February 2018
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Don’t believe your MPs’ “low salary” lies

Our thieving MPs are always complaining that with their £65,000 a year salaries they are not paid enough. Don’t believe their lies because they all earn a lot more than that. Firstly there’s their enormously generous pension. You or I would have to put £56,000 a year into our pension fund to get the same pension as our MPs. Then they have over £90,000 year to pay for staff. So it’s easy to slip at least £30,000 of that to a family member supposedly for ‘administrative’ work. They can easily pocket another £10,000 a year on expenses without showing any receipts. And most have so little to do that they have second, third and even fourth jobs while ‘working’ as an MP. These can earn them £100,000 a year or more in addition to their £65,000 salaries. So most MPs are really pocketing between £100,000 and £200,000 a year.

Worst of all, we don’t even need 646 of these greedy thieves any more. The US Congress has just 435 members to represent over 250 million people. Moreover, most of our laws now come from the EU making our parliament almost unnecessary. Just 200 MPs would be quite enough. So our lying thieving MPs are both overpaid and largely unnecessary. Don’t believe their lies when they claim they are hard working and underpaid.

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