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Have we all been “rwandaed”

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Time to learn a new expression?

I believe we may all have to learn a new word/expression. The new word/expression is a verb “to rwanda”. This can either be used in the form “to rwanda someone” or “to be rwandaed”.

The verb “to rwanda” should be used when a politician announces some great new policy which they believe will be popular with the public. But when you look at the small print, you find the politician is lying through their teeth as the policy will actually do the exact opposite of what the politician claims.

Is Priti Patel an honourable and trustworthy politician?

Here’s a link to the “Memorandum of Understanding” between the UK and Rwanda governments regarding the Provision of an Asylum Partnership Arrangement:–transfer-arrangments

If you can be bothered to click on the link, you’ll see page after page of semi-legalistic verbiage about protecting the human rights of any illegal migrants transported from the UK to Rwanda. Here (in blue text) is just a tiny example:

2.1 The objective of this Arrangement is to create a mechanism for the relocation of asylum seekers whose claims are not being considered by the United Kingdom, to Rwanda, which will process their claims and settle or remove (as appropriate) individuals after their claim is decided, in accordance with Rwanda domestic law, the Refugee Convention, current international standards, including in accordance with international human rights law and including the assurances given under this Arrangement.

2.2 For the avoidance of doubt, the commitments set out in this Memorandum are made by the United Kingdom to Rwanda and vice versa and do not create or confer any right on any individual, nor shall compliance with this Arrangement be justiciable in any court of law by third-parties or individuals.

But what about Section 16?

Everything about this agreement looks fine till you come to Section 16.

Here (in red text) is Section 16.

16 Resettlement of vulnerable Refugees

16.1 The Participants will make arrangements for the United Kingdom to resettle a portion of Rwanda’s most vulnerable refugees in the United Kingdom, recognising both Participants’ commitment towards providing better international protection for refugees.

Section 16 is very short and contains none of the detailed explanation which you find in all the other sections of this Memorandum of Understanding. This is very odd.

But what can Section 16 mean? In it we learn that:  The Participants will make arrangements for the United Kingdom to resettle a portion of Rwanda’s most vulnerable refugees in the United Kingdom

Ooops. You might have thought that Priti ‘Useless’ Patel’s great policy was all about sending illegal migrants to Rwanda. But Section 16 suggests that Rwanda will be sending a portion of its most vulnerable migrants to the UK.

We can find further indications of how we are being rwandaed by our charlatan government and Patel in the introduction to the Memorandum of Understanding where we learn: for many years, Rwanda has willingly been hosting and giving shelter to hundreds of thousands of refugees, offering adequate systems of refugee protection, consistent with the principles of international solidarity that underpin the international refugee protection system, and committed to the notion that cooperation and burden-sharing with respect to refugee status claimants can be enhanced.

And we also learn that Rwanda has been providing: life-saving protection, assistance and long-term solutions to extremely vulnerable refugees trapped in detention in Libya, through temporary evacuation to Rwanda.

Are you getting the picture now?

Our lying government has led us to believe that the Rwanda arrangement is all about sending Channel-crossing illegals from the UK to Rwanda. But it seems that actually there will be two-way traffic with loads of “vulnerable” migrants from Rwanda being sent to live at our expense in the UK.

I wonder why none of the mainstream media and nobody at the BBC or C4 News has noticed Section 16 of Patel’s Memorandum of Understanding?

It seems that nobody in our media thought it worth mentioning this possibly ‘inconvenient’ aspect of the great treaty with Rwanda.

As far as I can see, we’re being thoroughly rwandaed by our lying government, Patel and her minions.

Here’s the inimitable Simon Webb giving his interpretation of the great Section 16 mystery:

7 comments to Have we all been “rwandaed”

  • Carolyn Hill

    You should send this to (if that is his email address). If not should work.

    I may have to unsubscribe from your blog, it’s not doing my blood pressure any good!

  • David Craig

    Good idea. I have just sent the link to my blog to

  • A Thorpe

    And we thought it couldn’t get any worse. I read that Priti has reserved 148 seats on the first flight for Tory undesirables.

  • Paul Chambers

    I did learn Rwanda is already a destination for EU migrant processing. So i assumed once again this is the UK aligning with existing EU practice. So makes sense re Libya given the NATO-led coalition bombing created the conduit to Europe for African economic migrants.

    Boris has spent his whole life blagging in the moment. It kind of worked in London with Eddie Lister running things and not much responsibility. But as prime minister the job is too big and too many enemies circling with illusions of grandeur.

    I hear Gove was at Bilderberg group meeting this week. The country is all set to be ushered back into the EU under the guise of cooperation or security etc.

  • david brown

    Boris and take back control- so all we are doing is exchanging one group of asylum seeking migrants for another?
    Not a genuine plan to reduce the numbers but outright intended deception of the public.
    Readers could bring this to greater numbers of the public by posting readers comments on such as Mirror and Telegraph.

  • Bad Brian

    At least all those “extremely vulnerable refugees” will be top surgeons and computer experts with a healthy smattering of thespians who will be able to replace the black people who interrupt the telly programmes to try to advertise rubbish and who are all so well off now, that most are planning to retire to Switzerland.

    Hopefully there will also be a number of black rappers who can entertain us by singing about taking their vengeance upon their Ho’s, what has done dem wrong.

    It is their very talent that makes them vulnerable. Vulnerable to lesser gifted Rawandans who are jealous of these talented types who have so much to offer.

    lucky UK, lucky us, I say !

  • Eric Legge

    So the diabolical liberal globalist UK government wants to add to the existing huge health and mental health burdens.

    The migrant exchange means that the vulnerable Rwandans and migrants in Rwanda will have to be given scarce special furnished and protected housing as well as specialist medical treatment. While Rwanda gets the young and healthy migrants.

    If this gets widely know in the UK, Priti Patel will never be able to become the Tory leader. I also sent the link to Simon Webb’s video to Farage, Wootton and Dolan at GB News. If GB News refuses to do an exposé on this, it is being prevented from so doing.

    Somehow Simon Webb has managed to keep his YouTube channel going by brilliant presenting. But he has had run-ins with Google, which owns YouTube. Below is a link to a really ridiculous example on his History Debunked channel described by Simon himself.

    Google determined that he could not use the name of a famous US anthropologist because of the man’s surname was racist. I had to split that surname in two in emails to gmail addresses because the emails bounced.

    YouTube will not allow me to mention a famous American anthropologist of the twentieth century –

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