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Diversity ain’t no strenf, bruv!

(Wednesday blog)

Today I’d like to introduce you to 21-year-old Sheareem Cookhorn and 18-year-old Tyrell Graham. Fine-looking chaps aren’t they? And a huge benefit to our diverse, vibrant, multi-cultural society:

I don’t remember which is which and really don’t care. The thing I do care about is why these two (IMHO) utterly worthless pieces of sh*t were ever born in the first place.

These two pieces of garbage have just been convicted of murdering 19-year-old Kamali Gabbidon-Lynck (probably also a worthless excrement) and attempting to murder an unnamed 20-year-old (probably scum as well), with Cookhorn also convicted for possession of a firearm with intent. Three 17-year-olds, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were also convicted of murder for Gabbidon-Lynck’s murder, and of section 18 grievous bodily harm in connection with the gang’s second victim.

“On the night of the murder, the group of seven males, including the five defendants and two unknown individuals set off on bicycles… to search for suspected rival gang members,” an official statement from the Metropolitan Police recalled.

“Such was their violent intent, that between the five defendants they carried at least five knives (including a machete and a small sword), a handgun and a shotgun,” the statement continued, describing how Cookhorn opened fire on the victims and two others upon finding them in Lordship Lane near a Vue cinema complex.”

Apparently the attack was due to what the police called a “postcode rivalry”. I guess the scumbags were fighting over drug-dealing territory. After the attack, the attackers posted so-called “drill videos” boasting of their ‘success’.

I imagine the grandparents of these pieces of trash came to Britain and worked in menial jobs maybe in factories or cleaning hospitals. Probably they were religious Christians who worked hard and tried to make a decent life for themselves and their families. But within just a couple of generations, in spite of having all the advantages of living in an advanced, Western democracy with things like free education and free healthcare, their families had only produced violent, low-IQ, socially-worthless pieces of sh*t.

Probably all these pieces of excrement went to school for ten years, learning absolutely nothing. Most likely they spent their school years doing everything they could to humiliate and destroy the education of those children who did actually want to learn and improve their lives.

This is apparently why our parents’ and grandparents’ generations fought in two world wars – so that those a cynic might consider to be Third-world faeces could pour into our once great country causing havoc and destroying everything they touched.

These scum seem to be the rule, rather than the exception, in the housing estates of London Mayor Khan’s vibrant, diverse, multi-cultural paradise.

But I can assure you bruv, diversity ain’t no strenf!

(and here, for those who haven’t seen it is my Youtube video – Khan’s Bloodsoaked Streets of London)

8 comments to Diversity ain’t no strenf, bruv!

  • Mark

    An excellent summary of what’s happened to the UK. I really do wonder if some of our elite actually realise they really messed up in the quest to enrich the masses.
    The Russians must be laughing their heads off. What a state we are in and once the borrowed money runs out then we are really screwed.

  • twi5ted

    Before Khan i regularly travelled in London by train and would see police with airport style metal detectors at stations. It was targeted too so whilst they happily let me walk by any little thug got grabbed and shoved through. It seemed to work and it was widely supported even in those communities that we are told by the BBC are victims of our institutionally racist police force. I work with people from these communities and believe me they want law and order imposed as it is their kids who are front line cannon fodder for this liberal agenda.

  • William Boreham

    I’ve got a horrible suspicion that the result of tomorrow’s General Election will confirm England is well on the way to becoming another Banana Republic. I don’t see any sign that the English are even aware of the fact they will inevitably and into the near future, become a persecuted minority in their own country, never mind having the spirit and courage to fight right now for their grandchildren’s future. Battle of Britain? El Alamein? Dambusters? D-Day? Forget it, it was all in vain. In retrospect, we’d have been far better off, surviving as a thriving and unique race and still 100% English folk, had we lost. Better still, not been responsible for initiating WW2 in the first place, going to war over a cause and country we had neither the will or means to defend.

  • A Thorpe

    I can’t support this today. I cannot see that diversity or multiculturalism is something to be celebrated or criticised, it is just a fact of human existence. There’s not much to celebrate about the behaviour of a good many white British, and I say this not because of violence, but because of watching the behaviour and attitude of our mainly white politicians especially in the election debates. I don’t want to see violence on the streets, or in homes but I cannot see that it is worse than the damage to society and civilisation being created by our essentially Marxist and incompetent politicians. But we get what we vote for. We only have ourselves to blame for societies problems.

    I have never believed in religion but I can understand that we created god because of our lack of understanding of the natural world. Our knowledge increased slowly but has made enormous advances in the last 100 years and I am now convinced that a majority of people don’t have the ability to understand the basics of most of our discoveries and how to adapt to globalisation. A new green, socially aware god has been created and it is real and far worse than the original. Gods are the enemies of civilisation.

  • Judd

    As William Boreham, after tomorrow continues the march into violent third world hell, whoever wins makes not a scrap of difference.

    The problem is there is no one to vote for who has any intention of changing it, the BNP and UKIP have been destroyed effectively, one chap called Farage claims the credit for the first but even the most blinkered of us can see he was the prime mover in the destruction of the second.
    Farage has also denied half the country to right to register a vote against all of this.

    The electorate must take its share of the blame for not supporting parties comprised of patriots when they had the chance, too late now, the rot is ingrained deep like a terminal cancer.

    RIP England of the working classes.

    Luckily those who caused all of this and made handsome personal profit out of destroying our country will live comfortable protected lives in the Cotswolds and other enclaves far enough from the hell they have unleashed on the rest of us, so just be grateful you plebs that our betters are safe and secure.

  • Jeff Palmer

    It was once explained to me that we live, not in a Democracy, but in an Oligarchy tempered by Democracy.
    It is apparent to me now that the Oligarchs have finally become bored and impatient with the ‘democracy’ part of that equation, and have deliberately decided to withdraw any chance we may have had of tempering the decisions they make. Hence the deliberate destruction and negation of political parties that attempt to offer us a chance to slow the relentless rush of the Globalist, Cultural Marxist juggernaut, and to keep some faint vestiges of the liberties this country fought, twice within the lifetimes of my parents, to preserve.
    The Oligarchs – the Banksters and their political Quislings – are aware that outside of the kind of urban cesspit that I live in, there is even now little support for their agenda, but have found a way, with their lackeys who control 100% of the media, of completely denying them any chance of influencing events.
    The means? ‘Diversity’ in everything – everything except Opinion. If you are intelligent enough to hold a different opinion to that prescribed by the media lackeys of the Oligarchy, you are ‘Pursuing an Agenda of Hate’.
    In the UK, it is our Marxist ‘Common Purpose’ Police chiefs who have, almost on their own, been able to concentrate an incredible percentage of their financial and manpower resources onto the invented offence of so-called ‘Hate Crime’, without any kind of debate.
    But it is extraordinarily fitting that the first major national leader to have publicly threatened to introduce censorship on a national scale of so-called ‘Hate Speech’, is Merkel, Chancellor of Germany and ruler of the EU.

  • ItsAllOverNow

    Unity is strength,multiculturalism and diversity are divisive as in divide and conquer by a few(the Wolves) over the many (the Sheeple) as planned all along.Its a Con and the Sheeple fell for it hook line and sinker.End of story,country,our history(which has and will continue to be rewritten against us). Western culture that raised us out of Serfdom and slavery to which we shall now return is all but gone.

  • A Thorpe

    Jeff, I agree with your thinking on this. I think there are three movements. The cultural Marxists have taken over the environmental movements and infiltrated universities. I think that many moderate socialists in Europe refuse to see what is going on and so effectively they are supporting it. The global companies now have so much influence over government policy and regulation and as a result they have destroyed market driven capitalism. The bankers are free to print money and governments have learned nothing from the last crash. Nobody has any control over this and it will collapse into chaos in my view, with China the beneficiary.

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