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One hundred years of “progress” – the West vs *sl*m

(Weekend blog) This year is about the 100th anniversary of the most bloody period of the M*sl*m murder of up to 1,500,000 Christian Armenians between 1915 and 1917.

While writing my blog for Monday next week, I couldn’t help noticing a curious similarity between photos of what M*sl*ms were up to about 100 years ago in Turkey (while massacring about 1,500,000 Armenian Christians while the world looked the other way) and what they’re still doing today massacring pretty much anyone (but especially Christians) who doesn’t adhere to their strict interpretation of their ludicrous book.

So, I thought it might be interesting to look at what the Western world has achieved over the last 100 years compared to the M*sl*m world.

For the West we have jet planes, modern cars, fridges, deep freezers, central heating, air conditioning, almost miraculous new medicines and surgical operations (e.g. heart, lung and kidney transplants) and much much more.

one hundred years west

In the West we have a greater percentage of people living long and healthy lives than has ever occurred in human history:

LifeExpectancy 1

And, apart from the increasingly authoritarian German-run EU, we almost have democracy in most countries.

How about *sl*m? Well there we still have teeming masses living in oppression, poverty, filth, ignorance and squalor. Brutality and violence are everywhere:

one hundred years islam

(Oh dear, I wonder what happened to the “Arab Spring” the Burkha Broadcasting Corporation and Channel 4 news were so enthusiastic about? Wasn’t it going to bring democracy and peace and economic progress to our Arab friends?)

For M*sl*m Arabs, life expectancy is low and probably falling as violence and mayhem spread from country to country:

Population control

And interbreeding is gradually but relentlessly lowering the average intelligence of the floods of new M*sl*m children being brought into the world by fecund burkha-wearing baby factories.

So, what positive things has *sl*m achieved over the last hundred years? Apart from squandering most of its oil wealth on pointless internecine wars and its hate-filled quest to destroy Israel? 

Sorry, I can’t really think of anything. Can you?

8 comments to One hundred years of “progress” – the West vs *sl*m

  • moqi

    I’ve been to 3 Mena countries in last 5 years (morocco, Egypt and Jordan) All were shitholes – with Jordan being the slightly less shitty as there are still some Christians left in the country. Arabs seem incapable of the basics of civilisation – dirt and squalor seeming to be their natural habitat. The only good thing their good at is breeding.

  • Andrew Eaves

    I agree with Moqi in that Egypt and Cairo is filthy, dirty and squalid sh*t*hole. I visited many years ago in the 1980’s and then again 2009 and was shocked to see just how degraded Cairo had become. To the point I didn’t even leave the confines of the nice hotel I was in such was the awfulness I saw. Will never now return to Cairo due to the filth and mountains of rubbish.

  • Andrew Eaves

    German controlled EU and Sh*tHole countries.
    Welcome to all Turks to the EU!!!!!
    I hope that all readers of this blog are going to vote in the EU in/out referendum. And thus effectively communicate to Cameron and the political elite.
    Various people have fought long and hard to bring this referendum to us, we all have the right to vote, so please lets make all our votes count. As I am sure every vote is essential to counter act the impact of the *sl*m block vote & postal voting fraud.
    (Sorry as slightly off topic).

  • JDixon

    The question is: What can be done about these towelheaded morons?
    They’re apparently immune to such things as science, technology (where it’s Not used to blow people up), compassion, basic Reasoning and Critical Thinking…
    Apparently all they want to do is spread out, Convert-or-Kill, and spread their wonderful Sharia Law everywhere… Give them money and they’ll build Mosques, Mosques, MOSQUES galore!
    Dialogue is impossible with them unless they have the upper hand AND anyone who so much as questions their mind-prison cult is put down, usually viciously, and the beautiful overuse of that new word “Islamophobia” which is taking root everywhere…

    I seriously think that nuclear annihilation is the only thing they’ll understand…especially if their sacred Mecca is wiped off the surface of the earth.
    I brought this up once on another site. A Muslim told me it would never happen because the holy city is protected by invisible angels who would magically expel any nuclear missile attack!!!

    Islam is a Disease that threatens the future of humanity. We either amputate it Now or allow it to spread to the point where the entire body will die…

    I don’t think there’s any alternative at this stage…

  • Andrew Eaves

    My thought for a long while:-
    Medically there is only one solution for cancer, which is eradicate by whatever means all the cancerous cells. Leave just one cell, and as Arnie (terminator 1) said “I’ll be back”.

  • David Brown

    The Telegraph today has an article advocating admitting Turkey to the EU. It was always part of the EU plan see it para-military force. The EU is not trying to halt the migrant invasion its is actively using it to its own evil ends.In a few months Turkish citizens will no longer require a visa to enter the EU. The Turkish Mafia made millions producing cloned Syrian passports. It will switch to Turkish ones. The EU planed migrant invasion will continue but be concealed as instead of marching across Europe they will come by Ferry and planes.

  • Zub

    “A Muslim told me it would never happen because the holy city is protected by invisible angels who would magically expel any nuclear missile attack!!!”

    The field of science has sharpened the west’s critical thinking skills to the point of always asking questions and performing tests to prove or disprove any proposed theory. Dropping a nuke or two on Mecca, Medina, (and Riyadh for good measure) would be a very good example of this validation process. Place your bets everyone… Hard science vs. 7th century gobbledygook. Any takers?

  • don

    Jews suffered centuries of persecution under the Catholics and Muslims. And yet, they responded by contributing to mankind. They gave us writers, architects, scientists, musicians, chess grandmasters, doctors, entrepreneurs, and so much more. Christianity and Judaism both do not feel threatened when you ask questions, so that asking questions is encouraged. so curiosity is satisfied.

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