July 2024

Are M*sl*ms psychotic victims of the “Victim Syndrome”?

(Wednesday, Thursday, Friday blog) One simplistic way of viewing the world situation is to see the main population groups like the children of one family. Child A is the Jews: Child B – the Protestant West (Northern Europe, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand): Child C – the Catholic countries (Spain, Portugal, Italy, South America and Mexico): Child D – Sub-Equatorial Africa: Child E – the Arab M*sl*m countries plus Pakistan: .

Child A – the Jews have had huge success and bring major advances in science, arts, literature, philosophy and economics to whatever countries they go

Child B – the Protestant developed countries have (along with Child A – the Jews) been responsible for almost every scientific, intellectual and artistic achievement over the last thousand or more years. Of course, there have been problems, mainly due to the Germans’ inability to control their desire to rule the world. But that doesn’t detract from the benefits these countries have brought humanity

Child C – the Catholic countries seem obsessed with appearance and finery and uninterested in actually doing any useful constructive work. Lazy, corrupt and unimaginative they borrow and spend and are pretty much all bankrupt. Many will soon have to be bailed out by the more successful Protestant West.

Child D – Sub-Equatorial Africa. With an average IQ of about 69, most Africans are below the level (70) which is consider a ‘retard’ in the Protestant West. Someone we in the West consider mentally retarded and incapable of learning and holding down a proper job is actually more intelligent than the majority of Africans. Child D is a disaster, can never really learn and develop beyond a few basics, Most of the money thrown at helping Child D will be wasted

Child E – the Arab M*sl*m countries plus Pakistan. Child E’s intelligence at around 82 is 13 points higher than Child D (the retard), but 18 points below Child B (the developed West) and probably even further below Child A (the Jews). Everything Child E does is a failure. But Child E suffers from the “Victim Syndrome”

Let me explain why this is important. The “Victim Syndrome” is not just a matter of Child E blaming the more successful children for its own failures. It also leads to certain behaviours we see in M*sl*ms around the world.

Victim mentality or the Victim Syndrome is a personality disorder in which a person tends to regard him or herself as a victim of the negative actions of others, and to behave like it were the case—even in the absence of clear evidence. Victim Syndrome leads to general emotional instability or a generally enhanced tendency to experience negative emotions. Very often it results in hostility, psychotic rage and unprovoked aggression.

Now let’s look at M*sl*m Arabs and Pakistan. All their countries are failures – excrement-covered, hell-holes of poverty, oppression and extreme violence. But they are unable to analyse and rationalise the reasons for their failure – corruption, stupidity, laziness, inbreeding, oppression of women, the preference for indoctrinating their children using a book of (IMHO) garbage written 1,400 years ago rather than educating them by teaching science, mathematics and enlightenment. Then there’s their hostility to learning and questioning in general replacing it with unthinking bovine obedience to pre-medieval rules and regulations dictating how they should live their lives

death to america

Because Arab M*sl*ms and Pakistan suffer from the Victim Syndrome, they are incapable of accepting any responsibility for their own thousand years of failure. So, they have to blame someone else. Primarily they blame Child B (the Protestant developed West). But most of all they blame Child A (the most successful child) – the Jews.

It’s interesting that M*sl*ms in Indonesia and Malaysia, although sometimes crazy, intolerant and violent, don’t share the Arabs’ and Pakistanis’ loathing of the West. In fact, Indonesian and Malaysian M*sl*ms have show a willingness to learn from the West.

The situation with the maniacal Arabs is made even worse by the fact that only 60 or so years ago Child A (the Jews) took a tiny strip of arid, impoverished M*sl*m Arab land and turned it into a fertile, industrialised, scientifically-advanced, free democratic country. The success of Israel, surrounded by the misery of all the nearby M*sl*m Arab countries is particularly galling to M*sl*m Arabs (and especially their greedy, incompetent leaders) desperate to blame someone else for their own failure.

So the only way Child E (Arab M*sl*ms and Pakistan), suffering from an extreme case of Victim Syndrome, knows how to react is with extreme psychotic violence. It must destroy everything that the advanced Protestant developed West has created.  In particular it absolutely must completely annihilate the most successful Child A (the Jews) because they have dared to expose M*sl*m Arabs and Pakistan for being utterly worthless and incapable of achieving anything positive and exposed the fact that M*sl*m Arabs are themselves responsible for their thousand years of failure.

Sadly, Western leaders have made no attempt to understand the M*sl*m Arab (and Pakistani) victim psychosis and have launched catastrophic invasions of  Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan in the ludicrous belief that, if M*sl*ms are just given Western Protestant-style democracy, all will be well. Of course, the opposite has happened – the sight of thousands of M*sl*ms being obliterated by Western bombs has only served to reinforce M*sl*m Arab belief that they are the victims and has only led them to hate the West (crusaders) and the Jews even more.

Oooopps! So much for the foreign policy genius of US and UK leaders.

We can pity the retard Child D (Sub-Equatorial Africa) because it doesn’t have the intelligence to learn or develop.

But Child E (Arab M*sl*ms and Pakistan) is a curse on the whole family and will destroy everything the family has achieved if the family doesn’t deal decisively with Child E before it’s too late.

Sooner or later Child E (Arab M*sl*ms and Pakistan) will start Word War Three.

It is the only way they can act given their psychotic Victim Syndrome.

You have been warned!

(If you have found this post and the previous one interesting, please encourage your friends and contacts to read them. The more people understand about the threat Arab *sl*m poses to the world, the more likely we will be able to fight this threat)

(Tomorrow – “Hey Erdogan! No need to kill them! Just send them all to Europe!”)

5 comments to Are M*sl*ms psychotic victims of the “Victim Syndrome”?

  • JDixon

    Well, it really all boils down to this absolute brainwashing of ‘Child E’ with ISLAM…
    You know: garbage in = garbage out…
    When a population is completely saturated with 1400 year old delusional BS from a cave-dwelling illiterate schizophrenic, the end result is predictable… Especially when the trash programming is all about xenophobic dominance and anyone Not a Muslim must be either Converted or Killed…and anyone who dares leave this “religion of peace” must, you know, DIE…
    Inbreeding and this victim syndrome are merely outgrowths and the icing on the cake of the world’s most insane belief system…
    I mean, what Can they do But play the victim? They’re man-made Mental Cases who reject science, technology, Reason…and instead embrace Stone Age BS!

    The U.S. and any and every civilized country should blockade and Isolate these Arab maniacal countries and have nothing to do with them for reasons of Human Rights alone…and let them Die Off rather than branch out and infect the rest of the world with their madness… But they’ve got this stuff called OIL so Every civilized nation that wants some must Kiss Up to these towelheads and Pretend that such things as Sharia Law don’t exist and they’re all a sweet people who are just a little Different from us… Like in school, they used to say that All Religions are to be Respected… What’s Islam? Oh, that’s just Another religion no different than Hinduism or Christianity…

    Except that these people almost literally have shit for brains (which is why they all walk around with diapers on their heads!)…
    And it takes virtually nothing to “insult the Prophet” and find yourself without a head on your shoulders… Hell, a Miss Piggy Doll in a store window caused a riot which killed hundreds of people some years ago…

    Much as I hate Trump, he’s 100% right about Muslims…

  • brian ( aged 59@1/2)

    I think J D sums up things above perfectly, except for one thing.

    Where can we still get these Miss Piggy dolls ?

  • JDixon

    Ms. P***y dolls are Banned because, well, you know…they Might Insult Muslims… Can’t have that!
    You don’t want their lawyers and crybabies set loose… They might demand a billion bucks in payment or something…and Get It, too…

    I personally recommend using Real pigs…
    These bums wanna build a mosque in your backyard? Put a dead pig there, they’ll consider the place cursed, and run away…

  • moqi

    As a friend of mine said – “Didn’t we develop the Neutron bomb?”

  • moqi

    Re the IQ figures – these are probably out of date. If memory serves they were done in 2005. Firstly from personal experience to get an average IQ of 82 I imagine there are must a group of 100,000 with IQ’s of 1,000,000 each somewhere to bump the figure up.

    Secondly over the last 10 years there has been an explosion of militant Islam which if not affecting the IQ of current adults must have a negative effect on the young, with it’s emphasis in learning of basically nothing but the Koran.

    Thirdly the continuous interbreeding of Muslims with the emphasis on first cousin marriages is ensuring a continuous decline in IQ of future adults. You can’t breed out stupidity.

    Recommended reading : The Marching Morons by Kornbluth – I’ve got a copy in epub form if any wants to read it.

    I’m glad i’m in my late fifties. I can’t see things getting any better in my lifetime, with the fecundity of Muslims coupled with the above.

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