June 2023
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Lying scum liars’ lies and lies and lies and ………

(Monday blog)

I thought I’d start the week with a bit of light entertainment. We all need a bit of cheering up every now and then.

But before I do, I’m really excited because I’ve realised that I can predict the future:

I can predict the future

We all saw yet another wonderful episode of multi-cultural enrichment which happened on London Bridge last week thanks to a valuable member of British society doing what he does best:

And now questions are being asked about why this piece of sh*t was allowed out of prison a year before he had served even half his 16-years sentence.

Well, I predict our rulers will promise “a full and thorough investigation” which will “leave no  stone unturned” and which will result in us being assured that “important lessons have been learnt”. Then nothing will change and we’ll continue abasing ourselves to those who hate us and want to kill us to show how liberal and progressive and diverse and multi-cultural we are. Meanwhile, all those responsible for letting this subhuman excrement out to kill innocent people will be promoted out of trouble keeping their generous public-sector salaries and even more generous public-sector pensions.

I also predict that the (IMHO) utterly useless, always politically-correct top cop Neil Basu, Assistant Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police (and the dismal Cressida Dickless Dick’s sidekick) will continue to claim that supposed ‘right-wing’ terrorism is “the fastest growing threat” to the British public even though there haven’t actually been any ‘right-wing’ terrorist attacks.

How’s that for predicting the future?

Lying scum liars lies and lies and lies and ……

And, now for some light entertainment. Here are some of our rulers promising to abide by the result of the 2016 EU Referendum.

This video should be played every time a politician is interviewed on TV. But strangely, the promises given in this video are never mentioned by the UK-hating, EU-loving, biased BBC and C4 News.


8 comments to Lying scum liars’ lies and lies and lies and ………

  • William Boreham

    Looks as if the two that got stabbed to death were a couple of do-gooders who thought they could help to ‘rehabilitate’ hardened criminals and terrorists and paid for that fairy tale with their lives.  I can’t get over the pitiable response of the father of Jake Merritt, one of the those killed, instead of being as angry as hell, he comes out with: “Cambridge has lost a proud son and a champion for underdogs everywhere, but especially those dealt a losing hand by life, who ended up in the prison system,” he said, adding that his son would not want his death to be used as “the pretext for more draconian sentences or for detaining people unnecessarily”.
    And the poor ill-advised girl, Saskia Jones, 23, of Stratford-upon-Avon, who died alongside Jack Merritt after Usman Khan went on a deadly knife frenzy.     Both graduates were taking part in a prisoner rehabilitation conference that was trying to rehabilitate the likes of the terrorist who went on to kill them.  Saskia Jones was working as a volunteer and Jake Merritt as a coordinator.   
    The 23-year-old’s family paid tribute to her ‘funny, kind, positive influence’, saying she was ‘intent on living life to the full’.  Well, she paid the price for her version of living life to the full – which shouldn’t include mixing with terrorists and murderers. The only valid method of ‘rehabilitation’ for common criminals should be to make prison conditions like that in the Steve McQueen movie, Papillion, prisons that those released will swear they will never commit another crime for fear of being sent back. Muslim terrorists can NEVER be rehabilitated, they seek martyrdom.

  • A Thorpe

    Well done to William for saying what most people, especially politicians and the media will not say. But who is really responsible? The Court of Appeal for changing sentencing guidelines. Who is responsible for the Brexit fiasco – the Supreme Court. Our politicians have lost control and sense of purpose; their lies cannot cover that up any longer.

  • ItsAllOverNow

    The Japanese have finally weakened and allowed the UN to bully them with the Migration and refugee pacts into sending millions of Gimmegrants into Japan.
    Japan is a stable clean and crime free country as Sweden was before they made the same fatefull decision to destroy their own country and transformed themselves into a Third World Shit Hole as we have done just as we are entering a Hyper Inflationary Depression, a volatile and very dangerous combination.

    150 Years Of Bank Credit Expansion Is Near Its End.

  • Jeff Palmer

    Basu and his Common Purpose ilk are not policemen. They are politicians in uniforms. A species that the civilised world has had very good reason to fear over the last two hundred years.

  • Tomsk

    More or less what I predicted. I must have the gift too.. unlikely that any judge or parole board person while get as much as a please explain.

  • A Thorpe

    For a bit more amusement have a look at this video about Corbyn

  • loppoman

    First item – the noose.
    Second item – the noose.

  • Peter Williams

    Why won’t Politicians, particularly Labour and Left Leaning Politicians, not properly stand up to Islamic Terror? Perhaps it is to do with the Vote, or the possible loss of Votes

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