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Australia has record early ski season. Aaarrggghhh, must be global warming!

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There’s good news and bad news this week for Aussie climate catastrophists.

First the bad news:

Bad news – Catastrophists’ predictions always wrong

Australia’s climate catastrophists, like climate catastrophists the world over, have a habit of making bloodcurdling predictions of imminent disaster that invariably turn out to have been total nonsense.

Here, for example, is the ‘Head of Climate Analysis’ at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald in January 2008 predicting that droughts would be the new normal weather in Australia:

And here’s the UK Guardian newspaper a couple of years later reporting that the Australian floods of 2010 and 2011 were so severe that they caused the world’s sea levels to drop “by as much as 7mm”:

Not much evidence of eternal drought there

Good news – Dumb Aussies believe climate voodoo, not facts

The good news for Australian climate catastrophists is that so many Australian have been indoctrinated to believe the climate catastrophist nonsense that they refuse to accept what is actually happening. In spite of Aussie climate catastrophists, like climate catastrophists everywhere, always being hopelessly wrong with 30 to 40 years of doom-and-disaster predictions, Australians have just elected a Labour government whose number one priority is cutting Australia’s CO2 emissions to supposedly fight the supposed “climate emergency”.

At the moment, Australia is experiencing its coldest start to its winter for over 40 years and the country is expecting a record ski season. But the majority of the dumbo Bruces and Sheilas are convinced they’re all about to die in a global warming inferno caused by evil humans’ activities.

In Australia, as in many Western countries, people are so brainwashed by the climate catastrophist mainstream media and the Saint Greta brigade that they’re no longer capable of accepting facts when these facts contradict their beloved climate catastrophist propaganda. (Meanwhile, the rather more sensible Indians have recently reopened about 100 coal mines to power their growing economy):

When historians look back on the late 20th and early 21st centuries, perhaps they will call this period the “Age of Idiocy”?

Here’s the excellent Andrew Bolt from the excellent Sky News Australia trying to make sense of his compatriots’ stupidity:

5 comments to Australia has record early ski season. Aaarrggghhh, must be global warming!

  • A Thorpe

    Climate alarmism is based on small increases in the average temperature, but when there are some areas with much higher temperatures, it means that somewhere has to get much colder to keep the average within the predicted range. Hence, climate alarmism includes concern about hotter and colder weather, both caused by increasing carbon dioxide which is why atmospheric carbon dioxide must be reduced to zero.

    It makes sense, and Princes Charles and William told us so. They also said that the Queen supported their environmental work and she was chosen by God for her wisdom. They are an impeccable source of scientific information along with Attenborough who is now Sir Sir David for his contribution. How can we possibly be in an Age of Idiocy with such guidance?

  • Ed P

    The latest from the climate lot – CO2 increases LAG temperature increases!
    Not news to me (or most people with brains), as this was determined many years ago, but it’s good to see it becoming more widely known.
    So, now we may forget about the pathetic and useless attempts to ‘control’ CO2, a new target will be needed to maintain the government’s extortion in the name of climate.

  • A Thorpe

    Tony Heller has just released another video, “YouTube mocks themselves” about failed predictions. I can appreciate that people can find the science difficult to follow, but it is impossible to understand why they are not aware of decades of failed predictions when it is pointed out, and when there are recordings of people making these false claims.

    I have just read a short book by Truman Verdun about mass formation and he makes a point about the IQ of crowds. They can contain people with high IQs but it is not apparent in the overall crowd behaviour, which he describes as basically stupid. It is a pity that he didn’t develop the idea. Desmett has discussed the split of people in the mass formation, 30% believers, 40% going along with it, and 30% not accepting, but the split is a guess. Desmett says we must speak out about the mass formation but Verdun says that only about 1% are prepared to speak out because of fear of the masses. He doesn’t justify this figure, but if true it reveals why the mass delusion is difficult to breakup.

    When pointed out, it is obvious, even in small crowds, for example student behaviour at parties when drinking seems an obvious situation where IQ becomes irrelevant. But students also seem to be the group that readily accept the global warming theory when they should be expected to question ideas. It is different to understand what is happening to people. Is it because our knowledge is so vast and it is impossible for anybody to know more than a fraction and therefore trust in experts becomes unquestionable? It is also the case that experts can deceive people for personal gain.

    The Conservative Woman website has just published two articles about the Andrew Wakefield MMR-Autism scare. At the time, I understood that he had claimed a link from his research and it resulted in a fall in vaccinations. Tony Blair refused to say if his baby had been vaccinated which certainly did not help. Wakefield was struck off. Probably about six months ago I saw an article supporting him and I found his paper which clearly states he found no link between MMR and Autism. He did however, not in the published paper, recommend that parents should have a choice of separate vaccines pending further study. This was his downfall because he effectively questioned Big Pharma and a profitable vaccination. Patient choice, the accuracy of safety information and informed consent does not matter to Big Pharma. We have seen this repeated with the Covid vaccinations.

    The truth does not seem to matter to the masses in the west and a time will come when they will regret their complacency.

  • Brenda Blessed

    No one can draw more out of things, books included, than he already knows. Which for most people that is now SFA. Especially since the education started being actively dumbed down in 1986 by the Thatcher government and then accelerated by the Blair government.

    All of the long line of health, financial crises and unnecessary wars causing migration have been deliberately engineered (by the sociopaths and kleptocrats that have wormed their way into most governments) to gaslight populations. Here is the rough timeline:

    HIV AIDS => Mad Cow Disease => 9/11 => wars in Afghanistan and Iraq => 2008 banking crisis => austerity => superbug handwashing scare => war in Syria => => the climate emergency => migration crisis => the housing crisis caused by immigration/migration, low interest rates due to the banking crisis and government policies => pandemic => MRNA DNA-changing “vaccinations” used to demonise the sensible unvaccinated into getting vaccinated => the cost of living crisis brought about by the astronomical amount of money printed to deal with the pandemic and net-zero CO2 climate crisis => Germany making itself dependent on Russia for gas and fuel => war in Ukraine => monkeypox replaces Covid-19 after the “pandemic” is blown away in England by 100 Tory rebels, partygate and GB News going against the media grain by telling the truth, followed by the the rest of the Anglosphere, USA and EU.

  • Marc Ager

    Brenda, you forgot to include the foot-and-mouth fiasco.

    There has been nothing like that before or since then.

    In 2001 the UK went through an epidemic of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) which led to the slaughter of 6.5 million animals and a cost of £8 billion. Even though vaccination of susceptible animals against foot-and-mouth disease is a well established strategy for helping to combat the disease.

    I even voted Labour for the first time in my life because I thought that it was created by the Tories to get Labour out of power.

    It spread almost as fast as Covid when it requires physical contact to spread. That is why there has been no such outbreak anywhere in the world before that or since then.

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