February 2019
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Pssst Wanna British passport? Here, have one, or two, or three – or as many as you want

Hopefully most people have realised that virtually every time our politicians move their lips, they lie to us. This has especially been true with immigration.

Around 2000/1 Blair came under pressure over the rising number of asylum seekers. So he promised to take action. The chart shows the result.

Blair reduced the number of asylum seekers – but only by throwing British citizenships (and British passports at them) to hide the problem rather than solving it. And now David Liar Cameron is talking tough on immigration. But. of course, it’s all verbal flatulence and nothing will change because we’ve handed over control of our borders and our benefits system to the EU

In theory, to get British citizenship you must have spent at least 3 years in Britain and either have studied English for one year or else passed the “Life in the UK” test. Although it’s multiple choice, this test is far from easy. Here are sample questions: “What is the role of the National Trust?”  “How often are you required to take your vehicle for an MOT if it is over 3 years old?”  “What must a candidate have in order to become a local councillor?”   “What are National Insurance contributions used for?”

So I would like to thank one of the readers of this blog for telling me what really happens at citizenship ceremonies:

“I have witnessed many citizenship ceremonies in an area of ********.  Here are some observations.
1  At least 30% – possibly more do not speak English as is a requirement
2  Less than 2% can’t attend on the set day because they are working. Those working usually pay for a private ceremony to fit in with their work commitments. In this area we take 1 public ceremony with a maximum of 30 attendees – the  majority do not have a problem attending because they don’t work.
3  There have been instances of women taking citizenship in a full burkha and reluctant to be identified
4  There are a number of ‘bodies’ that act as intermediaries for new applicants, for a fee. It cannot be coincidence that these citizens are the ones with limited knowledge of English language.
5  Less than half sing the national anthem (but how would they if they can’t speak English?)
6   There is no requirement for a new applicant to have worked or contributed to our society

In short  – for a few hundred pounds – a new citizen not only gains a British passport but access to many hundreds thousands of pounds in benefits, education and healthcare – not to mention the state pension which is slowly being moved out of reach for the natives of UK who have worked all their lives.
Citizenship needs exposing for the gravy train that it is”

So, please don’t believe a word recidivist liar Cameron says

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