October 2018
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“You have insulted me in every possible way”

(Friday blog)

After yesterday’s latest Brussels humiliation of the hopeless, hapless, disaster-prone, bungling Remainer treacherous Theresa May, it’s time to paraphrase Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice and tell Adolf Merkel and the euro-eunuchs who hide cowering in fear behind Merkel’s huge rear end: “You have insulted me in every possible way, and can now […]

US democrats really are hypocritical, low-life, lying, scum

(Thursday blog)

Kavanaugh – guilty as he’s a white republican male

Unless you’ve been living in an igloo on the moon for the last few months, you’ll know about the utterly shameful and shameless way US democrats tried to prevent Trump’s choice, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, from becoming a Supreme Court judge. Unable to attack Kavanaugh […]

Yawn. Boring. Only 266 killed by the Religion of Peace in the last week

(Wednesday blog)

What a boring week it has been. Only 266 innocents have been murdered by members of the Religion of Peace, Tolerance and Harmony in the name of their religion over the last seven days. That’s a pretty hopeless score compared to the last few years. In 2015, our Religion of Peace friends slaughtered […]

Tommy Robinson supports British soldiers. Army bosses don’t

(Tuesday blog)

Running late today so no time for a full blog.

First, here’s the group of wonderful, enlightened, forward-thinking, progressive, liberal, tolerant individuals who now seem to run Britain:

Ooops, sorry, wrong photo. Here’s the right one:

Yes, it’s our favourite organisation – the Muslim Council of Britain […]

What has Trump ever done for America?

(Monday blog)

In the UK all we hear about democratically-elected President Trump are negative and mocking stories churned out, not only by the usual politically-correct idiots at the BBC and C4 News, but also by supposedly serious newspapers like the Times.

This barrage of anti-Trump criticism and abuse has been useful for the mainstream media. […]

Let them come! We want diversity! We demand to be enriched!

(weekend blog)

I’ll keep this blog short. Below is an extract from an official EU document. The first column of numbers shows the actual population density in number of people per km2 for each EU country. The second column gives the actual (2008) population by country:

The really exciting column of numbers […]

Diversity is our strength – especially for our army!

(Friday blog)

Personally I believe that diversity is our strength. So for someone with progressive, liberal, multi-cultural views like myself the more botty botherers, todger dodgers and members of the world’s most wonderful religion we have in our military, the more the Russkies and any other enemies will quake in fear of us.

Amazingly, and […]

Will you support our soldiers?

(Thursday blog)

Below is an email I just received from Tommy Robinson. Are you prepared to support our soldiers by signing his petition?

A few days ago, I stopped at a service station where four coaches full of British soldiers were taking a break. I said hello to the lads and some of them posed […]

Brave national hero? Or useless, gutless, over-paid, over-promoted coward?

(Wednesday blog)

For obvious legal reasons, I can’t write today’s blog. So, after a brief introduction, I’ll have to refer you to what a real journalist wrote yesterday.

This is Sir Craig Mackey – Acting Commissioner of the Met Police or something like that.

Look how many medals he has:

Impressive huh?


Warning! Panic! Earth warming! Earth cooling! Earth warming! Earth coo…..

(Tuesday blog)

Massive yawn. Here we go again. The bunch of supposed ‘scientists’ on the totally discredited IPCC have yet again warned us that we only have 10 years to save the Earth from catastrophic Climate Change. Not only have they been having multiple, knicker-drenching orgasms at the BBC and C4 News, but even supposedly […]