October 2023
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Goodbye Sweden?

(Sunday blog)

I came across this on YouTube. It’s that awful Pat Condell. This video was made in 2014 – before the invasion of Europe by Merkel’s migrant masses. In this video Condell suggests that, because of uncontrolled immigration, Sweden is destined to be swamped by a flood of often in-bred, often culturally-backward, often violent, often rapist Third-World hordes.

How wrong Condell was. There are no ‘no-go’ areas in Sweden, there is no violence, there are no grenade attacks, the Stockholm truck attack was just a small misunderstanding, Sweden is not the rape capital of the world and Swedish women are perfectly safe to go out at night. In fact Sweden is a paradise of diversity and multi-cultural harmony. I know all this because this is what the BBC tells me.

So Mr Condell – it seems you’re wrong again.

(Is that ok PC Political Correctness? Have I written a blog which conforms to what is now permitted?)



3 comments to Goodbye Sweden?


    The ludicrous World we live in has been projected and planned to get much worse.Lunatic Politicians have huge changes in store for us, like it or not, no democracy here , no voting involved just un-elected self important imbeciles.Is it any wonder Russia and China are targeted for avoiding such nightmare scenario.

    “In the process of regionalisation, which is leading us all towards global government, we have been witnessing the incremental transfer of nation state sovereign powers to supra-national bodies.

    One obvious example is the 28 member states of the European Union where the majority of laws can only be proposed by the un-elected members of the EU Commission.

    Two other fledgling supra-national regional bodies can now be found on the EU’s doorstep.”

    It has now become evident that the processes of Globalisation and regionalisation have provided fertile ground that former presidents and prime ministers have been able to capitalise on through their involvement with NGOs and CSOs. Just as there was no public mandate for British Sovereignty to be pooled with the other nations of the European Union there was no popular mandate for our membership of the broader African, Caribbean, and Pacific Group of States (ACP) nor the Union For The Mediterranean (UfM). These pan-regional structures are additional building blocks propelling us all towards a system of Global Government, the final form of which is yet to be revealed to the global public.

  • Julia Green

    perfectly safe to go out at might?!

  • Alan Thorpe

    Missing from the above by Godhelpus is the other area where globalisation is happening and that is in science. We are constantly being told that the non-existent human caused global warming is too big an issue for individual countries a global solution is essential. In other words our elected representatives must be replaced by highly paid non elected experts.

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