November 2021
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Who really runs Britain?

As it’s the weekend, I thought I’d lighten up a bit from the usual doom and gloom and set a quiz that has no real answers. Below are some photos of (IMHO) rather unsavoury characters from the periods in office of two former, one current and one future prime minister. I was just wondering which of the characters featured, really ran, runs or will run Britain.

Tony Blair 1997 – 2007

Gordon Brown 2007-2010

David Cameron 2010- 2015

Ed Miliband 2015-2020

As for the Grangemouth saga – there’s one thing I don’t understand. Apparently, when the management announced they were reopening the site and investing the £300m they had promised, there was a great cheer from the workers when they heard the news. But these were the very same workers who, a few days earlier, had voted to reject the company’s rescue plan and thus voted for site closure. Do you have to be stupid to be a member of Unite? Or does membership just make you more and more stupid? I think we should be told.

3 comments to Who really runs Britain?

  • Paris Claims

    UKIP is our only real hope.

  • shortchanged

    I agree Paris, but in the long run no matter who gets in, we shall all be ‘shortchanged’.

  • They are all puppets of EU/NWO/Zion…they are all disgusti g liars and traitors. We need a whole new system of Govern ance. One that works for, not against tbe people. We need out of the Fascist EU now!!! We also need to look after our owm people first…the rest of the world must earn any aid, by good Governance of their own countries.

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