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Let’s end the year on a high

(Monday blog)

There’s lots to write about. But perhaps this year it’s worth leaving for the Christmas break on a high note – the win for patriotism, common sense, decency, fairplay and democracy in last Thursday’s General Election.

In spite of continual pro-EU media bias by the BBC and C4 News against the Tories; in spite of a certain community fraudulently having many more postal votes than it has voters; in spite of three years of contempt and insults from the sneering, ‘we-know-better’, UK-hating, Europhiliac metropolitan elites; in spite of a rigged pro-EU Electoral Commission; in spite of a (IMHO) embarrassingly biased House of Commons speaker bending the rules to help Remoaners; in spite of seemingly endless court cases brought to block the largest democratic vote in British history; in spite of Cable and Blair and Grieve and many others of their ilk shuttling over to Brussels to encourage the EU to stand firm against Britain’s negotiating demands; in spite of the useless Remainer Theresa May capitulating to every Brussels demand even before they were made; in spite of our EU-loving Civil Service pulling out the stops to wreck Brexit – in spite of all this, the British voters have yet again defied the elitist EU-loving scum Establishment and voted for freedom and sovereignty. Wonderful.

Of course there will be problems – Boris won’t get an ideal trade arrangement, immigration will be difficult to control, the anti-UK media bias will be relentless with every setback blamed on Brexit and the losers will keep on refusing to accept that they have lost, yet again. But, in spite of this, I’m optimistic about the future.

One thing that has shocked me is the incandescent, irrational fury of the Establishment elites. On Thursday morning, I wrote a comment on the Times newspaper website suggesting that Boris may be a lot more popular north of the North Circular than many of the BBC -believing Establishment understood. One Times reader called me a ‘right-wing fascist’. Another said that I must have been a failure in life to have such an opinion. Another said they felt sorry for my wife having to live with someone like me. Just unbelievable, the level of bile and hatred for anyone who dares question the Establishment narrative of “EU – good” but “Britain – bad”.

As we enter the Christmas break, let us remember with joy some of those (IMHO) democracy-hating, Brexit-blocking ******** ********* (expletives deleted) who lost their seats and hopefully won’t be seen again for an awful long time

  • Angela Smith, Chuka Umunna, Phillip Lee, Sarah Wollaston, Antoinette Sandbach, Sam Gyimah, David Gauke, Dominic Grieve, Anne Milton, Chris Williamson (Lost deposit), Ivan Lewis (Lost deposit), Gavin Shuker, Roger Godsiff, Anna Soubry, Mike Gapes, Chris Leslie

Goodbye to all of you. Hopefully you will all disappear into the dustbin of history. You will not be missed.

Snouts-in-the-trough will be back again on Monday 6 January 2020.

In the meantime, enjoy your time with friends and family, good food and good wine and, of course, the Labour Party’s brutal, very unchristmaslike infighting.

Have a good Christmas and New Year break.

15 comments to Let’s end the year on a high

  • Stillreading

    Thank you, David, for another year of delightfully acerbic, brutally honest, comment on the state of play in the UK. To persistently propound publicly views which so many of us share but dare not admit to outside our immediate family and friendship circles, shows a degree of courage few of us possess. I am not afraid, though, to join you in rejoicing that the great unwashed, despised, unenlightened, bigoted Europhobic UK pleb population demonstrated on Thursday signs that it just may have got its mojo back. But then we always do perform best with our backs against a wall! Have a good seasonal break and delight us with more of the same in 2020. Boris needs to be constantly reminded that we’ve got our collective eye on him and intend to ensure that he lives up to the promises which got him elected.

  • dave h

    And splendid festivities to you and yours too David.

    Thank you for a splendid year of your humour mixed with kick em in the nuts observations.


  • IanJ

    Merry Christmas and thank you for a year of determined, insightful comment on the craziness that is our political(?) system. I suspect we are in for ‘interesting times’ in 2020 and am looking forward to reading your blogs

  • A Thorpe

    Perhaps the tide is finally turning and I’m further encouraged by COP25 breaking up with no agreement. Europe seems to be waking up to the fact their energy policies are causing too many problems for families and businesses. The comments on The Times are all part of the Groupthink process which dominates everything. 2020 needs to be the year of freedom from the state and emphasis on the individual.

  • Tomsk

    And a merry Christmas and happy new year to David and all readers. Thanks for the effort put in with this blog. Funny and informative. The sensible centre ground needs to take back academia ASAP.

  • Jeff Palmer

    Many thanks for another year of your blog! Living in ‘The Smoke’ as I do, with the benefits of ‘Diversity’ apparent to me on a daily basis with the beflowered memorials to its victims in the street where I work and and with a Blairite Beaujolais Bolshevik as my MP where I live, it can get politically very lonely. It is therefore always encouraging to read your words of common sense every morning. I wish you a very Merry Christmas (even merrier after Friday’s results!), and continued strength to your writing hand in the New Year.

  • twi5ted

    Thanks for the blog it really is essential reading and much appreciated. Happy Christmas and best wishes to David and the readers of Snouts in the Trough.

  • leila

    You are a treasure David Thank you for your brave comments throughout the year A very Merry Christmas to you and family, and to all your readers. I look forward to the New Year at last! I am most encouraged by Dominic Cummings forthcoming (no pun!) investigation into the MOD’s procurement procedures If Boris continues like this he may well make the history books as an outstanding PM.

  • loppoman

    Season’s greeting to you David and all who partake in this blog. Thank heavens that some sanity still remains in this strange country. Please keep up the good work in 2020 but be careful not to get banned. You know they’re always watching.

  • A. F. Fanculo

    Happy Christmas, enjoy a rest and come back blogging next year. May the b@st@rds get ground down further .

  • PeterW

    Thank you, David
    Have a Peaceful Christmas
    I just wish to add the name of Laura “I “absolutely no intention of being friends with any Tories” Pidcock to your list

  • Ian

    Merry Christmas to you and yours too

  • Hardcastle

    Thank you David and all contributers for helping me to retain my sanity throughout 2019.

  • David Morgan

    In my mother tongue (Welsh), Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda. Merry Christmas and a happy 2020 David. Thank you for giving us hope with your informative blogs. I am also accused of being a right-wing, xenophobic, racist bigot, when I express similar views to yours. I am clearly in good company. P.S. It was your two books,’Squandered’ and the ‘Great European Rip Off’ that made me opt for Brexit. I was inclined to be anti EU anyhow, but those two excellent books explained it all. Well done.

  • col

    “Boris won’t get an ideal trade arrangement, immigration will be difficult to control”. Hey, come on. We were promised the easiest trade deal in human history and told the EU needs us more than we need them. We are also a f*cking island so why should immigration be so difficult when Johnson also has the mandate to do what he likes?

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