October 2021
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Putin is the best thing that could ever have happened to Russia – and he should be our friend!

Here’s a picture with six clowns and one great international statesman. Can you spot who are the clowns and who is the great international statesman?

Yup. That wasn’t very difficult. While Cameron, Hague, Hollande, Obama and Kerry have behaved like idiots, buffoons, fools, clowns over their desperate attempts to get involved in yet another pointless, internecine Middle East war that has nothing to do with us, there has been one person who has behaved calmly and thoughtfully – Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

It has become fashionable in the press to criticise Putin over the lack of real democracy in Russia. But Russia is not Kensington or Notting Hill Gate where most of Britain’s chattering classes live. Russia is a huge, almost ungovernable country. Russia’s surface area is 17,098,246 km2 compared to the US at 9,629,091 km2 and Britain at a pathetic 242,900 km2. So, Russia is almost twice as large as the US and seventy times larger than the UK.

Moreover, Russia was facing complete chaos until Putin took over. Putin has been the best thing that every happened to Russia since Boney M sang “Ra-Ra-Rasputin, lover of the Russian queen”. Under Putin’s rule, the earnings from Russia’s oil, gas and minerals have not been squandered as they are in most other resource-rich countries. Instead they have been (more or less) invested in imposing order in this vast country, in modernising it and in building a new middle class of highly educated people. Visit any holiday resort around the world, and the people you’ll see buying holiday homes and yachts are mostly Russians. This is an incredible, almost unbelievable change from just a couple of decades ago and light years away from what happened when Russia was the Soviet Union.

Of course, there have been problems. You can’t move from totalitarianism to chaos to peaceful development and national economic success in just a few decades without a certain degree of central control. And you can’t have a country earning so much wealth without some of it being siphoned off by corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen.

We are making a terrible mistake in constantly attacking Putin over supposed human rights abuses and corruption in Russia. The West and Putin have one common enemy – radical Islam.

But instead of understanding this and working together with Russia to fight the spread of radical Islam, idiots Cameron, Hague, Obama, Kerry and Hollande want to turn our military into Al Quaeda’s air force. It’s time to stop demonising Putin and to realise that Russia and the West are on the same side.

How long will it take for the clowns that rule us to tell the difference between our friends and our enemies?

3 comments to Putin is the best thing that could ever have happened to Russia – and he should be our friend!

  • Mike

    You are so right. Russia has diplomats not muppets. Have you noticed (with the exception of St. Vladimir) that the rest of the individuals in your picture look like they were made by Jim Henson?

    The Kenyan President of the US is a certifiable lunatic to invade sovereign countries like Syria.

    How about 10 heroes of the year to contrast with the troughers?

  • John Fields

    I think that this is a great article. A couple of weeks back a Russian Minister
    remarked that we were a little island. In answer to this I read such remarks
    as ; what has Russia ever done?. As an old person, I thought of the her
    28 million war dead, and the fact that she bore 75 per cent of the war against
    Nazi Germany. Secondly, she gave us one of the great statesmen of the
    20 th Century, M. Gorbachev.

  • shortchanged

    And there I was, thinking I was the only one that believed Mr Putin was an true statesman. He certainly knocks spots off Obama, Hollonde, Cameron, etc. I fully agree with what you have said David, and I lament the war mongering of the usual suspects, they talk of air strikes and bombing as if its a tea party. Do they realize its mass murder: what happens in other countries is none of their business.

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