December 2023
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Another day, another thousand rapes?

This brief video footage is from France. Some inbred, low-IQ, violent, unemployable migrants or worthless sons of migrants attack and try to rape a Kaffir French girl.

Notice how one stamps on her head, while others try to rip off her trousers and pants.

Probably they were angry with her for resisting. After all, these scum have learnt that they can do what they want with white women and they will almost never be stopped or punished.

However, this French girl was lucky. Some security guards intervened and saved her.

Had she been beaten up and raped, I wonder if the person responsible for this attack and attempted rape, ugly old Nazi witch Angela ‘Mad Cow’ Merkel, would have had a message for her? Perhaps the message would have been something along the lines of “you deserved to be punched, kicked and raped as you should have shown more multi-cultural understanding of these poor, defenceless refugees”?

Though, if the girl had been Swedish, she probably would have wanted to be beaten up and raped. After all, Swedish girls keep voting for politicians who are turning their country into a dangerous, lawless, Third-World cesspit where any woman or girl out on her own is fair game for the ‘new Swedes’.

But how many other migrant rapes are not caught on video cameras and stopped by security men? Ten a day? A hundred a day? A thousand a day?

Of course, we’ll never know as the police and politicians across Eurabia, and especially in Britanistan, do everything they can to prevent the truth coming out.

And that’s why these subhuman animals behave as they do – they know they’ll usually get away with it.


6 comments to Another day, another thousand rapes?

  • Dave H

    Pure filth !

  • Moham-Abdul

    you islamophobes
    we have a right to practic our religion
    you grant us sharia law we dont attack you

  • NoMore

    And can we practise our religion in your lands? Your rights only exist because of Western tolerance which is not compatible with Islam. You can have sharia anytime you like in one of your own countries.

  • NoMore

    What happened to the peace you said in your last comment? Peaceful religions don’t endlessly demand and attack if they don’t get their way?

  • John Fields

    I understand that in Sharia Law the penalty for
    stealing is to cut off your hand. I think that when
    you rape they should cut off your balls and stitch them
    up in your mouth.

  • Moham-Abdul

    we have peace thru Allah’s law not manmade laws
    Allah hates wrong religions so you dont practice them
    Allah is giving us the world now unlike false gods of christ smart people submit to Islam
    demand and attack is Allahs will and for all people
    weak men allow themselves to be dominated by women and that is not Allahs will or way even you can see that
    Allah put the fruit on the trees and holds the sky up.
    you forsake Allah and we all die

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