April 2024

How Religion of Peace families celebrate Christmas?

(Apologies if you’ve already seen this)

Most of us look forward (with varying degrees of pleasure) to spending Christmas with our families.

But what about our friends from the Greatest Religion the World Has Ever Known? What do they do with their families while we filthy, unbelieving,  infidel scum relax with good food and drink?

Here’s short video. Apparently it shows a Religion of Peace mother, and then possibly father, saying goodbye to their two small daughters before sending them off to Paradise.

If this is the correct incident, the girls were strapped with explosives, sent into a Syrian police station asking to use the toilet and then blown up by an adult by remote control.

Well, that’s one way to make your family Christmas go off with a bang.

These inbred, low-IQ, violent, subhuman, intolerant savages really hate us. The sooner we realise this, the more chance we have of protecting our civilisation from invasion and subjugation.

Have a great Christmas and a peaceful New Year

Snouts-in-the-trough will hopefully be back on Thursday 5 January 2017

4 comments to How Religion of Peace families celebrate Christmas?

  • NoMore

    People without souls.

    Have a great Christmas and New Year yourself.

  • zx80

    Congratulations and our thanks to the Italian Police for removing the Berlin Market attacker from the gene pool.

    Just reported that hes been de-radicalised.
    Happy Christmas all and a safe and islam free new year.

  • peter king

    off topic. Barra McGorry QC Northern Ireland Director of Public Prosecutions is a long time friend of Gary Adams. McGorry has a planed series of prosecutions of former Britisht military personel over the shooting deaths decades ago . Garry Adams brother Liam Adams is serving a 16 year sentence for the rape of his daughter over a number of years . McGorry is using
    the prosecutions to gain leverage and secure the release of Liam Adams via some false legal pretext.

  • Caratacus

    May you enjoy a Merry Inoffensive Winterval, carefully couched so as not to cause any kind of offence to our Mooslamic cousins …oh Bollocks – Merry Christmas David, and may the pigs-in-blankets, the sherry for breakfast and the Christmas carols roll forth and armholes to the Profit.

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