July 2024

The globalist elites make fools of us all

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My apologies for the bad language in this blog. But I just couldn’t find any other way of expressing what the globalist elites are doing to us all.

The W.H.O. defecates on us

First two pieces of great news from the World Health Organisation:

  • On 24 May 2022 (last week), the (IMHO) utterly corrupt, utterly corrupted, incompetent Ethiopian guy whose name I can’t be bothered to spell was re-elected as Director-General of the World Health Organisation for another five-year term. Tedros Whats-his-name was the guy who could have stopped the Wuhan lab-leaked plague in its tracks by admitting the plague could be passed from person to person and thus proposing an international travel ban. That was his job. Instead, he followed the orders of his Chinese boss claiming that the Chinese plague wasn’t infectious and that international travel should continue even as the Chinese were banning all travel within China. Then, of course, Tedros helped the Chinese cover up that the plague leaked from a filthy, badly-run lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology

  • And while we’re on the subject of China and the World Health Organisation, on 28 May 2022, China was elected as one of the 12 members of the World Health Organisation’s Executive Board. China will join such paragons of medical excellence as Senegal, Morocco, Yemen, Moldova, the Maldives, Ethiopia and Micronesia in deciding the World Health Organisation’s strategy and activities. The only serious members of the World Health Organisation’s Executive Board are Canada and the USA. But they can always be outvoted by the worthless Third-World garbage countries most of whom are just glove puppets for the Chinese Communist Party
The United Nations defecate on us

This is not an April Fools joke. Or maybe it is a joke being played on us by the globalist elites. I guess our mainstream media were too busy celebrating the Queen’s platinum jubilee to have time and space to tell us that an important UN conference kicks off in Geneva this week – the UN Conference on Nuclear Disarmament. Chairing this important conference is that world leader in nuclear disarmament – North Korea.

I despair!

5 comments to The globalist elites make fools of us all

  • Paul Chambers

    Globalism = internationalism = communism.

    No wonder the likes of Bliar, Brandon and likes of Mancock are attracted like flies to honey to these supranational unaccountable corrupt organisations.

    Power and money the two things they crave.

  • David Craig

    I suspect that Sturgeon will soon get bored of being the big honcho in tiny, insignificant Scotland and will soon land a wonderfully-paid, fabulously-expensed sinecure in one or other of these corrupt, power-hungry, self-serving globalist bureaucracies.

  • A Thorpe

    This happens because we let it happen. I can only see force stopping them, and they have bigger guns than us. Many suffer from the delusion that democracy puts us in charge but how often do we see the concept of democracy challenged? I believe the political parties have to go as a first step to limiting the power of these people and I say this when there is an opportunity.

    There is nothing new about any of the nonsense described here. It has been going on throughout human history. The other delusion we have is that we are somehow superior to our ancestors because of our advanced knowledge. It could be worse because individuals only understand a fraction if it and this means we put trust in experts, just has we had faith in God.

    Look at our past when human sacrifices were being made to appease the Gods. There is no evidence of any Gods. Lucy Worsley has a new series. The first was about witchcraft which is possession by the devil. More nonsense with no evidence to support it. Confessions were obtained by torture, just as Henry VIII obtained confessions about Anne Boleyn’s supposed adultery. The powerful will do anything to convince themselves they are right. Worsley’s then went on to the black death when the church was convincing people they were being punished by God because of their sins. Hitler convinced the German’s that the Jews were spreading disease. Now the unvaccinated are the sinners to be punished and even the Queen was promoting this belief, telling us it doesn’t hurt to be vaccinated. How ridiculous to think that this is more important that the safety of vaccines. The royal family is the worst of the lot. Philip said in one interview that he wanted to be reincarnated as a deadly virus to kill us all off.

    It is sometimes said that China controls the WHO because of funding. Others say that it is Bill Gates. As far as the covid pandemic is concerned we had a choice about taking the “vaccine” but just as in the past fear was generated and it worked because of educated stupidity. We had less choice about other policies because of fines but at least we didn’t get beaten up by the police in the UK.

    I would like to see the end of nuclear weapons, but I’m not sure that is possible. We cannot un-invent them. I’m more concerned about countries joining the club. Israel apparently has them but will not admit it and Iran is desperate to join with the west almost encouraging it.

    Humanity seems to be in one of its craziest periods and there really is nothing we can do about, as the past shows. In fact the majority supports it without understanding what they are doing. Technology is taking us backwards and we have a lot more to lose than at any time in the past.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    I read that at the World Economic Forum in Davos – the WEF being the current rival to the World Health Organisation for the job of prospective world government – they’ve been discussing the ‘Global Food Crisis’, with the head of the World Food Programme warning of ‘famines around the world’
    I also read that software squillionaire and self-appointed pandemic expert Bill Gates, who is also a significant ‘mover and shaker’ at the WEF, has suddenly become the single biggest private owner of farmland in the whole United States. And has already bought 22,000 hectares of land in Turkey.
    My my, what an amazing coincidence……!

    So welcome to your future, kiddies – the bankers’ World Government keeps you in line with a global military, and with a succession of jabs from a global pharmaceutical industry.
    Your self-driving computerised electric car will obligingly take you to a number of world government-approved destinations – your local Vegan supermarket, for instance. If you want to attempt to go anywhere that’s not approved, it’s a bike ride – though the price of a chipped, world-government-tracked bike (and its road tax) will be a touch more than it is today, because ‘green’ energy has pushed the cost of manufacturing a bike up a bit.

    And the cashless economy will ensure that your global bank account will have a permanent Direct Debit and Standing Charge to the World Government to pay for all this.
    Every few years, you’ll be allowed to ‘vote’ for another identikit bunch of globalist multimillionaires with a variety of coloured rosettes. Who’ll fly around the world on your behalf (since you’re no longer allowed to – the ‘planet’ demands it) to be picked up in Merc limos and driven to suspiciously non-vegan banquets, where they’ll discuss all the things that they know, much better than you do, are good for you.

    The case for all this, you’ll be smilingly informed, is ‘un-arguable’. So please don’t bother arguing – it’s so tiresome.
    And you’ll love it. Or at least, polling organisations like Zahawi’s ‘YouGov’ will assure you that you’re loving it. So that’s alright then.

  • Eric Legge

    A Thorpe: It is sometimes said that China controls the WHO because of funding. Others say that it is Bill Gates. As far as the covid pandemic is concerned we had a choice about taking the “vaccine” but just as in the past fear was generated and it worked because of educated stupidity. We had less choice about other policies because of fines but at least we didn’t get beaten up by the police in the UK.”

    For the time being. The military is deliberately doing its utmost to encourage white personnel to quit and not be able to sign up in the first place. No doubt because a military made up of foreigners can more easily be used to control the citizenry here and in the USA.

    Nihilistic physiologically-exhausted whites are using black people and racism to cripple this country and the USA.

    Watch this excellent video by Simon Webb. I could spend all day watching his videos and reading the comments.

    Diversity and inclusivity in the British Army; the Psychosis of Whiteness –

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