July 2024

How the Blair & the Witch Project ruined Britain

Multimillionaire (in my opinion) war criminal Anthony Blair and human rights (in my opinion) ‘witch’ Cherie must be laughing and laughing as they roll around in all their money. While Britain approaches bankruptcy and the Tories flail around hopelessly, incapable of sorting out the country’s problems, Team Blair can gorge itself on almost unlimited mountains of our cash. The Blairs did many things to ruin Britain, so here I’ll just mention a few. Most importantly, ably assisted by his lying sociopathic chancellor Gordon Brown, Blair doubled public spending, with no increase in services and so wasted about £1.3 trillion of our money. Most of this money went on a million more bureaucrats, failed IT systems and generous benefits payments for the millions who couldn’t be arsed to work even when, before the 2007 crash, there were millions of job vacancies. If Blair and Brown hadn’t wasted this £1.3 trillion, Britain would have no deficit, very little debt and we wouldn’t have to pay £45bn a year in interest payments – more than we pay for either defence or education.

Also, Blair passed lots of human rights legislation. This has allowed our enemies to spit in our faces and permits foreign crooks to stay in Britain where they can rob, rape and murder to their heart’s content. Our police are too busy enforcing Blair’s many political correctness laws to have time to deal with real criminality. Conveniently, all Blair’s human rights laws made his darling wife Cherie, a human rights lawyer, extraordinarily rich at the expense of British taxpayers.

Then we have the destruction of our education system in the interests of equality and uncontrolled immigration. There were dodgy dossiers getting us into the Iraq war and the £8bn Afghan disaster, both of which helped Blair suck up to the US where he would make a lot of his money after leaving Downing Street. Blair and the Witch spent a lot of time fawning to bankers – 23 of these scum got honours – and now we are all suffering from Blair’s lax regulation while, like Blair and the Witch, the bankers are drowning in our money. Blair, of course, gets a pile of money each year as an ‘adviser’ to one of these banks. Blair allowed MPs to fiddle their expenses and steal our money. Blair encouraged corruption by selling peerages. Blair grovelled to the EU and sold out British independence – possibly hoping he would become EU supremo after Downing Street. It was probably only Blair’s involvement in the Iraq invasion which prevented him taking the top job in Brussels.

It really seems that the Blair and the Witch Project has irrevocably ruined Britain.


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