June 2024

Kidney transplants anyone? Foreigners go to the front of the queue!

(Friday blog)

Toady I thought I’d bring you a small story, which the BBC certainly won’t report, and which shows yet again how our rulers – and particularly the NHS – are betraying us.

It concerns an Albanian woman who came to Britain using a fake Greek ID card to get into the country and start claiming benefits. When she fell ill, she was given a £72,000+ kidney transplant for free by our useless, foreigner-loving, Brit-hating NHS.

This story raises two issues:

  1. How easy it is for anyone from whatever Third-World sh*thole to come to Britain using fake ID due to the total impotence of our supposed ‘border control’ (an oxymoron if there ever was one). Officially the population of the UK in 2016 was 65.6 million. But in 2007, one supermarket chain calculated that there were actually 77 to 80 million people in Britain
  2. There is a shortage of kidneys for people needing a transplant. So how did a foreigner supposedly from Greece – a country that is such an economic basket case that girls will sell themselves for €10 a time (suck and fuck), the price of a pork kebab – get to the front of the transplant queue? Given that British citizens are dying while waiting for a kidney transplant, some Brit will die in order for this Albanian scumbag pretending to be Greek could get her transplant for free

Here’s the story:

Fatmira Tafa, 31, came to Britain in 2014 in the back of a lorry. Nadricim Bengasi, also an illegal immigrant, gave Tafa a falsified Greek ID in the name of Eleni Manola, so that she could pose as a European Union citizen and gain access to British benefits and services.

It was while living in Cardiff, Wales, that Tafa became ill and received treatment and a kidney transplant on the NHS at University Hospital Wales in October 2016, costing the hospital a total of £72,469. As an Albanian citizen, she would have been placed on dialysis, stabilised, and returned to Albania — but, posing as an EU citizen, she gained access to Wales’s organ waiting list, depriving a British person of the life-saving operation.

In Wales in 2015/16, there were 242 patients waiting for a vital organ transplant — up 10 per cent from two years before — and 27 people died waiting.

Last year, the NHS reported that across the whole of the United Kingdom, waiting time for a kidney transplant was down by 18 per cent, but patients were still having to wait 944 days — more than two and a half years. The taxpayer-funded health service also noted that since the previous World Kidney Day, 62 per cent of patients who have died waiting for an organ transplant were waiting for a kidney.

“Health tourism” continues to cost the UK taxpayer around £2 billion a year, with one non-EU citizen leaving a Manchester hospital with a £530,000 bill.

It is not just non-EU citizens who are short-changing Britons. Figures obtained from the Department of Health through Freedom of Information requests showed that the United Kingdom paid out over £630 million to EU and other European Economic Area countries like Norway for Britons’ health care abroad under supposedly reciprocal rules. However, the UK claimed back only a little under £66.5 million from EU/EEA countries for NHS treatment — a discrepancy of some £564 million, or £11 million a week.

No wonder our useless, mismanaged NHS is forever claiming it needs more money. After all, any piece of lying garbage from anywhere in the world can waltz into the UK and demand and get free medical treatment while being prioritised ahead of local Brits.

2 comments to Kidney transplants anyone? Foreigners go to the front of the queue!

  • Stillreading

    Yet at the same time, we now learn, the son of a Windrush generation immigrant, a man brought to the UK as a young child by his parents, who was raised and educated and who has lived and worked here all his life, was being denied vital cancer treatment because the Home Office had “lost” documentation proving his legitimate status.
    Don’t, though, blame the hard-pressed NHS doctors and nurses and other clinical staff. They have more than enough to do caring for patients who present for treatment. NHS staff are NOT and neither should they be expected to be watchdogs for the useless Border agencies. Medical ethics as well as every tendency of common humanity
    dictate that anyone presenting with injury or illness be treated, irrespective of gender, nationality, religion or origin. Yes, it DOES make NHS staff more than a little angry when they know perfectly well that foreigners are getting costly treatment on the NHS to which they are not entitled, but it is not up to the clinical staff to remedy the situation. (I understand, incidentally, that it also makes NHS front line clinical staff more than a little irate when they have to deal with the insults and violence routinely manifest in the typical city hospital A & E department after certain members of the UK native population have had a booze-fuelled good night out.)

  • William Boreham

    Even worse, I’ve heard from those involved that while our immigrant community readily push themselves to the front of the queue to receive blood and organs, they don’t donate either. I wonder does any administration dare get the true figures as to who in our society actually DO regularly donate blood and are willing to donate their organs – and more to the point, publish them.

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