June 2022
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Australia has record early ski season. Aaarrggghhh, must be global warming!

Thursday/Friday blog

There’s good news and bad news this week for Aussie climate catastrophists.

First the bad news:

Bad news – Catastrophists’ predictions always wrong

Australia’s climate catastrophists, like climate catastrophists the world over, have a habit of making bloodcurdling predictions of imminent disaster that invariably turn out to have been total nonsense.

Here, for […]

Have we all been “rwandaed”

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Time to learn a new expression?

I believe we may all have to learn a new word/expression. The new word/expression is a verb “to rwanda”. This can either be used in the form “to rwanda someone” or “to be rwandaed”.

The verb “to rwanda” should be used when a politician announces some great […]

Hey proles! How will you spend your “carbon budget”?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Yesterday’s dystopia becomes today’s reality?

Regular readers will know that, in addition to trying to promote my own book about climate catastrophism – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS – I have several times recommended journalist Ross Clark’s satirical novel about climate lunacy – THE DENIAL:

In his novel, Ross Clark […]

The globalist elites make fools of us all

Friday/weekend blog

My apologies for the bad language in this blog. But I just couldn’t find any other way of expressing what the globalist elites are doing to us all.

The W.H.O. defecates on us

First two pieces of great news from the World Health Organisation:

On 24 May 2022 (last week), the (IMHO) utterly […]

Have our useless police given up or just gone mad or both?

Wednesday/ Thursday blog

First the ‘good news’

You could never accuse me of being a pessimist as here’s some wonderful news from our (IMHO) increasingly unhinged police.

Seven police forces in England and Wales have decided to allow criminal suspects to be recorded on their computer systems as non-binary, meaning they consider themselves neither male […]