December 2023
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Who defends Christians? The Pope? Nope! Trump? Yes!!!!!!

(Thursday blog)

Lying, treacherous scum?

Hopefully you’ve all seen this photo. Apparently it was taken yesterday morning at the Eurostar train terminal:

It features a bunch of Remainers – Grieve, Cable, Lammy and a Scrot, an ecoloon and a Sheep-Sh****r all off to Brussels at our expense. And why were they going to Brussels? Could it have been to persuade the EU to not offer a deal to Boris Johnson? Could it have been to delay Brexit to both humiliate Boris Johnson and to give the Remainers the time to organise a new EU referendum where the choice would be Remain or Remain?

As this bunch of (IMHO) lying, UK-hating, europhiliac scumbags are probably working against the British Government, surely they must be guilty of treason? Surely they should be arrested and dragged before the courts?

Grovelling to the Religion of Peacefulness or protecting Christians?

You might sometimes have wondered who is the greatest protector of the world’s second most persecuted religion – Christians. You might have thought it was the old guy in the Vatican who likes to dress up in women’s clothing.

But, unfortunately for persecuted Christians, the decrepit cross-dresser seems to spend much of his time protecting Catholic pedophiles and grovelling to those who hate Christians and would have them all killed (once they’ve finished killing all the Jews):

Now let me show you a simple chart. It features the number of refugees allowed into the America during the last 17 years:

Hopefully you’ll see four things:

  • high/record levels of immigration under Imam al-Obama
  • rapidly-increasing numbers of Muslims entering the USA under Imam Hussein al-Obama
  • a massive drop in immigration under Trump
  • the massive drop in immigration under Trump being mainly amongst Muslim refugees

And here’s a link to a short (2 minutes) video showing why Trump is a protector of the world’s second most persecuted religion – Christians. It’s wonderful. No politician would dare say and do the things that Trump is willing to say and do to protect Judeo-Christian Western civilisation from the destructive, West-hating, invading Third-world hordes:!/v/vladtepesblog/QmfFNNFSf8uigRjesp8sfG9FzFPHUSGMWoVur7zybewVtN

5 comments to Who defends Christians? The Pope? Nope! Trump? Yes!!!!!!

  • loppoman

    There will be no Brexit without direct action by the public. There are too many saboteurs protected by the law (a special law designed for their purpose) and they will not allow Brexit to happen.
    Hope Trump gets in again – is there a viable alternative?

  • A Thorpe

    What a crazy world we live in. Our democratically elected representatives continue to show that they have no respect for democracy. All they want is power over us, supported by their masters in the EU. It’s time for two UK wide referenda – Scottish Independence and Unification of Ireland. I want England back.

    Believing in nonsense should have been left behind years ago. Religions have been in conflict continually. It is just another system of control over us. Now we have a new way of putting fear into the masses to exercise control – the climate crisis.

  • david brown

    A Thorpe yes if Scotland Left it would give us England back and the people would see more clearly that its England which is being demographically invaded. Few migrants head for the highlands but descend on the green fields of England.
    As to your religion comment a few years Charles Murry best known for the book The Bell Curve did a book on human geniuses over the centuries called Human Accomplishment . His conclusion was that the Christian belief that the world was rational and understandable was the key factor in Western Science.

  • TonyPotyin

    Trumps Mall of America.

  • A Thorpe

    @David Brown I cannot see anything rational about any religious belief. An example of the Christian church and science is the way Galileo was treated when he claimed the earth went round the sun. Look also at the superstition when women were burnt at the stake for weather cooking. I will give the church credit for its role in promoting education but not for what it taught.

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