July 2024

Will the thick-headed Krauts (sorry, I meant “our German friends”) still vote for “Mad Cow” Merkel?

Well, well. Who would have thunk it? One of Merkel’s new guests has just sent a few Germans to Paradise.

What a surprise! Not!

The gentleman from the One and Only True Religion wished to show his gratitude to “Mad Cow” Merkel for her open invitation to every inbred, low-IQ, violent, backwards, West-loathing, rape-obsessed piece of religiously-crazed, Third-World shite to move to Germany.

So he did what any normal person from his religion would do. Being too stupid or too lazy to make a bomb, he hijacked a Polish truck, murdered the driver and then drove the truck into a Berlin Christmas market crowd killing at least 12 and injuring maybe 50 more, a few of whom will probably also die.

Of course, we’ll be told repeatedly that this attack HNTDWI and that the perpetrator had “mental health issues”. But how dumb are the Germans? How long will they keep obeying orders – “befehl ist befehl” – and vote for the ugly, power-mad, Mad Cow Merkel?

Until this incident, Mad Cow Merkel looked to be on course to win a fourth term as Chancellor.

But hopefully, even the Krauts must be realising that their Mad Cow Chancellor is destroying, not only Germany, but the whole of Europe. On the other hand, the Germans have a bit of a reputation for trying to destroy Europe. So perhaps they all still approve of Mad Cow Merkel’s open borders policies?

But you almost have to laugh at our German friends’ surprise as they wake up to learn of the inevitable and utterly predictable consequences of Merkel flooding Europe with West-hating, sex-obsessed, intolerant, illiterate, unemployable, unintegratable, subhuman excrement.

Thanks to Merkel, Germany is a disaster. But France, Belgium and Sweden are even worse.

Happy times ahead!

5 comments to Will the thick-headed Krauts (sorry, I meant “our German friends”) still vote for “Mad Cow” Merkel?

  • NoMore

    I’m no Nostradamus but I did actually predict this attack on a Berlin Christmas market. It is only a matter of time before Germany is, like France, put on a State of Emergency footing with armed police and road-blocks everywhere. Still I’m sure the Germans won’t let that stop them from voting for MoreKill.

  • rapscallion

    The Jerries are on the horns of a terrible dilemma. Even one whiff of any kind of backlash against these 7th century barbarians and the Left etc will be screaming “Kristallnacht”
    If they don’t do something, they’re finished.

  • MGJ

    The elite’s response is the same as ever: they couldn’t care less about the children whose insides are splattered all over the market. What really matters (to them) is that nobody says anything nasty on Facebook.

    These people have achieved the near impossible feat of being more contemptible than the murderers.

  • Mad Brian

    If this had happened in Glasgow, at George square, as it did on 23rd December 2014, killing six and injuring ten, it would have not been a problem.

    A Glasgow council bin man Harry Clark, who suffered from blackouts on a regular basis lied to his employer and the DVLA that he was fit to drive.

    he blacked out, killed these people but the lord advocate refused to prosecute and Mr Clark was not even interviewed by the police.

    The relatives of the victims then tried to bring a private prosecution but were told by the Lord Advocate this could not go ahead because of a lack of evidence.

    it make s you wonder why these Germans get all excited about these things when all they have to do is let the culprit off without any charges as we do in Scotland.

  • John Fields

    I see that in the bust up between Brendan Cox over the
    Berlin tragedy and Nigel Farage that several
    Labour M P s have condemned Mr Farage for putting the
    Blame on a politician, Mrs Merkel. There in lies the
    Answer to why the Labour party is going to the dogs.
    Mrs Merkel and the EU are definitely responsible for ALL
    Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe. Their welcome with
    Open arms policy was the best gift that Isis could have
    wished for. If you want the best reason for us to leave
    The EU, it is the open door policy to the Islamic world.
    And do not forget that Turkey with 80 million Muslims
    Will in the future be the next EU member.

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