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Should the BBC’s Mark Thompson win our “Trougher of the Year” trophy?

There seem to be about 10 main candidates competing to win our coveted “Trougher of the Year” trophy. Between now and the end of the year, I’ll present the reasons why each deserves to win our award, then I’ll ask readers to vote. Remember, there are three main achievements for winning this great award – 1. To have pocketed a huge amount of taxpayers’ money: 2. To have been utterly useless at your job and even to have caused an immense amount of harm to the people who pay your enormous salary and pension: 3. It helps to be a congenital liar and recidivist coverer-up of your own and your organisation’s failings.

So, here’s a brief look at the BBC’s Mark Thompson.

1. How much taxpayers’ money has he pocketed?

I’ve just done some rough estimates. I’ve assumed his first 21 years at the BBC were on an average salary of £80,000 – total cost £1,680,000. Then he had 8 years as Director General of the BBC on a starting salary of around £560,000 which rose above £834,000. So, if we assume an average of £700,000 a year, that gives £5,600,000. Then there’s his pension. His subordinate at the BBC, Mark Byford, will get a pension of at least £400,000 a year. So, if we take a low figure for Thompson and assume just £400,000 a year for say 30 years, there’s another £12,000,000. All in all, Thompson will have cost us over £19,280,000 in just salary and pension. When you add in his, no doubt generous expenses, you’ll be comfortably over £20,000,000 and probably nearer £25,000,000.

2. What has he achieved?

Under Thompson’s 8 years as Director General of the BBC, the broadcaster was embarrassingly biased towards Labour. Hence people used to call it the Blair Broadcasting Corporation. The BBC has been a constant flag-waver for the corrupt, wasteful, undemocratic EU and has lambasted anyone who dared make any criticism of our supine submission to the venal, self-serving, unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. The BBC has also enthusiastically pushed the myth of man-made global warming and has been slaveringly supportive of Blair’s policy of destroying our national identity by allowing uncontrolled (5 to 7 million people) immigration. And, in Egypt and Syria, the BBC has been embarrassingly Islamophiliac and never mentions the fact that in Egypt appalling atrocities have been carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood against Coptic Christians and in Syria Al Nusra (and other crazy Islamist fanatics) have been slaughtering anyone and everyone – especially Christians. Moreover, in Syria, the BBC has been one of the main cheerleaders of a bombing campaign against Assad’s government to help the crazy Islamists take over the country and take it back to the Stone Age.

3. How honest is Mark Thompson?

Well, apparently in all his 29 years at the BBC, Mark Thompson knew nothing about the sex abuse committed by Jimmy Savile and others. Apparently Mark Thompson had never heard any rumours, never heard any gossip, had never heard anybody mention any doubts about serial rapist and child molester Savile. And just this week, we had the unedifying experience of seeing Mark Thompson and other top BBC panjandrums fighting like ferrets in a sack about who had lied to MPs over the massive pay-offs that Mark Thompson authorised for his chums, sorry I mean other executives, at the BBC.

There you have it – just a few reasons why Mark “BBC” Thompson should be the proud winner of our “Trougher of the Year” trophy. Well done Mark and good luck when the voting starts. A big cheer for Mark Thompson, folks. He could be this year’s winner of “Trougher of the Year”.

(Next, the lovely Baroness Ashton)

5 comments to Should the BBC’s Mark Thompson win our “Trougher of the Year” trophy?

  • rob

    Disgusted at lack of impartial reporting by BBC on Syria, nothing on Christians being beheaded by so-called rebels etc.. Nothing on numerous evidence from overseas news organisations & sources of rebels using chemical weapons. The BBC should be privatised & their so-called news service is a total waste of space. Keep up the good work by the way exposing these *****.

  • Paris Claims

    I’ve got a feeling that as we read each of your 10 cases we’ll all be thinking “that’s the one”
    Your real problem will be restricting the numbers to just 10, most of our MPs fit the criteria you laid out.
    Blair & Brown probably cased the most amount of damage, in my opinion, although Blair appears to have profited more than Brown.

  • Mike

    I think fatty Patten should be in the running. Have you noticed he looks like Ralphie Wiggum in the Simpsons. Ralphie is more intelligent though.

  • right_writes

    Mike… I like your thinking sir…

    Alastair Mc Alpine had some appropriate words for Patten…

    “McAlpine, in his commitment to and enthusiasm for the Thatcher revolution, was on the list of people regarded by the wets as an obstacle to their recapturing the party.
    But there were personal as well as political differences between the men.
    In McAlpine’s 1997 memoirs Once A Jolly Bagman, he recalls asking Patten to lunch at The Dorchester hotel shortly after becoming treasurer. ‘I can remember him tucking into a plate of oysters,’ he wrote, ‘his blond forelock falling forward, hiding both his face and the oyster that he was eating.’ McAlpine found this significant. ‘You can always tell the character of a man when he eats oysters, and I marked Patten down as greedy.’”

    So If a BBC figure is to be identified… For me Chris Patten is right up there…

    Personally, I would like Chris Patten to be the LAST BBC chairman… I reckon that it should be shut down, rather than privatised… The disease that its big wigs suffer from is far to deep rooted to cure…

    Genuinely talented folks currently at the BBC will soon find good work… The rest can go and spend more time with their pensions as far as I am concerned, as they would do far more damage driving a new corporatised private BBC.

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