June 2024

The great Canadian bald head cover-up?

(Wednesday blog)

Hey, are you going bald? Or do you know someone who is? Well, it appears the brave Canadian police have found a way for bald men to achieve full hair growth in just 24 hours. It’s amazing!

What am I wittering on about?

Here’s a photo of the Toronto (alleged) truck murderer being arrested:

What do you notice? Yup, he’s as bald as a baby’s bum.

And here’s a close-up of the Middle-Eastern-looking man:

Yup – definitely follicly challenged – a nice shiny head, wouldn’t you say?.

But here’s a New York Daily News sketch of the man appearing in court just a day after the arrest:

Amazing, astonishing – he seems to have grown a full head of hair.

And here’s the court sketch from the Clinton News Network (CNN):

Once again, Mr Minassian has an admirable amount of hair.

Both the New York Daily News and CNN seem convinced that the bald arrested man has lots of hair.

What’s going on? I don’t know.

But I wonder if the man who appeared in court is the same man as the one who was arrested? If so, then any bald men should get themselves arrested by the Canadian police – it seems to do wonders for your hair growth

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