December 2023
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Congratulations to British voters! What a wonderful Christmas present!

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There will be so much blethering and blathering by the supposed ‘experts’ in the mainstream media that I doubt there’s anything a deplorable ignoramus like myself could add.

But I would like to express my delight at the election result and my admiration for the British electorate for yet again defying the instructions of their know-it-all, holier-than-thou, Europhiliac supposed ‘opinion-formers’.

For years we’ve been hectored and bullied and insulted and lied to by the mainstream media – particularly the BBC and C4 News. Special mentions of dishonour must go to Fiona Bruce and her progressive lefty chums at the biased BBC and to C4 News’s (IMHO) ghastly Jon ‘F*k-the-Tories’ Snow, Cathy ‘Screeching-harpy’ Newman and the small fat guy with the long name who seems to me to loathe Britain. I think that Andrew Neil is the only media person to emerge from this election with their honour intact. The rest should be sacked for heir dishonesty and bias.

As for the biased opinion polls run by pro-EU, pro-Labour, UK-hating metropolitan elitists. Once again they were just peddling lies. “The gap is closing” we were reliably informed in the last days of the election campaign. “We could be headed for yet another hung parliament” the anti-Brexit pollsters gleefully announced. Of course, it was all rubbish – biased, UK-hating, elitist rubbish designed to browbeat us from voting to free Britain from the shackles of a corrupt, undemocratic, failing EU.

Just imagine what it would have been like to have woken up on Friday 13th December to the prospect of a Corbyn/Sturgeon coalition of chaos. What a wonderful Christmas present deplorable British voters have given themselves by daring to reject the orders of the media elites.

I’m a Times subscriber and am constantly amazed at the utter loathing most Times readers seem to have for Boris Johnson. He is constantly abused in the Times readers’ comments for being a “liar” and a “buffoon” and “unfit to govern”. But this loathing has clouded the Establishment’s powers of reasoning. They have failed to see how an eternal optimist like Johnson, who tries to spread hope instead of doom and gloom, can attract voters from across the political spectrum.

The Establishment underestimated Johnson’s appeal and then lied and lied and lied to try to bully voters into grovelling back to remain in their beloved EU. But British voters once again told the Europhiliac Establishment to go f** itself.

It also told the likes of Dominic Grieve, Anna Soubry, David Gauke, Jo Swinson to go ………….

What a wonderful result for Britain!

Well done British voters!

10 comments to Congratulations to British voters! What a wonderful Christmas present!

  • Landloper

    Once again, despite the unrelenting 24/7 Metroganda issuing from every orifice of the London-Bubble media, ordinary people so despised by the establishment failed to toe the line and instead delivered a knockout blow to the Liberal-Left. As a further prize, this result will have made those lofty eminences sat atop anti-European Union choke on their Reich puddings…

  • loppoman

    Wee Krankie is already jumping up and down looking for a new independence referendum.
    She thinks that her 48 seats is a mandate for a new vote.
    In fact, SNP got only 45% of the Scottish vote.
    Is that a mandate? I don’t think so.
    We’ve been told many times that nationalism is a bad thing. How would you classify the SNP?
    I would call them a bunch of fascists.

  • William Boreham

    True indeed, an unexpected and wonderful Christmas present, the best possible result under the circumstances. Imagine the nightmare of going into Christmas and the New Year facing yet another hung Parliament. Even worse, Corbyn and his Momentum rabble getting their hands on power in some sort of coalition. And for heaven’s sake, give the Scots their independence, it’ll save we English a fortune in subsidies and handouts. Wish we could get rid of that other ton of weight on our shoulders, Northern Ireland as well. I notice immigration was hardly mentioned during the hustlings, perhaps now with such a vote of confidence, the Tories can begin to follow some traditional Conservative policies for a change. Under May, they were little different to the Lib/Dems.

  • A Thorpe

    There must be a case for banning opinion polls in the run-up to elections, perhaps allowing only the exit poll. It would be interesting to know how much polls and media discussion influences the vote. Social media must also have a big influence. I certainly did not expect this result. It is also interesting to note that around 15 million people did not vote, significantly more than the Tory vote.

    There was an amusing conversation on QT last night when somebody suggested that media was right wing and this made it difficult for the Labour Party. Fiona said “I hope you don’t include the BBC in that”. One promise I hope Boris keeps is to get rid of the licence fee.

    Indeed we have a good looking present, but until it is unwrapped the contents remain uncertain. There is a lot to be done, and let’s not forget that the Tories have been in charge for 10 years. There’s a promise of a lot of spending and it all has to come from us and the UK and other major western economies are not in good shape. I blame the influence of global companies on government policies which gives us state controlled capitalism, not market driven capitalism. The ridiculous climate crisis and related policies are also a significant drag on our economy and there is no sign of the madness that has taken over the human race going away.

  • twi5ted

    Just hope Boris does not squander this opportunity to reform and progress the country. I am scared he will now move to the left and recreate the Maybot cabinet in the mistaken belief that the north voted tory for more blairism rather than for patriotic brexit reasons. The media are already positioning for this and i believe Boris may be more than willing to accept the falsehood. I hope not.

    Scotland is a basket case that votes for nationalism but polls suggest they do not want to leave union – if ever boundaries need reforming given how small some of these seats are in scotland. It is massively over-represented by mps and even Sir John Curtis was cautious with the exit poll as he said the numbers were too small to be certain and his 55 turned into 48!

  • ClimateCobblers

    Piers Corbyn is a sensible man for sure..

    SAT 14 Dec (NOTE CHANGE) HEREFORD 12-6pm The Bigger Picture

    Details Go to

    AliceGrant of @Action4Life_ may also speak at some events.

    FURTHER DETAILS/CHANGES+BOOKING via / Event Bright for some, @Action4Life_ ,

    We had @Action4Life_ action against Camden Council’s FAKE DEBATE on their deranged #ClimateEmergency 7Oct 7pm. The fake debate was chillingly controlled, with Councillors and deluded tools of the UN-EU-4thReich and GeorgeSoros (who handed out $24Million to groups organising the School ‘strikes’) globalist agenda reciting self congratulatory direct lies, insane fake problems and demands for ever more GreenAusterity in the name of saving the planet. They NEVER mentioned serious real problems caused by FakeGreen policies:

    – killing / Endangering species of birds bats and pollinating insects by windfarms

    – 5G (military weapon rays) destruction of trees, bees and other insects and making people and animals infertile to enable SMART METERS TO CONTROL YOU etc etc etc.

    The whole agenda is Anti-Car and anti family and explicitly DIRECTS TEACHERS to increasingly substitute for parental guidance of children – to control and manipulate them for the State in a manner reminiscent of Nazi Germany and Stalin’s USSR.

  • ItsAllOverNow

    Will Boris reverse Immigration? NO he is a Globalist Puppet…
    If he stops and reverses it(Immigration) I am wrong, don’t hold your breath.The Europeans will drown and disappear in an Economic disaster, penniless and persecuted by their own leaders that they elect.

    The Death of Europe, with Douglas Murray.

  • Philip

    As that horrible man Jeremy Corbyn is standing down, I will now join the Labour Party and vote for Diane Abbott as the next leader. What you laughing at?

  • Stillreading

    Yes indeed, what a cause for joy it is that the UK population appears to have fought back! There is unqualified relief, almost jubilation, amongst my friends and neighbours, despite the BBC’s relentless attempts to belittle and ridicule Boris. I very much hope he reviews as a matter of some priority the outdated TV licence imposition, not just for the over 75s, but for everyone and that when he does he keeps their jeering campaign against him very much in mind. It’s high time for such a blatantly biased organisation, one which no longer even pretends to be impartial or to represent any other than the self-styled, navel gazing, left-wing intellectual elite, to pay its way. Incidentally, how deplorable it is that, election mania notwithstanding, only the briefest reference has been made by the BBC to the death a few days ago of David Bellamy, a much-loved, indeed revered, naturalist and scientist, who formerly enjoyed many hours of BBC air time, but of recent years has been comprehensively ostracised for daring to speak out against the current religion of man-made global warming,

  • John Smith

    Might be worth updating this now that snouts in the trough is back in fashion in the UK government

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