May 2024

I’ve seen the future. The future is African

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I’ll keep it short and sweet today.

Predicting the future

You will all know this famous quote:

But I think Mr Berra was wrong. I can see the future.

Here’s a UN population projection for Europe and Africa till the end of this century:

(to see the chart more clearly left-click on it, then left-click again)

The population of Europe (the lower – blue – line on the chart) is expected to decline from around 738 million today to 646 million in the next 78 years – a drop of 92 million

The population of Africa (the upper – red – line on the chart) is expected to increase from about 1.186 billion today to around 4.387 billion in the next 78 years – an increase of 3.2 billion.

Here’s a really tough question for you all – where do you think all the extra 3.2 billion Africans will go? Here are two possibilities:

  • They will all remain in their own countries where their wonderful, honest, competent, public-service-minded politicians will create the economic conditions which will guarantee these extra 3.2 billion Africans jobs, homes and a high quality of life?
  • They will flood in their tens of millions into Europe to escape their hopeless, overcrowded, corrupt, poverty-stricken, incompetently-governed, excrement-covered, backwards hell-hole African countries and will wreck Europe in the same way as the have destroyed their own countries

Tough question?

To help you decide, here are some ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures from migrant-hugging Sweden:

Sweden: Before mass, uncontrolled, open-borders immigration:


Sweden: After mass, uncontrolled, open-borders immigration:


You ain’t seen nothing yet!

You may be more than slightly perturbed by the hundreds arriving on England’s shores every day:

But these hundreds per day are nothing compared to the tens (or even hundreds) of millions who will soon be heading to benefits Europe – all of whom will no doubt be welcomed by the progressive, woke, virtue-signalling, oikophobic, West-hating, politically-correct, brainwashed idiots produced by our failing schools and useless polytechnics pretending to be universities:

I’m not sure you’ll find many UK politicians willing to discuss how our country is going to ‘take our share’ and accommodate 10 or 20 or 30 or even 40 million mostly uneducated and mostly unemployable African migrants over the next 78 years.

13 comments to I’ve seen the future. The future is African

  • Ed P

    As the heavily-vaccinated ‘Western’ countries experience falling birth rates*, many African countries, which were not so vaccinated, are still experiencing fast rising birth rates. Blend in all the fuel, fertilizer and grain shortages now upon us (& dis-proportionally affecting Africa) and the migrant pressure on Europe will be unstoppable.
    * There are now worldwide reports of drastically-falling birth rates amongst the double and triple vaccinated, with high confidence (5 sigma) of the vaccines being the cause.

  • William Boreham

    The inevitable decline and fall of the white races began after a certain event that happened in Berlin on 30th April 1945.

  • A Thorpe

    Probably every prediction made about human activities has been wrong, starting from the Oracle at Delphi. We can’t even solve problems that we know about and most of those are caused by politicians trying to solve other problems. They are taking actions to solve problems that do not exist and that we cannot control anyway such as the nonsense of climate change. Their actions are creating problems now and they can’t even see them. There is no hope of solving the problems of Africa.

    The graph shows UN predicted population growth, but what does the UN propose to do about it? It has action plans for everything else. They talk about eliminating poverty but have no effective strategy to deal with it in Africa. I doubt that any country evaluates the benefit the aid money it sends them.

    It is poverty and not population growth that is the problem. We cannot criticise people leaving any country for a better life. We would do the same. I left the north of England for London after I first visited for one night when I was 22 and my only thought after was I want some of that. I would be far worse off if I had not moved to London a year later.

    Boris and his G7 mates can’t even run their own countries let alone improve the conditions in others and nothing proves this more than their policies over the last two years – the pandemic and Ukraine – doing nothing was the best policy in both cases.

    Africa has become a socialist hellhole where investment is too risky for business. I saw a report recently saying that child labour is being used to mine the materials for our electric car revolution. I’m surprised Meghan and Harry are not doing something about it.

  • Bad Brian

    I just watched the first 15 minutes of Channel 4 news.

    The headlines should have read,

    ” Ridiculous High Ranking Tory Poofter feels up the bollocks of two of his Tory MP chums at a private club, which is something he has done before ”

    David did an article a few weeks ago which suggested the MSM was deliberatly focousing on stupid non event stories to distract the public from rampant inflation, soaring energy costs, the war in Ukraine and a host of other worrying things that are going on at this time.

    I personaly will sleep easy tonight knowing that if I am unfortunate enough to spend an evening with MR Pincher getting sloshed at his private club and he invites me to go back to his private love nest paid by the taxpayer and he makes a grab for my goolies, then Mr Pitcher will find himself sitting on his arse as I kick his teeth out, ( No offense to non predatory poofters ).Sounds to me like his two bum chums were gagging for it.I hope they are getting the councelling they deserve from the overstreatched NHS and the rest of the Lgbtprhihoawaywego community.

    But is this really headline national news ?

    Meanwhile, I am forced to lick the label of a leaky chicken on the condemned shelf at Tesco’s in the hope of finding sustenance as my electricity bill has increased five times due to sending numerous SOS calls on short wave radio and attempting to arrange a house swap with a family in the Sudan where a pint of lager is still less than £4.00.

    Perhaps some of us Alpha male types could go wrap some old towels round our heads and go round to Mr Pinchers groovy London flat to intimidate him as we scream and shout that he used a Koran as a sex toy ? That should put Putin on the back page where he belongs !

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Here’s the UK’s ‘Democratic’ political system –

    The Prime Minister holds a boozy party?
    Labour – ”The Prime Minister should resign immediately!”

    The Prime Minister spends billions trying to get us into a war with the only major power not deliberately filling itself up with uneducated third-world thugs and not obsessed with ‘Climate Change’?
    Labour – ”The Prime Minister has our unqualified support!”

    Ain’t Democracy wonderful?

  • A Thorpe

    There is a very interesting article in UnHerd “Ideology has poisoned the west”

    It offers a subscription service but some free reads are allowed so it should be accessible.

  • A Thorpe

    I have just seem this article about Africa which explains why it has problems and what the leaders could do about it, concluding “African governments ensure that African societies remain trapped in tyranny, dependency, and poverty.”

  • David Craig

    Sorry – that monetarist article is total nonsense written by someone who has never left his university library. I will explain why in my next blog.

  • Brenda Blessed

    There is a way out. Use robot armies to patrol the boarders. If the migrants don’t respond to warning shots, they get taken out. Not on a date.

    It would be self-defence. Only a little of that kind of treatment would stop the migration.

    Peter Hitchens deals with the fact that in this country parents cannot even find out what their children are being taught in his Mail on Sunday column.

    PETER HITCHENS: Is there no way to stop the secret brainwashing of the next generation? –

  • Eric Legge

    Below are two inter-related links that provide Simon Webb’s take on this ever-emerging crisis.

    We need to know why so many Africans are being allowed into Britain (mainly England). Apparently 13,000 Nigerians were allowed to come here in 2021.

    It looks to me as if our colonised TV and radio adverts are paving the way.

    The strange case of ethnicity in British television advertisements –

    Why are so many Africans arriving in Britain? –

  • A Thorpe

    David – I’ll look forward to your comments on the Mises article.

    I have just found the work of John Vervaeke from this article:

    There is a YouTube lecture series of 15 one hour lectures on what he calls the “Meaning Crisis”. I haven’t looked at any of them yet but there is also link giving access to the printed lectures which might be better than the videos.

    The article doesn’t mention mass formation but Vervaeke’s work seems to be about two of the conditions that Mattias Desmet refers to that result in mass formation – lack of social bonding and lack of meaning to life. He seems to be focusing on the decline of Christianity not having a replacement and being replaced by political ideology.

  • Marc Ager

    Unless Europe and Noth America take action their future may be African. But the future of the east – Russia, India, China and Japan – is definitely not going to be African. For good reasons, migrants do not go to those countries.

    Those strong cultures will dominate the world and they will no doubt address the real, not the imaginary problems that Africa’s unsustainable population growth poses to the world.

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