October 2021
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Let them go! Lay on free buses to Gatwick airport!

With each passing day, I become ever more convinced that there’s no place for people like me in today’s multi-cultural Britain.

The latest episode that has depressed me is the story of the three lunatic girls who have gone off to join ISIL as “Jihadi brides”. For days the mainstream media was bleating and moaning and handwringing over “the authorities” (police, schools, the airline, whoever) allowing these girls to go to Syria (or whatever violent, poverty-stricken, excrement-covered Middle East hellhole they’ve chosen).

I don’t get it. This has nothing to do with “the authorities”. The only people responsible are the parents and the girls themselves. But in today’s self-loathing, self-harming Britain, the automatic reaction is for us to allow “British” M*sl*ms to accept no responsibility at all for the actions of their repulsive children. Instead we let them blame us. No doubt these girls’ parents will soon be demanding compensation from British taxpayers for the loss of their supposedly wonderful, brilliant, straight-As student daughters.

jihadi brides 1

As for the loonies who want to join ISIL, why are we stopping them? They hate us. They hate our country. They hate our freedoms. They hate our tolerance. Like their worthless, baby-producing, benefits-scrounging parents, they will never make any contribution to our country. We should be encouraging them to go. We should be laying on free buses to Gatwick for them so they can catch the flight to Istanbul. We should be cheering them as they leave. And we should then bomb them to the paradise they seem so keen to visit.

Anyway girls. How’s it going? How was your wedding night? Great? Or a bit of a disappointment? If you felt the earth move, it might just have been some bombs being dropped nearby and not your bearded psycopath’s sexual prowess and amorous technique:

jihadi brides

And after it’s all over and ISIL are finally routed and these girls’ husbands martyred, no doubt Britain’s 60+ Jihadi brides will come crawling back to Britain, waving their British passports, with their brood of mini-jihadis in tow and demand that they should be able to live off benefits for the rest of their pathetic, perverted lives. Plus they’ll want free housing, free schooling, free healthcare, free everything. After all, now they’re no longer virgins, no M*sl*m man would have them. And worst of all – we’ll let them and we’ll give them everything they want because “they’re British”. And then they’ll bring up their devil’s spawn to hate us and go on to murder us when they grow up.

When will we realise that *sl*m and Britain are incompatible and the sooner we show “British” M*sl*ms the door, the better for all of us?

6 comments to Let them go! Lay on free buses to Gatwick airport!

  • Richard

    Nailed it

  • David Barron

    David Craig for PM

  • MGJ

    I didn’t think of the free buses idea but otherwise it is pretty much what I’ve been saying myself and nobody so far has disagreed with me. This conflicts somewhat with the unanimous view of the mainstream media who believe the loss of these three individuals to be a national tragedy.

  • Thanks for suggesting me as PM. Unfortunately, even though I am an approved potential parliamentary candidate for UKIP (approved in the first difficult round of tests, not like the dross who got through in the last minute panic to find 650 candidates) I have not been able to find a constituency. I have been to 4 hustings. Two were fair fights where the best candidate won. Two were stitch-ups where the result was decided in advance. The candidate who beat me in a stitch-up in my local constituency is such (IMHO) a useless, doddery old fart that you wouldn’t elect him as president of your local tiddlewinks club. So, I doubt I’ll get anywhere near Westminster.

  • mike mines

    ‘a useless, doddery old fart that you wouldn’t elect him as president of your local tiddlewinks club.’
    Sounds like Prescott, House of Lords material.

  • Brillo

    Here here, the sooner we ship these breeding machines out of our green and every increasingly less pleasant land the better.

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