June 2024

1,400 years of inbreeding and the escalator

To cheer us all up as we approach Christmas, today I’ve attached links to show what happens when people with brains stunted by 1,400 years of first-cousin marriages meet that highly complicated modern invention – the escalator.

But first, some random comments:

1. The ‘innocent’ Berlin attacker

So, now we learn that the suspect arrested by the police is innocent. How do the German police know he is innocent? Because he says he’s innocent. This is in spite of the fact that a witness reportedly followed the suspect from the scene of the Christmas market massacre and led the police to where he was hiding. Hmmm.

There are two possibilities

  • either the German police are totally incompetent and really have arrested (and then released) an innocent man – quite possible
  • or, in her desperation to get re-elected next year, Merkel has ordered her police to release a guilty man so that she can claim the massacre HNTDWI. If this is the case, then in the next few days we can expect a white, supposedly ‘right-wing’ German named Gunter or Fritz or Heinz to be accused of the massacre and then conveniently shot dead by the police while being arrested so that he cannot prove his innocence. Then the politically correct will be able to claim that ‘right-wing’ terrorism is much more dangerous than *sl*mic terrorism and the invasion and destruction of Europe can continue

I wonder if we’ll ever find out the truth?

2. The Aleppo evacuation lies

We’re getting bombarded with news reports of all the ‘innocent’ civilians being evacuated from Aleppo as they flee the brutal Assad and Russian forces.

But hold on a minute. It was my understanding that a deal was done whereby the Aleppo evacuation was being allowed as a quid pro quo for pro-Assad Syrians being allowed to flee villages being besieged by the West-supported, West-loathing, violent, inbred, low-IQ bearded maniacs who are trying to turn once secular Syria into a new Caliphate.

So why don’t we ever see any film of the pro-Assad Syrian evacuees? Why don’t we ever hear their stories?

3. 1,400 years of inbreeding vs the escalator

Below are some very short videos showing what happens when subhumans with brains shrunk by 1,400 years of inbreeding meet the challenge of using an escalator.




5 comments to 1,400 years of inbreeding and the escalator

  • David Brown

    The west -meaning the US and its poodle the UK, covertly backed Islamic State in order fragment Syria. Peter Hitchens blog and readers give a better picture than the propaganda one put out by the BBC.
    In the MSM lie Narrative the opponents of Assad, who is supported by at least 70 % of the population is cast as the evil despot and the other side are always described as rebels.
    The US engaged in a pretend war against ISIS but in reality this was cover aimed at subverting the Russian -Syrian forces assault on ISIS.
    The UK Government refused visa for Archbishops of the Orthodox Iraq and Syria church on invite from UKs Syriac Orthodox Church and a meeting with Prince Charles.As this might have drawn attention to who the UK is really supporting in Syria.
    In 2013 Cameron on false pretext, as was case in Libya , wanted to bomb Assad’s forces and aid the so called rebels .

  • NoMore

    The Polish haulage firm boss gave out lots of information on his driver and lorry movements the day of the atrocity.
    He said the driver had arrived to deliver his steel beams at a company site which the driver had said was in a heavily Musl!m area and only the people working at the company office seemed to be the only Germans in the whole place. The driver told his boss he had been told by the company not to unload that day (Mon) but the next day. This would have entailed an overnight stay outside the company premises.

    If I were the German police I would be interested to know who made that decision at the company and why. Was this a common occurrence that had been picked up by the terrorists or a one-off set up by a 5th columnist working there? Seems very convenient for the folk who planned all this and hijacked the lorry. Just saying.

    Wonder how many other lorries will want to be delivering to that firm in that area going forward? Perhaps they ought to consider moving a few miles back to civilisation before they go bust?

  • Chris

    I see that the p/stani was released because they could not find any of his DNA in the lorry. This is total BS. How could such difficult forensic tests be carried out in a few hours. Even more unbelievable is that the alleged real Tunisian ter//st left his ID in the lorry cab. If so why bother with DNA tests? If so, are ter//ists required to carry ID and leave it behind so as to implicate themselves? Just to show the killer was not a refugee????……LOL

  • very mad brian

    The German police have issued the suspect’s picture with his eyes blacked out to protect his privacy and so no one will be able to recognise him. ( Smart huh ?)

    Even the narcoleptic Scottish bin lorry driver, who pulled a similar stunt with his lorry, got his mug shot in the newspaper. ( move along, nothing to see here ).

    Or possibly our Afghan / Pakistani maniac just walks about looking like Zoro’s big sister all the time ?

    Either way, I am looking forward to Mrs Merkel making one of her totally incoherent meaningless statements which will calm me down as I am as dumb as a typical German and still feel guilty about WW2.!

    And WW1,

    And the atrocities in East Africa circa 1905.

    And for invading France about 1876.

    And for spawning an ugly old hag who invited nearly 2 million Muslim lunatics to live in Germany before she passes them on to the rest of Europe under the freedom of movement legislation the EU pretends to have invented and that actually does not exist !

  • PoppaBear

    David, thanks for the videos. Even I was amazed as to how brain dead the *sl**ists are. I just cant believe that so called ‘human’ beings can be so stupid. I used to give them the benefit of the doubt – but no longer. Many thanks. The best thing I have seen in ages.

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