May 2024

Global cooling – aaaarrrrgggghhh – we’re all going to die! But how will the ‘warmists’ explain that?

There seems to be a certain amount of panic amongst the lying, greedy, self-serving parasites on the IPCC (UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate  Change). They have to produce their Fifth Assessment Report by October, but are having some difficulty explaining how there can be man-made global warming when the earth’s temperature hasn’t changed for the last 15 years even though the amounts of supposed greenhouse gases have increased dramatically (click on pictures to see more clearly)

We’ve seen in Britain how the liars at the Met Office dealt with the fact that their global warming theories were garbage. After wrongly predicting a few ‘barbecue summers’, which turned out to be washouts, the fraudsters at the Met Office came up with a brilliant new theory – that global warming has caused the jet stream to move south thus giving Britain colder, wetter summers. No sooner had the Met Office thought up this laughable explanation, than we had the summer of 2013 – one of the hottest for decades.

Over at the IPCC, they’re trying a similar trick – finding some ludicrously convoluted theory to explain why increasing greenhouse gases have not led to a rise in global temperatures.

Up till now, the IPCC have had one thing they could rely on – the shrinking Arctic ice cap. Interestingly, they never mention the Antarctic ice cap as that has been growing pretty much every year:

But now that pesky Arctic ice cap has stopped doing what the warmists said it should be doing – shrinking. In fact, it has increased by around 60% between August 2012 and August 2013. Here’s a photo comparing 2012 and 2013:

And here’s a graph of the Arctic ice cover:

In fact, it appears that we’re now entering a period of global cooling. Whoops! How are the warmists going to explain that?

In the meantime a couple of cracks have appeared in the warmists’ global warming religion. The new Australian PM has called man-made climate change “absolute crap” and Antonio Tajani, the European industry commissioner, has warned that Europe faces “a systemic industrial massacre,” mainly due to high energy prices caused by the rush to expensive and unreliable supposed “renewable energy” (useless windfarms and environmentally destructive biomass power stations). 

So, the warmists with their politically-correct global warming religion have a problem – how to explain away the fact that their theories are increasingly being exposed as the greatest and most destructive fraud ever perpetrated on mankind. It will be interesting to see what new excuses they invent to defend their increasingly discredited voodoo religion.

Oh, and here’s a link to a 2007 BBC story claiming the Arctic would be “ice-free by 2013” I wonder when the BBC will apologise for these lies?

2 comments to Global cooling – aaaarrrrgggghhh – we’re all going to die! But how will the ‘warmists’ explain that?

  • Paris Claims

    Once they get over the initial shock, they’ll decide upon denial or use it to their advantage. Pay more tax or polar bears will eat you.

  • Brillo

    Global warming may or may not be a fact. What is undeniable is the massive population growth in the past 100 years and the associated consumption of the planets resources at an unsustainable rate. And what have our politicians done to control this, absolute sweat f all. Most seem to encourage it. Lemmings come to mind. 

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