June 2024

The euro-elite hate Britain and will do anything they can to damage us

There are many reasons to criticise the EU – the waste, the incompetence, the greed, the corruption, the lack of democracy. But perhaps the most important is the anti-British attitudes and actions of the arrogant, overpaid, overpensioned euro-elite to whom we give £50m a day. Most EU countries either sycophantically follow all the unelected EU Commission’s edicts or else (like France) ignore them while pretending to be enthusiastic Europeans. Only in Britain do we dare suggest that the EU is a disaster – wasteful, incompetent, corrupt and undemocratic. That makes EUrocrats and MEPs hate us with a vengeance because we threaten their taxpayer-funded wellbeing. And most, including British EU officials who have gone native, will do anything they can to harm Britain’s interests.

Just two examples. Now Argentina have nationalised part of a Spanish oil firm’s operations, MEPs and EU officials are up in arms threatening all kinds of action against Argentina. Yet, when Argentina invaded the Falklands, the EU said and did nothing. In fact, the French rushed to sell Exocet missiles to Argentina which were then used to kill British troops. The French, like most Europeans, were hoping Argentina would win the war. Then we have the mockery of justice called the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Most of the ECHR judges are from corrupt countries (like Bulgaria) where justice is a joke and many of them have never before worked as judges. But time and again, however laughable the case, these corrupt, self-serving, biased fools delight in ruling against Britain.

We loathe the corrupt, wasteful, undemocratic EU. The corrupt, wasteful, undemocratic EU loathes us. Maybe it’s time for a divorce.

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