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Obama the Appeaser and Liar in Chief?

A reader sent me a link to a shortish YouTube video (4 mins and 15 secs). Why this video is interesting is that provides a perfect example of how our rulers continually downplay the threat that modern-day *sl*m represents to all of us.

Obama, like most of our rulers, uses verbal tricks/lies to gloss over what *sl*mic attacks really mean and how dangerous the *sl*mic threat is to the West. Here are three wonderfully effective techniques/lies used by the Obummerman in the last few weeks:

Technique/Lie Number 1 – “Random attacks”

After the shooting in a Jewish Kosher food store in a Jewish area of Paris, Obama said the killer had “randomly shot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris”. The key word here is “randomly”. If the gunman had gone to the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame or anywhere in the centre of Paris and started shooting, that would have been “randomly”. But a Jewish Kosher food store in a Jewish area of Paris, that’s not “random”, that’s targeted. That’s targeted against Jews. But Obama chooses to mislead Americans by using the word “randomly” because he doesn’t want to admit that *sl*mists are targeting Jews.

Technique/Lie Number 2 – “Don’t mention they’re Christians”

After the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians on a Libyan beach, the ObamaLiar issued a statement calling the mass beheading “the despicable and cowardly murder of 21 Egyptian citizens in Libya by ISIL-affiliated terrorists”. Of course, there’s one important word missing – the 21 victims were not just “Egyptian citizens” they were also Christians. These 21 people were murdered mainly because they were Christians. But the Obummer doesn’t want to mention that as it might look like *sl*mists were also targeting Christians. Smart, huh?

Technique/Lie Number 3 – “All religions can be violent”

While trying to dance over the horror and violence of modern-day *sl*m, Obama has used the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades to suggest that all religions can be equally violent. But as far as I remember, the Inquisition and the Crusades happened quite a long time ago. In the West we’ve become a bit more civilised in the last few hundred years. The mass murder of Jews, Christians, Yazidis, gays and, in fact, anyone who isn’t a Sunni is happening today and will happen tomorrow and every day after that.

Here’s the YouTube video:

For anyone who hasn’t read it, can I suggest you read my post from 21st January 2015 – First comes Saturday, then comes Sunday about how M*sl*ms will kill all the Jews first and then kill all the Christians   

The Third World War has started. *sl*mists are intent on taking over the world and destroying Western civilisation using violence, mass immigration and the M*sl*m demographic timebomb (the belly is more powerful than the bullet). But our rulers, like the ObamaLiar, play with words (just like the mainstream media here continues to refer to the ‘British’ rapists as “Asians” rather than “M*sl*ms”) and omit important details to play down the dangers facing us for fear of people realising how bad the situation is.

After all, imagine the chaos and social breakdown if any of our leaders actually admitted that we’re seeing the beginnings of a massive clash between civilisation and *sl*m. People might take action to defend themselves and their countries and they might even refuse to vote for mealy-mouthed *sl*mophiliac appeasers, cowards and liars like Obama, Merkel, Hollande and *sl*mo-Dave Cameron and, in fact, almost every supposed ‘leader’ in the West.

So, next time one of our rulers speaks out to express their fake, manufactured ‘shock’ and ‘outrage’ and ‘horror’ over the latest M*sl*m atrocity, look carefully at the weasel-words they use as these will almost certainly be designed to mislead us and downplay the *sl*mic threat.

6 comments to Obama the Appeaser and Liar in Chief?

  • PamWM

    They don’t even call them ‘rapists’. So what he hear on the media is ‘Asian grooming gangs’ instead of ‘M*slim gangs of child rapists’.

  • Yup. thanks for that. Yet another example of how weasel-words are used by our rulers to distort what is really happening so that we ordinary people don’t realise the extent of our leaders’ capitulation to *sl*m

  • NoMore

    A few more atrocities in Europe (and there will be more) and even the cultural Marxists we have for “elites” these days will not be able to assuage the growing unease of the lumpenproletariat – every rape and every death adds thousands more votes to our potential saviours (Farage, Le Pen, Wilders are the only names which spring to mind so far). The mask of Islum (sic) is slipping away to reveal the ugly truth to even lefty fools finally despite our ruling traitors’ best efforts to point the other way (look a racist!).

  • MGJ

    “The mass murder of Jews, Christians, Yazidis, gays and, in fact, anyone who isn’t a Sunni….”.

    I am sure the likes of H*zb*ll*h (i.e. shiites) wouldn’t baulk at slaughtering a few Sunnis as well. Pretty much anyone will do as it is all in the name of you-know-who.

    It has been interesting the way the BBC has had so much coverage of the Indian rapes, including quoting the perpetrators and discussing their thinking, backgrounds and motivation. Compare this with the UK gang rapes – blanket self-censorship as usual.

  • mike mines

    Rape Jihad…there, didn’t hurt did it? Yes, that is sarcasm.

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