October 2021
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My wonderful new vice – tribute bands

Some readers have contacted me to say that some of my posts are so negative that readers lose the will to live. I apologise for this, but the purpose of this site is to expose the greed, stupidity, incompetence, lies and corruption of our rulers. So, it’s quite difficult to come up with positive stories. However, today I’ll take a break from all the doom and gloom and mention a new vice I’d highly recommend to anybody of any age – tribute bands.

For those who don’t know, tribute bands are groups who tour playing the music of some of the greatest rock and pop groups – groups like Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Queen, Fleetwood Mac and so on.

There are at least four very good reasons to go and see a tribute band:

1. Some of them are unbelievably good, so good that they sound like the real groups whose music they’re playing

2. They tend to play in small theatres. When you go to see a major group, you’re often in a massive stadium hundreds of yards away from the group and you can only see them if there’s a large screen (which sort of defeats the purpose of going to the concert). With tribute bands you can often be sitting just 3 or 4 rows away from the group. It’s amazing to be so close to, for example, someone playing all of Dire Straits best guitar pieces.

3. Tickets usually only cost about £20 or less and by going to see them you’re also supporting your local small theatre or music venue

4. With a major group, you often have to sit through almost an hour of a supporting group. With tribute bands you’ll get over two hours of your favourite music.

So here are the tribute groups I’ve seen which I’ve really enjoyed:

I’d recommend you Google them, find out their tour dates and see them if you get a chance. You’ll have a great evening.

(Tomorrow – Jonathon Porritt and the great “green” energy scam)

3 comments to My wonderful new vice – tribute bands

  • Last month, I went to see Rogers Floyd (a Pink Floyd tribute band in case you didn’t guess).

    Absolutely brilliant. Would definitely recommend to any Floyd fan.

  • brian ferrier

    I am not sure how I can be expected to just stroll into the Dirty Badger and start waxing lyrical about tribute bands when for week after week I have been berating politicians, HS2 vanity projects, false statistics, bankers bonuses, immigration and a host of other subjects inspired by your blog.

    Kev and Stan will probably hold me down while Doris the barmaid calls an ambulance.

    Still….. there’s always tomorrow to look forward to where we can reasonably expect to see some lying, fat cat get it between the eyes,,,,

  • John Fields

    Mr. Craig, please do not apologise, for I am one of those who have made a remark
    regarding the will to live. In truth, like my morning cup of coffee, I look forward each day
    to your blog. If I may take a word from brian ferrier’s comment,”inspired,” sums it up.

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