March 2023
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Perhaps Cameron should watch a few beheadings before deciding who are our friends and who are our enemies?

I have been hesitating before writing today’s blog. But I suppose someone has to write about the things the mainstream media choose to ignore.

A couple of weeks ago, there was the usual media-stoked outrage when it was revealed that Facebook was allowing people to post videos of beheadings. My knee-jerk reaction was to agree with the media’s anger at Facebook. But after some thought, I decided to Google “beheading videos” to see what the fuss was about.

I will not give the links I found (people can find them themselves if they wish). But I was taken aback at what I found.

Most beheading videos seem to come from the Syria civil war (there are also some from Mexican drug gangs). They tend to show either Syrian Christians or else government soldiers being beheaded. The videos usually start off with a group of men from the religion of peace dragging some poor sod (or a group of victims) onto some waste ground. The victim(s) are forced to kneel with their hands tied behind their backs. Their captors start shouting prayers and the usual “God is great”. Then one man steps forward with a knife, grabs hold of the victim’s hair, pulls his head back and then starts slicing through his neck. As the blood pours out, the bedheader keeps slicing and sawing to try to sever the head. If the knife isn’t sharp enough, the beheader will put one foot on the victim’s back and then start pulling and twisting the head till it eventually comes off.

(Apologies for the graphic detail, but I think people need to know what is really happening behind the sanitised media headlines) Next the beheader will hold up the head, dripping with blood, while all the men (and boys) watching wave their weapons and delightedly scream many more times “God is great”. Finally, the head is placed on the body as a warning to others. For Christians the warning is leave Syria or else the believers in the religion of peace will kill you too. For government soldiers the warning is – this is what’s going to happen to you.

Incidentally, if the followers of the religion of peace are feeling in a good mood, then they just line up the Christians or government soldiers and shoot them, one after the other, in the back of the head. But if the followers of the religion of peace are feeling a bit grumpy, they will partially cut the throat, severing the vocal chords and then leave the victim for a while as they laugh and joke while the still living body writhes around, its head still attached, trying to scream as the blood pumps out in great gushes.

My first thoughts were that nobody should ever see such videos. But I’ve changed my mind. I think everybody should see them so people can understand the reality of the threat the religion of peace poses to our way of life.

As for Cameron’s and Hague’s attempts to get Britain involved is supporting these cowardly, bloodthirsty, mercilless scum – perhaps if a few beheading videos were to be shown to both Houses of Parliament, our leaders would not be quite so keen to send our troops to help those who hate us. And as for Cameron’s and Hague’s insistence that “Assad must go”, please gentlemen, watch a few beheading videos and then tell us if you really believe that Assad is the worst thing that can happen to Syria.



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