February 2023
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Do you want over a million Romanians and Bulgarians moving to crowded, bankrupt Britain?

The Tories refuse to tell us how many Romanians and Bulgarians are likely to move to bankrupt Britain. Meanwhile Labour and its official media arm, the BBC, bleat on about how immigration has “increased Britain’s cultural diversity”. So maybe I can help give some facts and figures.

Spain and Italy have not had restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians. So let’s see what has happened there. Currently there are about 920,000 Romanians and 170,000 Bulgarians in Spain. In Italy there are about 997,000 Romanians and over 70,000 Bulgarians. Britain has much more generous benefits and more jobs than Spain or Italy, So the absolute minimum number that will be moving here will be well over one million. Probably it will be closer to two million.

Now, let’s look at some other figures. Unemployment amongst Romanians and Bulgarians in Spain is 36.4% – that’s about 396,760 immigrants who are unemployed. So we can expect somewhere in the region of 400,000 Romanians and Bulgarians to be claiming benefits for housing, council tax and unemployment here in Britain.

Let’s look at more figures: Romania and Bulgaria are miserable dumps run by mafias not real governments. A worker in either country will probably only earn about £175-£200 per month. So what happens if a Bulgarian or Romanian moves to Britain?

The Department for Work and Pensions says the average claimant (across all nationalities) receives £390 a month in housing benefits and £65 a month in council tax benefits. They can also claim £88 a month for their first child and £58 a month for any child after that. Then there’s about £300 a month unemployment benefit. It means someone with three children could collect £960 a month in benefits. So a family with three children will get in benefits in Britain about five times what they can earn working in their own countries. If they have five or six children, they’ll be pocketing what for them would seem a fortune. So you have to ask the question – why would any of the 29 million Romanians and Bulgarians remain in their own countries, when they can live what will seem to them a life of luxury here?

Of course, not all the people will leave Romania and Bulgaria. Those with good jobs and houses will stay. But for the poor, the unemployed, gypsies, the workshy, the feckless, the criminal and the low-skilled, they would be completely crazy to stay.

Let’s be clear – we have handed over control of our borders and our benefits system to Brussels. There is nothing we can do to prevent the inevitable arrival of well over a million Romanians and Bulgarians. And there is nothing we can do to deny them access to benefits, schooling, healthcare and housing as that would be “discrimination”.

Our politicians spout garbage to cover over their own impotence. I’ve tried to give you the facts and figures. The arrival of over a million (probably two million) mostly low-skilled, poorly-educated people is going to have a catastrophic effect on our education system, the NHS, housing and our economy and will cost us at least £30bn a year (£1,000 from every taxpayer). That’s £30bn we don’t have. This is the truth the politicians and the BBC are afraid to tell us.

8 comments to Do you want over a million Romanians and Bulgarians moving to crowded, bankrupt Britain?

  • Paris Claims

    Apart from what you mentioned, thousands of man-hole covers will vanish, as will thousands of swans.

  • Paris Claims

    P.S. let’s hope that those that do turn up all go to Eastleigh or Witney!

  • John Fields

    I have been giving serious thought to the probability
    that we are governed by aliens in human disguise?

  • Rod

    Well don’t blame me when you’ve been “enriched” out of house and home by “diversity and multiculturalism”. I voted!

  • A.McOwan

    Very good news for Cyprus.Our crime rate has rocketed since our European neighbours arrived but we don’t give them any benefits.God bless England.

  • We are governed by schoolboys, who don’t have a clue!
    One of the reasons for this is that no one in the UK has the guts to do anything about it. For instance, why wasn’t Blair arrested and taken to the Tower? This is not a joke!
    At least they have riots in Spain and Greece, but the stoic Britisher remains stoic and steadfast, stiff upper lip and all the other crap that describes the Brit today. Most important; he has no balls! Hence, the present situation, which is going to get a lot worse! You ain’t seen nothing yet!
    Cameron? A nancy boy, who hasn’t the courage of his convictions, and is simply an EU puppet!
    The immensity of our immigration problem is staggering, yet our pols stand at the sidelines wringing their hands in despair, not knowing what to do!;
    What happened to the bonfire of quangos? Still waiting!
    Why are career politicians not held accountable for failing to keep their campaign pledges?
    Why are so many councillors of small towns earning more than the PM, for Pete’s sake? Ordinary doctors, too!
    No wonder the NHS is in such a poor state!; no wonder our town centers are crumbling!; no wonder
    Why doesn’t anyone in government have the balls to close our borders; say “no” to Brussels when they issue yet more of their puerile rules and laws. Have the guts to deny entry to the scum of the Earth, who clamour to get across our borders and then create “out-of-bounds” ghettos?
    No more mosques, which asre nothing more than hotbeds of theocratic nonsense and recruitment centres for homegown terrorists.
    I’m not holding my breath until all this takes place, because it’ll never happen. It makes too much common sense!
    We need another Churchill, but I see no one on the horizon!
    Instead of simply complaining and voting in the limp-wristed LibLabCon crowd, what’s wrong with giving UKIP a go?
    If we put UKIP in power and they blow it, things can’t get worse that they are at present, and we can always say that we gave them a chance!
    One of the biggest problems facing GB today, which could be rectified very quickly, is the EU! Economic union, yes; but why should we also lose our human rights to a union that is fraught with corruption, cronyism, and perfidy!

  • Phillip


    I remember clearly that were also other comments for this article. So… Are there only 6 left ?
    If this website is also practicing censorship, I would rather follow the official line of the government.
    From two censorships, I will choose the official one – it is less risky for personal life.

  • it looks some people think this is a joke, I notice the bbc only show foreigners now, and the other programs have to have colored people on , wake up England this isn’t a foreign country yet is it, looking around im not sure, they need to stop them coming in, and send the unemployed back, and the taxi drivers and car washers, none of those pay tax, wake up Cameron, your in trouble and you cant see it, your rich, just say no it wont harm you, if I had your money I would do it for the English people,

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