

    In short, the European Union and the ECB all have enormous room to help Italy deficit-spend to repair itself, with no economic downside. They just don’t want to do it.

  • Brian Ferris

    Thats one less Witch leader in Euroland, lots to go.But she might be making way for another, a sly move? The “Green”s are the new “REDS”.

    “Even if Merkel were to be replaced and/or if a new government were to take power in Berlin, with or without new elections, it would not make a major difference once the dust has settled,” Holger Schmieding, chief economist at Berenberg, said in a note. “Any conceivable coalition in Berlin would still be dominated by the mainstream parties CDU/CSU, SPD, Greens and the smaller Liberals.”

    German economy is in trouble, CARZ Etf (Global Car Industry) been dropping all year. In the future Germany may well become the New sick man of Europe.
    Bounce coming in the S+P500, lower high than last peak will confirm BEAR Market.

  • Roy Hartwell

    Well, two bits of encouraging news today. Brazil has elected a non-socialist President (note the MSM call him Right Wing!) and Mrs Merkel has announced she’s throwing in the towel in 2021 (if she lasts that long !).

    Only way this could get better is if traitor May also threw in the towel.

  • A Thorpe

    Did anybody watch Simon Reeves last night and the dreadful environmental and human rights problems associated with Spanish food production in the plastic greenhouses in southern Spain? Also the border issues in Ceuta. The EU is not an organisation I want to belong to.

    As for the Euro, the people who hope for another vote to ensure we stay in the EU need to think more about the implications. If we are allowed to remain the conditions will be joining the Euro and giving up our rebate and making a larger contribution.

  • Billk

    Trump and the US has just placed Europe in the front line in its quest to destroy Russia, aided and abetted by Treason May.
    Of course Europe is too busy destroying its own subjugated Countries (soviet states) to notice.If Europe allows the US to place Intermediate Range Nuclear Missiles on its (our)territory to threaten Russia, Russia will ensure it can obliterate Europe in response and it is capable of doing so, its technology is far superior to ours.Nobody would win, the US think they will, but Russia can obliterate them too.It just means that Putin will have to sit with his finger on the hair trigger day and night and if there is a false signal an error or a mistake , well we will go up in smoke. Thats the problem with the West’s politicians they play God but are mere humans and dumb ones at that, in there quest for a New World Order(Extension of the Old World Order-Same Cabal with greater aims for themselves more slavery for us), Globalists,Cultural Marxists inventors and pushers of it(get the sheeple to disarm themselves so that they are powerless against us,all the money and all the power is not enough.They see themselves as an Elite small number of Gods that shall rule over all the Serfs, with Controlled Media issuing there orders on a daily basis, which the sheep follow dutifully even today.This is the problem with Nuclear Weapons the day was always going to come, the day when Politicians unfit to hold the keys to the launchers would gain power. That time has come and the West’s leadership are unfit, particularly puppet Theresa May she would do anything her masters decree even if it means you and I will be incinerated in the process.

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