April 2024

Are Blacks who murder other Blacks “racists”?

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We all know that we ghastly white people are all racists. Apparently, we’re either ‘conscious racists’ or ‘subconscious racists’ or perhaps both at the same time. Who knows?

And we all know that US police are even more racist than anyone else as they all leave home each morning for work hoping they get the chance to shoot a few African-Americans. Or at least, I think that’s what the progressive, lefty, virtue-signalling, West-loathing, BLM libtards want us to believe.

Being a really boring person, who tries to understand the actual data before coming to any conclusions about who the real racists are, I started to briefly look at a few figures to see just how racist the US police and white US citizens are.

Who is getting killed in the US?

The US population is about 60% white, 18.5% Hispanic, 12.2% African-Americans and 9.2% others:

In 2020 (the latest year for which we have reliable figures), the US police killed 1,021 people. Of these, 45% were Whites, 17% Hispanics, 24% African-Americans and 14% either not identified or from other ethnicities:

(left-click on image and then left-click again to see in huge, glorious technicolour)

So, we can see that African Americans only make up 12.2% of the US population but 24% of those killed by the police. Clearly there seems to be a bit of an issue as to why African-Americans are over-represented in the numbers killed by the police.

But now let’s look at some other figures. These are from an FBI report in 2016. But there’s no reason to believe the situation has changed significantly since then.

According to the FBI report, there were 6,676 murders in the US in 2016. I have found other figures which put the US murder toll at over 17,750. I’m not sure why there is such a large difference. But I’ll stick with the FBI report for the purposes of this blog as these were the first figures Google gave me and these are the most complete figures I’ve seen.

Of those murdered (using the FBI report), 3,499 (52%) were Whites and 2,870 (43%) were African-Americans. Then there were 307 (5%) from other ethnicities.

That means that African-Americans make up 12.2% of the US population, 24% of those killed by US police but 43% of those murdered. (The other figures I found suggested that African-Americans make up 55% of murders in the US)

Are you with me so far?

Those murderous white racists?

Now let’s look a who is actually murdering these 2,870 African-Americans. It turns out that just 243 (8.5%) were murdered by us horrible (supposedly ‘racist’) whiteys and 2,570 (89.5%) were murdered by other African-Americans.

Admittedly there have been a few horrible cases where white racists have murdered African-Americans. And, of course, these get massive coverage in the progressive, anti-American, woke, mainstream media. But, given that 89.5% of all African-Americans murdered in the USA were murdered by other African-Americans, the narrative that African-Americans are being slaughtered by white racists falls apart.

Moreover, one could even claim that the fact that African-Americans make up 12.2% of the US population, 24% of those killed by US police but 43% of those murdered suggests that even the police aren’t as racist as the BLM, defund-the-police mobs like to claim.

The people who are killing African-Americans are predominantly (89.5%) African-Americans. I doubt you’ll see this being mentioned in any of the mainstream media.

But this does bring us back to the question in the title – Are African-Americans who murder other African-Americans “racists”?

I don’t know. Do you?

4 comments to Are Blacks who murder other Blacks “racists”?

  • A Thorpe

    Why is it that observed data does not seem to matter to people? I wonder whether we are really any different to times in the past when people believed in witchcraft. Nobody ever saw any evidence for it and even when witches had been killed nothing changed to prove that they had been creating bad events. Could the few that have a rational approach to human civilisation be a different species that have not been recognised yet?

    I can’t answer your question but the data does not support the usual narrative from the MSM. Thomas Sowell has made a lot of observations about black Americans but I don’t recall what he has said about crime. He was born in the south but was adopted by a family member when quite young and moved to Harlem. He said it was quite safe at that time and he could sleep on the fire escapes on hot nights with no risk. What he has discussed is schooling, welfare programmes and the minimum wages and how this has affected black Americans and families. He is a supporter of charter schools which he believes allowed education to be tailored to local needs. It was also possible for young black teenagers to get low paid jobs and work their way up, but the minimum wage policy has resulted in all those jobs disappearing. He is also concerned by the increasing proportion of single parent families which he says are due to welfare support.

    The question does need to be asked why there is a high crime rate among black Americans, and it is probably just the same with the black population in London. I doubt that it has anything to do with colour but it is do with the environment that they live in. Sowell also puts the blame on community leaders, such as Obama, who he believes create the idea of minorities being oppressed by whites, not to help the minorities but to create a career for themselves out of it.

    I have been relying on Prof Norman Fenton for analysis of covid statistics. He uses Bayesian networks which is a technique examine how varies factors can determine an outcome. It seems to be what is needed to understand crime statistics.

  • Brenda Blessed

    It would be interesting to see the same figures for England, not the rest of the UK, because most black people live in England and their spokespeople are constantly complaining that black people are stopped-and-searched out of all proportion to their numbers living in England.


    I have yet to read anything in the mainstream media that connects the dots with regard to the ethnicity whose members are prominent players in governments, the media, social media, Hollywood, the rest of the entertainment industry and the medical industry. In my opinion, this is of far greater importance to the health of the world than any other consideration.

    Here are some names:

    Klaus Schwab (executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), George Soros (donated more than $32 billion to the Open Society Foundations), Mark Zuckerberg (CEO Facebook), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (founders of Google), Adam Schiff Chair of the US House Intelligence Committee), Gladys Berejiklian (ex-PM of Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales), Rochelle P. Walensky (Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), Michael Rubens Bloomberg (CEO of Bloomberg L.P.), Bob Iger (CEO of Disney up to 2020), Susan E. Arnold (present chairwoman of Disney), Biden’s disinformation czar, Nina Jankowicz, etc, etc.

    The “liberal” globalists trial their destructive nihilistic ideas in various, usually out-of-the-way places, such as in Victoria, Australia.

    Headline: “Australia passes bill prohibiting citizens from growing their own food and expanding federal powers to size livestock… ” – Biosecurity is stated as the reason for changes.

    Bill Gates, who is obsessed with both depopulation and vaccines, is busy buying up agricultural land in the US as if there is no tomorrow. In Europe, huge amounts of agricultural land is being set aside.

    The UK government is filling the country, a service economy, with immigrants and migrants, most of whom are staying in England. I just heard a report that a quarter of households are threatened with destitution due to the cost of living crisis that the globalist agendas of lockdowns and climate-change created.

    Apparently, raw sewage is being flushed into all of the major rivers, so if treated water is no longer available, only contaminated water is available from them.

    Where so much is deliberately falsified and/or is constantly failing to the current insane extent in this century, it has to be by design.

  • bad Brian

    When you read about villages in Nigeria being attacked by terrorists and a hundered or so people chopped up you clearly get the idea that this is not such an unusual thing and the people involved possibly have a different mindset from most of us white racists. King leopold excepted.

    The US figures are usually ignored or falsified by the BLM supporters and the MSM, but everyone knows what is really going on and George Floyd lookie likie’s are not hard to spot on any street corner in any city in the US or Europe.

    You just need to watch daytime TV to see the antics of blacks chimping out in pawn shops to realise that they have actually been taught to have a chip on their shoulder and so they behave in a far more extreme and unreasonable way than most white people would ever consider normal. They push the limits and then get themselves into trouble at which point they claim to be victims.

    It does not help when loud mouthed black academics jump on the bandwaggon and start banging on about 1619 and other such rubbish. The white libtards are close on their heels with idiots like the boss of Kew Gardens urgently trying to decolonise his botanic collection and take a view against racist lawns.

    I watched a dismal documentary on SKY yesterday called “Kill all the Barbarians” it was written and produced by some 70 year old “professor” from Haiti who has made a fine career for himself preying on white guilt. If I had made a documentary about blacks in a similair vein, I would be getting a visit from the local plod but this stupid, childish and inaccurate tripe is aired without any comment.

    The “professor” came to fame with his groundbreaking book titled ” I am not your negro” All I can say is “thank f@uk for that”. On another TV programme, we had a story about how a young US negro girl was inspired by a black actress on Star Trek to become the first black woman astronaught. The story went on to explain that the pinnacle of her achieviement was that she apparently went on to get a bit part in an episode of Star Trek. I am sure Mrs Astronaught is a nice , clever , and worthwhile individual that would be a joy to meet, but this kind of absurb, patronising drivel does nobody any good. When she was in space she was asked what she missed most about planet Earth. I suspect her reply about robbing a liquor store was edited out.

  • Marc Ager

    The evil liberal globalist power-grabbing t*rds don’t give a toss about who lives or dies, be it humans or animals.

    They are simply inflaming or falsifying every weak point in human society in order to subjugate the human population of the world. Sexism, gender freaks, racism, policing, Islamophobia, homophobia, immigration/migration, food and energy production, the climate.

    I would love to see them have Nuremberg-style trials and the kingpins hanged in public. Don’t waste energy or drugs on them. They deserve nothing less. Following orders would not be a mitigating factor.

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