June 2024

Moddern educayshun – life in “Libtardia”!

(Monday blog)

I don’t know where this came from. Apologies to readers who have already seen it. I believe it’s based in a new country called “Libtardia”.

Where is “Libtardia”? Unfortunately it seems “Libtardia” is everywhere in Western Europe, the US and Australia and “libtardians” (also called “libtards” for short) are everywhere where there are holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling, rapefugees-welcoming, free-speech-hating, climate-change-believing, Trump-loathing, Obama-worshipping, Western-civilisation-destroying, treacherous, unpatriotic, ever-so-liberal, braindead so-called ‘progressives’.

Here’s a dictionary definition of ‘libtard’ – an individual, whose thinking process has been rendered impaired by political correctness and the failure to understand that people are responsible for their actions and the world does not owe lazy or stupid people a living

Thankfully, there are almost no libtards in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and other Eastern European countries. They’re the places where Western civilisation has a chance of surviving.

Anyway, here’s moddern educayshun for libtards in Libtardia:


3 comments to Moddern educayshun – life in “Libtardia”!

  • NoMore

    Very droll. And very poignant. I guess not everyone is a winner after all.

  • Stillreading

    Priceless! But how disastrous for the future of civilization and culture that in fact it is no more than an extreme exaggeration of modern Western education. Take “Safe Spaces” for undergrads for example. What a condemnation of the snowflake generation that some of those considered sufficiently academically able to proceed to university are, having got there, so feeble that they need to huddle together where their libtard views cannot be challenged. As for the new Scandinavian practice of positively encouraging toddlers at nursery school to cross-dress and to blur their gender identity – well, I for one can scarcely bear to contemplate the damage being done to their sense of self. It will all end appallingly badly but I suppose I should take some comfort from the fact that I shan’t be around to witness the worst.

  • NoMore

    We can also take some comfort from the fact that the actors demonstrating this are young and obviously see through all the Cultural Marxist insanity – not all are buying into it at least.

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