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Have our useless police given up or just gone mad or both?

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First the ‘good news’

You could never accuse me of being a pessimist as here’s some wonderful news from our (IMHO) increasingly unhinged police.

Seven police forces in England and Wales have decided to allow criminal suspects to be recorded on their computer systems as non-binary, meaning they consider themselves neither male nor female.

Two other forces, Norfolk and Suffolk constabularies, allow suspects to describe their gender as “unknown and unspecified” because officers are “aware there are a growing number of terms associated with gender and sexuality”.

A spokesman for both forces said that they recognise there are 67 different genders people can present as.

It’s lucky that there is so little crime that our police have time and energy to spend on such total nonsense.

It’s worse than you imagined

In my previous blog, I included a chart showing police conviction rates falling from 15.5% in 2014/15 to a pathetic 7.8% in 2018/19:

Since then I’ve managed to find a chart showing crime clearance rates from 1970 to 2021

(left-click on charts, then left-click again to see more clearly)

I hardly need to comment on this utter failure by our worthless police except to say that, if you’re a criminal, you’d have to be pretty stupid and useless at your criminality to be caught by our pointless police.

The police retreat?

Perhaps even more shocking than this collapse in crime clearance rates is the following chart. This shows that the number of police stations in England and Wales has plunged from 2,729 in 1970 to a miserable 600 by 2020:

It seems our politicians and police blether on about supposed ‘community policing’ while our police retreat from our communities to hide in ever fewer centralised police stations as far away as possible from the communities they are paid to police.

To cheer us up

A dog-owner’s neighbours apparently started complaining about the noise from his home. So he set up a camera to record what went on while he was out at work.

I wonder if the dog is reading the sheet music as the piece being played sounds a bit like something from American composer Philip Glass. Or maybe the dog is just improvising?


2 comments to Have our useless police given up or just gone mad or both?

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    It’s unsurprising, then, that Plod has given up doing any actual policing.

    The paperwork now associated with both race and gender for any incident, no matter how serious or how trivial, they have to deal with must be overwhelming. Neither time nor budget left for actual investigation, arrest, or charging.

    Far better to cower in their cars and look the other way.

  • A Thorpe

    Surely, the police are responding to pressure from the politicians and academics. Is it any different to the power companies who are destroying our energy systems because of the zero carbon nonsense? I was struck by a brief comment in “Gentleman Jack” when Anne Lister questioned why she was born differently, leading a life based on science and logic. The answer is that humans are not rational, we live a life dominated by emotions, and we can see periods in history where nonsense takes over. We are in one of those periods. I am also sure that technology is driving this, especially social media, which spreads crazy ideas quicker than a viral pandemic. Huxley said years ago that technology is the quickest way to go backwards. Perhaps we need to go back to bobbies on bikes.

    I saw a few days ago that Norfolk police have 100 gender options. The NHS is no different. I image the majority of employees have to go along with it otherwise they will be out of a job. There are indications that many NHS staff did not agree with the vaccination policy but dare not speak out. The government can stop this but chooses not to. Perhaps it is also afraid to speak out about the new religion that has taken over a majority.

    What we do not see in the graphs is the total number of crimes and the types of crime. The police need evidence and it seems to me that is not easy. I saw a local case reported and the person was found because he was picked up on camera riding a stolen bike. Do people want cameras everywhere? Is a comparison with the past relevant? There wasn’t much to take only a few years ago.

    Why does the reduction in police stations matter? How many people go personally to the station to report a crime? The nature of crime is changing and there has to be proof that police walking the streets will reduce crime.

    I think it was Farage I heard discussing sentencing, saying there are fewer prison sentences and criminals get a telling off, with a stronger telling off for repeat offences. We have ask whether prison works for minor offences.

    Is there a bigger issue here, that of private property of all types, including the person. The governments do not respect property rights. They took over people’s bodies to coerce them into having unsafe vaccines. They tax whatever they want and people have to own property to see the importance. This is why so much property damage is carried out in riots. These are people who do not own property. As far as I understand private property rights was central to the American Constitution but those have been slowly eroded. The governments have legalised theft in the form of taxation and encouraged state dependency, reduced the incentive to save and own property. It is not difficult to see why some people have no respect for property ownership.

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