July 2024

Liar Osborne gives ever more of our money to his corrupt, greedy mates

George “we’re all in this together” Osborne has just decided to hand over another wonderful £10 billion of the money that you and I paid in taxes to his overpaid, overpensioned friends at the IMF. That’s about £400 from each taxpayer in addition to the tens of billions we’ve already given. Once again, while bleating about taking tough decisions and doing what’s best for Britain in order to cut the deficit, the ruling elite take and squander eyewatering amounts on themselves. What will this £10 billion be used for? Probably to bail out totally bankrupt Spain in an effort to save the euro. Then next year, Osborne will have to give billions more. Spain is bankrupt. It has no money. Nothing. Nada. It cannot pay its debts. Its economy is in freefall without a parachute. It’s deader than the legendary Norwegian Blue. Like perennially bankrupt Greece, Spain has to get out of the euro and devalue to regain competitiveness. But our euroleaders cannot allow that. They cannot permit us to see the flaws in their great project to allow a privileged unelected Brussels elite to run the lives of 350 million Europeans. The elite don’t care if their great project results in the destruction of most of European industry, mass unemployment, misery and social breakdown. All they want is to keep grabbing more power and privileges for themselves.

Anyway, if things got really bad, Merkel – in the interests of “solidarity” with her European “friends” – could always send German troops onto the streets of Athens and Madrid to put down protests and restore order. That’s worked before. Our leaders are just lying, greedy, corrupt power-grabbing scum. Everybody should go to Brussels for a couple of days. It’s an eyeopening experience to visit the European Parliament and nearby bars, restaurants and brothels to see the ruling elite eating, drinking and whoring at our expense while they fill their pockets with our money.

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