July 2024

Turning London into Lahore?

(Monday blog)

Sorry, but I’m afraid it’s London again. I’m returning to the disaster that is London as a reader reminded me of some promises the new mayor made that he might be hoping we forget.

London’s (IMHO) vertically- and morally-challenged libtard mayor, Sadiq Khan, must be feeling more and more at home in what was once our British capital city as daily he turns it into ever more into something resembling the cities of violent, crowded, excrement-covered Third-World hell-hole – Pakistan. There were a few more stabbings in London at the weekend, a couple of which resulted in deaths. Though, as most of the victims seem to be ‘New British’, perhaps we shouldn’t be too concerned at them departing this life. This may just be Darwinism in action:

Anyway, here’s what the great Sadiq promised when prostituting himself for the migrant vote while trying to be elected mayor:

(You have to remember that only one in three ‘Londoners’ were born in Britain to British parents – so the ethnic minority/majority vote is the one to get to win elections)

And here’s what Sadiq is saying now:

Ooops! Did you think we’d forgotten, Sadiq?

The little man seems to have done a bit of a reverse ferret. Now he claims to be ‘angered’ and ‘heartbroken’ and claims to be increasing ‘stop and search’. What a total load of bollox. After all, it was this rat-like creature, ably assisted by Met chief Cressida ‘Diversity’ Dick, who reduced ‘stop and search’ and who boasted about taking ‘900+ experienced’ police officers away from front-line duties to concentrate on trawling the Internet in search of supposed ‘hate crimes’ by anyone daring to criticise our favourite religion.

Some horrible cynics might be tempted to conclude:

2 comments to Turning London into Lahore?

  • twi5ted

    I’m confused because the first thing Sadiq did was to censor the posters on the tube so female models were dressed more modestly.

    On knife crime, he seems more concerned with making political points against funding cuts. Obviously stop and search is non-pc so must not be used any longer.

    I used to travel around London a bit on tfl and would see airport style metal detectors set up randomly at stations by the met. But have not seen these for couple of years, and not sure how successful, but it would seem to make life a little more difficult for knife carriers.

  • Alan Thorpe

    The Queen’s Birthday concert ended with “What a Wonderful World”. I don’t know where they were looking. Probably into the gin and dubonnet.

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