July 2024

Civil war in Europe? That could NEVER happen! I mean we’re all………..

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Ridiculous! Totally ridiculous! There are some people – idiots, bigots, fascists, waaaccciiissssttts etc – who believe that, as Europeans become minorities in their own countries, civil war might break out when ‘new Europeans’ rise up to take over our continent.

So stupid! How could anyone be so stupid?

As for me, do I want diversity? No!!! I don’t want diversity! I want ‘super-diversity’!!!! I want to give our once civilised continent away to a violent, backward, intolerant, Third-World invasion army. Like our rulers and their grovelling sycophants in the mainstream media, I want total race replacement. Europe does NOT belong to Europeans! Tear down the borders! Open up our countries! Migration is a yuman right! Welcome the whole world!

Even the (child abuse covering-up?) Pope has said that all “must be welcomed with an open heart and open doors. Closure is the path to suicide”. And he talks to God all the time, doesn’t he? So he must know what’s best for us. Though there are cynics who might disagree with the frock-wearing cleric and who are foolish enough to believe that “open doors” are actually the “path to suicide”.

Bring in the world! After all, what could possibly go wrong?

8 comments to Civil war in Europe? That could NEVER happen! I mean we’re all………..

  • Colin

    The only real way we have of stopping this at the moment is at the ballot box and as long as most of the electorate are muppets this won’t happen. By ‘muppets’ I’m mean those that consider it ‘racist’ voting for a party that wants to protect their country and it’s borders and those that are taken in by the Cultural Marxist claptrap that infects our institutions.

    As Lord Pearson said, Petitions and Marches will achieve nothing as it doesn’t threaten those that sit in Parliament, only votes do that.

  • William Boreham

    How ironic when we view the inevitable and inescapable future for our children and grandchildren. Just suppose, we had accepted his peace terms, or (although he never had the slightest intention of doing so) worse case scenario, Hitler had successfully invaded and occupied Britain in 1940, what would be the situation for the English people in 2100 under those circumstances – compared to how it will be now? General von Blumentritt memoirs gives is a clue: (after Dunkirk) “He (Hitler) then astonished us by speaking with admiration of the British Empire, the necessity of its existence and of the civilisation that Britain had brought into the world…he compared the British Empire with the Catholic Church saying they were both elements of stability in the world. He said all he wanted from Britain was that she should acknowledge Germany’s position on the Continent. The return of Germany’s colonies would be desirable but not essential, and he would even offer to support Britain with troops if she should be involved in difficulties elsewhere.”

  • Stillreading

    Oldies, like I guess the majority of those who read this blog, can be relied upon to vote preserve national identity and national values and way of life. The young, most either ill-educated or indoctrinated in leftie Cultural Marxism ideology, will vote to destroy individual nations, their own included. This is the reason behind the rumbling, ongoing campaign to reduce the voting age even further, to 16. What can 16 year olds, certainly early 21st century 16 year olds, know of life and hardship, sheltered as they have been from war, from true privation, from military conscription? They need saving from themselves before they destroy the rest of us. (I continue to be genuinely mystified as to WHY Judaeo-Christian Western leaders – Macron, Merkel, Trudeau et al are so help-bent on their mission of cultural and racial replacement.)

  • Stillreading

    …..”hell-bent” of course – although they are certainly being helped by Europe’s honoured leaders and also by their deplorable media ikons. (Most of whom of course, being multi-millionaires as a consequence of their unmusical wailings or their extraordinary bodily implants, will be able to retreat behind their walled compounds. Just as His Holiness the Pope is doing right now. I haven’t heard that the Vatican is housing a few thousand immigrants.)

  • A Thorpe

    A short blog for a huge issue and it is obvious from the comments how difficult it is for us “oldies” to understand what is going on.

    Stillreading refers to 16 year olds, but during half-term it is obvious that the parents are no different. They are unable to control their children and all we hear on the streets is constant screaming. If the younger generation does not have kids in tow they are walking about like zombies obsessed with their phones. Grandparents are often no better – they seem to think is it trendy to adopt the style of their grandchildren.

    Colin makes a good point with the quote about voting, but this will not solve anything. We need to get rid of the political parties and make MPs independent. The parties are a power base for an easy way into power for anybody who goes along with the group think.

    My concern is not civil war but civil unrest. This must come as the UK gets poorer and that is the way it is going. We are not paying our way in the world; the trade deficit and national debt tells us that. All politicians are now effectively socialist since they will only gain and/or keep power by handing out benefits. Benefits are financed by taking money from the people who produce the wealth. The demand for more and more handouts just increases because the concept of personal responsibly and work is lost on more and more people. It cannot continue because the superrich will go elsewhere and the middle classes will stop bothering as taxation soars to pay for the benefits. Then the civil unrest will start.

  • HaroldP

    Well Europe may well all go up in smoke.With Trump putting us in the front line threatening Russia with medium range nuclear weapons(withdrawal from Reagans INF Treaty with Gorbachev).America’s neo-cons lunatics(power mad) are willing to sacrifice us in what they think will be a limited nuclear war.This is not a DRILL.

    “The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has moved its Doomsday Clock to only 2 minutes to midnight. It might be tempting to turn this into a mere squabble about arrows and olives if this wasn’t such a terrifying scenario.”

  • Tommy22

    William, Hitler never intended to Invade Britain, he wanted the British Empire to last all he wanted back were the German territories lost in WW1.Operation Sealion was a ruse to cover for the Invasion of Russia operation Barbarossa.Hitler made many peace offerings to Britain that were spurned by Churchill, what do you thing Rudolf Hess flew to Scotland for? He came with peace terms, of course we are not told the truth, if you want not know the truth read David Irvings Hitlers War(written in 1977 before PC it was hailed as an outstanding book, shunned today because ut tells the truth and Churchills War, both books plus others are free to download at his site FPP.CO.UK .Churchill was only great because he knew everything the Germans were doing everyday because of Ultra. Ultra was the decoding of the Enigma machines the Germans used, it was top secret. Without it Churchill would not have been such a good leader. He botched Gallipoli in WW1, he botched the Norway fiasco, Dieppe, Greece, Crete and North Africa. If he hadnt been reading Rommels daily orders and supply orders we would have been trounced . Imagine if we had not known where the Uboat Wolf Packs were in the Atlantic(no wonder Churchill ordered the destruction of the Bletchley Park computer(The Worlds first)’Colossus’ and total secrecy about its very existence to continue after the war indefinitely.Hitler was mortified when Singapore fell, even suggesting he would have liked to send German troops to help if the British would listen.Churchill would have none of it.Churchill finished the British Empire , gave everything to America for 50 rusty useless WW1 destroyers, 2 of which turned turtle and sank on their journey across the Atlantic. Roosevelt wanted to ruin the British Empire and step in her shoes and did.
    We gave them in return, Radar,Sonar, the Jet engine,Ultra and the secret to the Atomic bomb.

    ‘In 1936, worried that the Nazis might gain access to his patents and develop an understanding that would lead them towards furthering research on their own atomic weapon, Szilard transferred ownership of his patents (40,023 and 630,726 lodged in 1934) to the Royal Navy. So… that’s the connection… proof that without the Royal Navy there would have been no Manhattan Project.’

    Tizard Mission.
    The mission travelled to the United States in September 1940 during the Battle of Britain. They intended to convey a number of technical innovations to the U.S. in order to secure assistance in maintaining the war effort.

    We gave them our Stocks and Shares in North America,we gave them all our Gold and Silver, we were pauperised.As goes the Gold and Silver goes the power,America is waning fast and trying to impose her Globalist will on the rest of the World by force of Nuclear Weapons,with us in the front line in Europe with Theresa May begging for a Nuclear attack on us.Her legacy may well be the most destructive of any leader in history.

    After the War Churchills legacy was a Socialist Britain that has degenerated gradually into what you see today.If you don’t have your own Empire you are at the mercy of someone else’s.Take a look around is this what you and me wanted to happen to our country. We dont have a country anymore just a crappy broke and broken zone of Socialist Euroland, with a Nutty PM hell bent on starting WW3 who is her God, Lucifer and or Satan.The other alternative is an Old Nutty Commy, what chance have we now?

    PS. Contrary to the Hollywood ‘Dunkirk Movie’ Churchills actions were shameful.Just as the British,French and Belgian forces were about to counter attack in Northern France in 1940 in Operation Weygand, Churchill issued the order to General Lord Gort to “Advance to the beaches” and not to divulge this order to anyone. That included not telling the Belgian or French forces they were betrayed by Churchills order, a disgrace. Of course Hollywood movie history is garbage all of it. They rewrite history and will again about us in future times.

    I watched the movie U-571 last night as it mentioned the enigma machine and I thought I was going see the story of how the British royal navy captured the German enigma coding machine, that helped play a major part in ending WW2 early, they say it cut at least 2 years off the war and saved hundreds of thousands of allied lives.

    “The historical truth in this movie has been high jacked by hollywood – according to this movie an America submarine captured the enigma machine and the cipher books – this is totally made up.”

  • huev

    ‘We gave them in return, Radar,Sonar, the Jet engine,Ultra and the secret to the Atomic bomb’.

    and virtually all our bullion and cash, bankrupting ourselves in the process of ‘saving europe’. USA took us for fools, until they got attacked by Japan.
    We wasted our time, money, and men.

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