August 2022
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Fritz’s retirement plans vs M*h*mmed’s retirement plans

A reader sent me the link below. I think I did cover this a few months ago. But in case I didn’t, here it is:

The link is to an article describing how the average German’s (Fritz) plans to pay for their retirement. It then compares this with how the average Middle-East immigrant (M*h*mmed) plans to pay for his retirement.

As the German population declines, Fritz hopes M*h*mmed will work diligently for forty years paying taxes so Fritz can relax on a beach or play golf.

M*h*mmed has other plans. He has no intention of working – apart from robbery, rape and drug dealing. As for his retirement – with four wives and 10+ children all being paid for by the generous German state, M*h*mmed will never need to work and will be looked after in retirement as, by the time he retires, Germany will be an *sl*mic state.

Ooops. The *sl*mophiliacs like Merkel and Cameron and Juncker and others of their treacherous ilk didn’t think about that.

Here’s the article:



4 comments to Fritz’s retirement plans vs M*h*mmed’s retirement plans

  • brian rodney harwood

    A very interesting article, but with a major flaw in the writer’s thesis. He stated that the Muslims coming into Germany are mostly young men who will go on to sire large families, but from where will the future mothers come? I cannot imagine that many German women of childbearing age will be queuing to don the chador and become baby-making machines.

  • Once they men get leave to remain in the EU, they’ll start importing their baby factories and then outbreed us

  • Brian Ferrier

    I have observed that plug ugly, fat, fag smoking, low life, Vicky Pollard types and IQ67 older women tend to gravitate to the lover boy Omar Sharriff scum we are discussing and they produce , and produce , and produce, and if they are too old, for producing mini Sabu’s, they form the basis of a weird kind of family, albeit, pond life, which means that Sabu the Elephant Boy is allowed to stay in our country by saggy tit swinging unhinged Lunatics like TERESA MAY.
    I bet that the EU loving, toothless, minging old cow has got the pick of the Muslim crop servicing her of an evening for the price of a visa ostensibly for an essential, bearded, taxi driving Urdu speaking, maniac who is doing a job we are told, us white folks won’t do.
    Just a thought,,,,like it in the arse do we Terresa ??

  • JDixon

    Hey, there’s another alternative…
    If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em…

    Sounds like a Great retirement plan!
    I’m gonna ditch my 9-to-5 job and convert to Islam!
    I understand that “a man can be a Real man under Islam” and can have not only multiple wives but Beat them up and even set them on fire when they don’t respond…

    Just sit on my ass all day having sex with multiple whores sounds totally awesome to me!

    They wanna build a mosque next to my house, too… No problem after an Arab oil baron paid me good money to shut up and take it rather than protest… After all this IS “the religion of peace” and going against it would make me an “Islamophobe”–and I’d be marked as a deviant worse than a child molester in my own town!

    Now all I gotta do is find a diaper to wrap round my head to hold my shit-for-brains inside…

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