May 2024

The NHS needs less diversity – not more!

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Yet again, the NHS is in crisis. Or at least that what the usual limp-wristed, eternally-bleating handwringers are claiming yet again. So, if the NHS is in crisis, one could assume that our beloved NHS, which (as we all know) is a national treasure and the envy of the world, wouldn’t be wasting millions hiring totally useless people for completely unnecessary non-jobs.

At the end of this blog, I’ll list just a few of the many NHS job vacancies for pointless Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE) managers. But before I do that, let’s do something no mainstream media would ever dare do. Let’s look at how diverse the NHS currently is.

Too many ethnic minorities in the NHS?

Of the NHS’s 1.3 million employees, 77.9% are white compared to 85.6% of the working-age population and 86% of the total population; 10.7% are Asian compared to 7.2% of the working-age population and 7.5% of the total population; and 6.5% are Black compared to only 3.4% of the working-age population and 3.3% of the total population

Conclusion 1: The NHS actually has a greater percentage of employees from ethnic minorities than in the working-age population and than in the general population. So, if the NHS is going to reflect the communities it serves (as the lefty libtards  and the BBC and C4 News are always demanding) then the NHS should employ more White people and fewer Asians and Blacks.

Not enough white doctors?

But, you say, aren’t most of the NHS ethnic minorities doing the more menial jobs while evil, ghastly white supremacists take all the top, best-paid jobs?

Well, here are the figures:

Among senior doctors, only 56.2% are White compared to 77.9% of NHS employees being White. A huge 31.4% are Asian compared to only 10.7% of NHS employees being Asian.

Among consultants 59.9% are White compared to 77.9% of NHS employees being White. A huge 29.1% are Asian compared to only 10.7% of NHS employees being Asian. And 2.9% are Black compared to 6.5% of NHS employees being Black. So, Asians are over-represented at this level while Blacks are under-represented.

And among specialty doctors, only 37.4% are White; a massive 42.9% are Asian and 7.4% are Black. So, Asians are hugely over-represented at this level and Blacks are slightly over-represented

In summary, among medical staff, Whites are under-represented, Asians over -represented and Blacks don’t do well at the top levels but are at just above the right level among specialist medical staff.

Conclusion 2: If NHS medical staff are to represent the communities they serve, then the NHS should stop employing so many Asians and focus on employing more Whites.

So, please help me understand why the NHS is employing loads more Diversity, Inclusion and Equality managers?

Given that ethnic minorities are over-represented both in the NHS in general and among medical staff, the last thing the NHS needs is more Diversity, Inclusion and Equality managers.

Yet, if you look at current NHS vacancies, there are plenty for Diversity, Inclusion and Equality managers. If the NHS really is in crisis, why the hell is the NHS wasting millions of our money on these useless creatures??????

Want a well-paid useless non-job? Here are a few

Moorfields Research and Development: requires a Equality Diversity Inclusion (EDI) Research Associate to join the Study Delivery Team

Dudley NHS Trust: An exciting opportunity has arisen at Dudley Group for a passionate and driven experienced midwife, to become the first Equality, Diversity and inclusion lead midwife at the trust. The overarching aim and purpose of the role of Equality Diversity, and Inclusion Lead Midwife is to support The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust to achieve equity of health outcomes for all social groups accessing our Maternity Service; targeting support and interventions to the most disadvantaged groups to improve service quality and address inequalities of access, service provision and healthcare outcomes

Royal Free London: Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement Manager: The EDI&E Manager will monitor and report progress against the objectives as part of the Trusts Annual Report and corporate into the Annual Equality Information Report, developing actions plans to ensure delivery. This role will also monitor compliance with the Assessable Information Standard and help services improve recording of patients and service user equality information to support inclusive service delivery. The EDI&E Manager will also support the Equality Analysis (EA) process across the organisation, completion of the Equality Delivery System (EDS) and be the key contact for the team

St George’s University Hospitals: An exciting opportunity has arisen to join our Education, Culture and OD Team as our Diversity and Inclusion Workforce Officer. This new role will report to our D&I Workforce Lead and support the implementation of a number of key projects that support the trusts on-going commitment to improving inclusion

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Trust: We have a newly created senior-level opportunity for an inspirational and experienced Organisational Design and Development (OD&D) professional, ideally with a clinical background, who can accelerate our progress by introducing fresh impetus and best practice to our efforts. The role is responsible for our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) programme: staff safety and violence reduction as well as our leadership and talent agenda and you will need to deliver a step change in the culture of the Trust and the experience of our patients, services users and staff

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust: This role enables the post holder to make a great contribution to the progression of our Diversity and Inclusion strategy objectives

St John Ambulance: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Manager: Do you want to make a difference and be part of a vibrant and inclusive organisation that has been helping save lives for more than a century? As one of the country’s best-loved charities, St John Ambulance played a pivotal role in responding to the pandemic as well as ‘everyday’ health emergencies, training, supporting communities, and improving young people’s lives

NHS South Central and West Commissioning Support Unit is now hiring Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing Project Manager in Lawrence Hill BS1. View job listing details and apply now. The EDI & wellbeing team deliver a mix of projects and programmes relating to improving equity for people of all backgrounds and characteristics, championing inclusion and improving diversity within the workforce.

4 comments to The NHS needs less diversity – not more!

  • Carolyn Hill

    It’s an obscene waste of money! The NHS needs less funding as they clearly have too much money if they can keep filling these utterly pointless positions. Last time I was in a hospital the staff consisted of every nationality under the sun. The last thing they need to worry about is diversity. GRRR!

  • A Thorpe

    This is socialism at work or what happens when the state is in full control and the patient becomes irrelevant. Socialism means misery for everybody. Patients and staff equally. The staff forget why they exist and so we have the nonsense described which has nothing to do with patient care.

    When the NHS was created it might have been a good service that people appreciated. Hospitals were run by charities and one saved my life. The NHS was created by the theft of these hospitals. I think the big issue was not being able to afford to see a GP. When the NHS was created they called family doctors and were respected. There was never a problem with home visits or appointments. We just used to turn up at the surgery and were seen. Now making an appointment is even difficult. Compare GPs to dentists and there is no comparison, we can make appointments months ahead. This is because dentists are now mainly private and it shows in the standard of service. Mine didn’t close during lockdown like the GPs. When pay does not come from the patient the health service does not care about the patient. It is even apparent in private hospitals – there are different rules for self funding and insured patients.

    The big issue is that socialist health care results in declining health. I am sure that this is also due to the huge influence that Big Pharma has on health care and the increasing use of drugs that are probably of little benefit. It was socialist healthcare that enabled the covid pandemic to be created. There is no incentive to live a healthy lifestyle and both diet and lack of exercise have contributed. If we paid directly for healthcare we would change, which is exactly what dentists encourage us to do to reduce treatments. It is only the socialists who complain about the cost of dentistry because it is only about “free” services for them and not the quality of the service or taking personal responsibility for their health.

  • Hardcastle

    Spot on Thorpe.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    The NHS is currently in receipt of over 40% of the Government’s day-to-day spending.

    Are we going to let it reach 100%, before anyone dares to question why we are the only major country in the civilised world that offers free at point of use treatment entirely financed by government spending? And questions why NHS access and outcomes are so much worse than those of equivalent nations with other methods of financing their health services?

    As for ‘lack of diversity’, I suggest that those riding that particular hobby-horse attend any London hospital and try finding a caucasian face amongst the staff.

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