February 2023
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Oh dear, my book exposing Britain’s bloated charity industry bites the dust

Recently I’ve been researching and starting to write a book THE GREAT CHARITY SCANDAL aimed at exposing the lies, greed and waste in Britain’s bloated 195,000-strong, 950,000-employee charity industry.


Now I’ve got my agent’s reader’s report on my book proposal – it’s not hugely complimentary:

“The sample material is rushed and under-researched, often illogical, and crucially with no sense that he plans to do any of the real detailed research that this requires. Too much of it is guesswork, plus irrelevant asides about immigration, the EU, etc. Another concern is that his total of charities surely includes all kinds of worthy organisations whose tax status happens to be charitable, but which actually perform different roles: schools, churches, hospitals, emergency services, community groups, nurseries, universities, etc. If this is true, then it’s far less of a concern that we have 1 charity employee for every 65 of us, if it includes all these people.”

And I thought it was going rather well. Oh well, in the words of the immortal Freddie Mercury ‘another one bites the dust’.

In the meantime, while most people in Britain have seen their salaries frozen or worse since the 2008 economic crash, the highest-paid employees at some of our best-known anti-poverty charities have managed to avoid poverty themselves with some quite comfortable pay rises (click to see more clearly)

poverty salary pay risesHowever, with my charity expose heading towards the bin, our charity bosses can sleep soundly in the knowledge that nobody will find out the true extent of their greed, lies and waste.

6 comments to Oh dear, my book exposing Britain’s bloated charity industry bites the dust

  • Paul

    Hm. I wonder if your suggestions have been passed on for ‘comment’ or something because the response isn’t actually ‘uncomplimentary’, it reads, to me anyway, like ‘we don’t want to go here’. This response reads like a brush-off.

    I’ve read some (most?) of your books and given the content of much of it if you were making serious errors you would be sued I think.

    There’s a lot of truth in the outline. I have always believed that the best thing for children would be to close down the NSPCC and other ‘campaigning charities’ (a euphemism for ‘doing nothing of any use’).

    The Chief Exec of a local charity was on our local TV complaining about funding a few months ago. I looked it up. It employs 8 people, only one (and part of an other) of which actually does work related to its charitable cause, and it does not appear to employ many (if any) volunteers to do this actual work. The rest of the staff were management of the charity, fund raising etc.

    Maybe try a different publisher ?

  • Paris Claims

    I seem to remember you recently described yourself as a failed writer. This is not the case. You are largely “undiscovered”. You deserve a break.
    At least a column in one of the nationals.

  • MIke

    Yes, these “charity” chuggers do very well parasiting off of the populace. The Brit public seem to have a short memory because they already gave a huge amount through taxes to DfID which is another parasital!

  • Baroness Bonkers

    Sounds to me like it was read by either the liberal democrats , someone who “embraces” multi-culturalism, EU and the Palestinians.or a twat of a different type.

    To prove him/her wrong as to some of our charities being hospitals etc, I went to a local nursery this morning and asked if they were a charity. They said certainly not. It was a worthwhile visit though as I found some lovely hydrangeas at a very good price.

  • Andrew thomas

    Please write and publish your book. The Charity industry has become so corrupted it has damaged proper charities. The charity commission should publish a league table of pay and pensions and proportion of taxpayer subsidy. Many charities are an extension of the state bleeding the uk taxpayer and celebrity self-promotion aided by the state propoganda of the BBC. You should contact proper charities on how they are denied by the lottery and BBC.

  • For the record, The Great Charity Scandal WAS actually published as a “Kindle Single” as of late (today?).

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