March 2023
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Cameron’s omni-shambles becomes a mega-shambles or giga-shambles or something even worse

Laid back, lying PM David Liar Cameron’s pathetic excuse for a government was recently described as an ‘omni-shambles’. Blunder followed blunder in glorious succession. There was the utter incompetence of the budget, the lies about pasties, the petrol crisis that didn’t happen and much more. But since then, things have got even worse. Now we find out we’re back in recession, the Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt was probably leaking confidential information to help Uncle Rupert Murdoch’s bid to buy the rest of BskyB, a Tory MP describes Cameron and Osborne as ‘arrogant posh boys’ and Osborne slips another £10bn of our money to the IMF to be thrown into the bottomless pit of the PIGS’ (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain) neverending debt while trying to make spending cuts of just £8.4bn here in the UK. Meanwhile the pointless Ed Miliband is streaking ahead in the polls just before local elections.

Omni-shambles is a great word. It brilliantly described this useless government’s pathetic efforts a couple of weeks ago. But with the latest blunders and gaffes, we probably new a new word. There’s mega-shambles or giga-shambles or meta-shambles. Or maybe we need something stronger than that. Liar Cameron said he’ll ‘get a grip’ and, like all failing politicians, claims that the problem is that the government is doing great things but just ‘not getting its message across’. Rubbish – Cameron’s government is bungling, useless, incompetent, dishonest and a national joke.

If Cameron really wants to get a grip, he should cut his cabinet down to 10 ministers at most, halve the number of our thieving MPs, put all Whitehall departments on a 3-day week, bring our troops home from Afghanistan immediately, demand the EU cuts its budget by 5% a year over the next five years and launch legal actions against the likes of Fred Goodwin for fraud, false accounting and theft. Instead he’s wasting time and money on things like causing chaos in the NHS, reforming the Lords, establishing elected mayors in a few cities and so on.

By the way, the pointless Afghanistan war has cost us over £8bn – pretty much the same amount Liar Osborne is trying to cut from public spending.

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