August 2022
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How to beat your wife

As the *sl*mic invasion of Europe gathers pace and M*sl*ms already in Europe outbreed the indigenous population, I believe one useful role my little blog can play is to prepare readers for the glorious future before us as Europe moves from being a collection of proud, independent countries to becoming the EUSSR – an economically stagnant backwater ruled by an incompetent and corrupt bureaucratic elite. After that Europe will finally end up as the stinking, impoverished, Third-World, M*sl*m dominated continent of Eurabia where the only book people will be allowed to read will be the K*r*n.

I have previously written about how the United Nations has predicted that Sweden will become a Third-World country by 2030 because of *sl*mic immigration

And a couple of weeks ago, I provided a brief guide to some of the Arabic words you’ll need to learn if you are to successfully adapt to the *sl*mic future our rulers have planned for us

So, in today’s blog I’d like to enlist the help of an intellectually-challenged, bearded maniac (sorry, I meant “highly respected *sl*mic cleric”) to teach readers when and how they should beat their wives.

I suggest you all watch this  video – ideally with your four wives – and then you should go and get some practice.

I hope readers find this instructive video useful:


1 comment to How to beat your wife

  • Brian Ferrier

    Frankly, I could happily listen to these nig nogs all day.
    These wise old sand niggers have so much wisdom to teach us it is no wonder that David Camercoon is on record, several times, saying that we stupid, backward , dumb hideously white Brits should adapt to Sabu the Elephant Boy’s ways and “Mr Snivelling Lying Shit” looks forward to one of these Rag Heads being prime minister of our country anytime soon.

    It all makes sense to me.

    Anything, even an ignorant, dole sponging, health tourist, illegal immigrant, Bangladeshi taxi driver would be a welcome change to Camercoon and his shit for biscuits cabinet mates and it would be a good excuse to give the Missus a good hiding, cos that’s what the bitch is really needin !

    The slut just better be hoping Allah is merciful when I take’s the rod to her !!!!!!

    Meanwhile, my local mosque is having a “meet the islamic maniac” day. I would pop in if I could get hold of a bullet proof vest and the local, cummmunnutty leader Immmmannnn Kood guaran tea I won’t be gettin mah head cut off with a blunt fruit knife.

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